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[UK] Counties

Created by Craig Bloodworth
Company The Information Lab
Created on 10th March 2013
Source Data
Source Date 1st January 2011
Type Geography


Counties v7.tde

Counties v8.tde


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UK Counties

UK Counties


Region ONS Code
Buckinghamshire E10000002
Cambridgeshire E10000003
Cumbria E10000006
Derbyshire E10000007
Devon E10000008
Dorset E10000009
East Sussex E10000011
Essex E10000012
Gloucestershire E10000013
Hampshire E10000014
Hertfordshire E10000015
Kent E10000016
Lancashire E10000017
Leicestershire E10000018
Lincolnshire E10000019
Norfolk E10000020
North Yorkshire E10000023
Northamptonshire E10000021
Nottinghamshire E10000024
Oxfordshire E10000025
Somerset E10000027
Staffordshire E10000028
Suffolk E10000029
Surrey E10000030
Warwickshire E10000031
West Sussex E10000032
Worcestershire E10000034

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