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[UK] Regions

Created by Craig Bloodworth
Company The Information Lab
Created on 10th March 2013
Source Data
Source Date 1st January 2011
Type Geography


Regions v7.tde

Regions v8.tde


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UK Regions

UK Regions


Region ONS Code
East Midlands E12000004
East of England E12000006
London E12000007
North East E12000001
North West E12000002
South East E12000008
South West E12000009
West Midlands E12000005
Yorkshire and The Humber E12000003


  1. Richard Stebles at RMG says:

    Hi Craig

    Are there plans to extend this one to include Scotland and Wales?



  2. James Root says:

    Would it be possible to include Scotland and Wales as additional regions? (Apologies if this is a repeat of the above question, I took that one to mean including regions within both Scotland and Wales)

  3. Scott says:

    Use the NUTS 1 regions for UK – they are the same as above and include Scotland and Wales

  4. Chris Mace says:

    NUTS1 =
    and then using level 1 works great but I found I had to manually setup the aliases which was a bit of a pain to do but once its done its done.

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