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[UK] Primary Care Organisations

Created by Craig Bloodworth
Company The Information Lab
Created on 28th June 2013
Source Data
Source Date 1st December 2011
Type Healthcare


Primary Care Organisations v7.tde

Primary Care Organisations v8.tde


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UK Primary Care Organisation

UK Primary Care Organisation


Primary Care Organisation ONS Code (New) ONS Code (Old)
Ashton, Leigh and Wigan 5HG E16000032
Barking and Dagenham 5C2 E16000009
Barnet 5A9 E16000006
Barnsley 5JE E16000042
Bassetlaw 5ET E16000023
Bath and North East Somerset 5FL E16000028
Bedfordshire 5P2 E16000104
Berkshire East 5QG E16000137
Berkshire West 5QF E16000136
Bexley TAK E17000002
Birmingham East and North 5PG E16000117
Blackburn with Darwen Teaching TAP E17000006
Blackpool 5HP E16000033
Bolton Teaching 5HQ E16000148
Bournemouth and Poole Teaching 5QN E16000143
Bradford and Airedale Teaching 5NY E16000102
Brent Teaching 5K5 E16000045
Brighton and Hove City 5LQ E16000063
Bristol 5QJ E16000139
Bromley 5A7 E16000004
Buckinghamshire 5QD E16000134
Bury 5JX E16000043
Calderdale 5J6 E16000040
Cambridgeshire 5PP E16000124
Camden 5K7 E16000047
Central and Eastern Cheshire 5NP E16000095
Central Lancashire 5NG E16000088
City and Hackney Teaching 5C3 E16000010
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly 5QP E16000144
County Durham 5ND E16000085
Coventry Teaching 5MD E16000070
Croydon 5K9 E16000049
Cumbria Teaching 5NE E16000086
Darlington 5J9 E16000041
Derby City 5N7 E16000080
Derbyshire County 5N6 E16000079
Devon 5QQ E16000145
Doncaster 5N5 E16000078
Dorset 5QM E16000142
Dudley 5PE E16000115
Ealing 5HX E16000035
East Lancashire Teaching 5NH E16000089
East Riding of Yorkshire 5NW E16000100
East Sussex Downs and Weald 5P7 E16000109
Eastern and Coastal Kent 5QA E16000132
Enfield 5C1 E16000008
Gateshead 5KF E16000050
Gloucestershire 5QH E16000138
Great Yarmouth and Waveney 5PR E16000126
Greenwich Teaching 5A8 E16000005
Halton and St Helens 5NM E16000093
Hammersmith and Fulham 5H1 E16000030
Hampshire 5QC E16000133
Haringey Teaching 5C9 E16000013
Harrow 5K6 E16000046
Hartlepool 5D9 E16000019
Hastings and Rother 5P8 E16000110
Havering 5A4 E16000002
Heart of Birmingham Teaching 5MX E16000073
Herefordshire 5CN E16000015
Hertfordshire 5QV E16000150
Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale 5NQ E16000096
Hillingdon 5AT E16000007
Hounslow 5HY E16000036
Hull Teaching 5NX E16000101
Isle of Wight National Health Service 5QT E16000147
Islington 5K8 E16000048
Kensington and Chelsea 5LA E16000056
Kingston 5A5 E16000003
Kirklees 5N2 E16000075
Knowsley 5J4 E16000038
Lambeth 5LD E16000058
Leeds 5N1 E16000074
Leicester City 5PC E16000113
Leicestershire County and Rutland 5PA E16000112
Lewisham 5LF E16000060
Lincolnshire Teaching 5N9 E16000082
Liverpool 5NL E16000092
Luton 5GC E16000029
Manchester Teaching 5NT E16000149
Medway 5L3 E16000055
Mid Essex 5PX E16000130
Middlesbrough 5KM E16000053
Milton Keynes 5CQ E16000016
Newcastle 5D7 E16000017
Newham 5C5 E16000012
Norfolk 5PQ E16000125
North East Essex 5PW E16000129
North East Lincolnshire TAN E17000005
North Lancashire Teaching 5NF E16000087
North Lincolnshire 5EF E16000021
North Somerset 5M8 E16000069
North Staffordshire 5PH E16000118
North Tyneside 5D8 E16000018
North Yorkshire and York 5NV E16000099
Northamptonshire Teaching 5PD E16000114
Northumberland TAC E17000001
Nottingham City 5EM E16000022
Nottinghamshire County Teaching 5N8 E16000081
Oldham 5J5 E16000039
Oxfordshire 5QE E16000135
Peterborough 5PN E16000123
Plymouth Teaching 5F1 E16000024
Portsmouth City Teaching 5FE E16000027
Redbridge 5NA E16000083
Redcar and Cleveland 5QR E16000146
Richmond and Twickenham 5M6 E16000067
Rotherham 5H8 E16000031
Salford 5F5 E16000025
Sandwell 5PF E16000116
Sefton 5NJ E16000090
Sheffield 5N4 E16000077
Shropshire County 5M2 E16000065
Solihull 5QW E16000151
Somerset 5QL E16000141
South Birmingham 5M1 E16000064
South East Essex 5P1 E16000103
South Gloucestershire 5A3 E16000001
South Staffordshire 5PK E16000120
South Tyneside 5KG E16000051
South West Essex 5PY E16000131
Southampton City 5L1 E16000054
Southwark 5LE E16000059
Stockport 5F7 E16000026
Stockton-on-Tees Teaching 5.00E+01 E16000020
Stoke on Trent 5PJ E16000119
Suffolk 5PT E16000127
Sunderland Teaching 5KL E16000052
Surrey 5P5 E16000107
Sutton and Merton 5M7 E16000068
Swindon 5K3 E16000044
Tameside and Glossop 5LH E16000062
Telford and Wrekin 5MK E16000071
Torbay TAL E17000003
Tower Hamlets 5C4 E16000011
Trafford 5NR E16000097
Wakefield District 5N3 E16000076
Walsall Teaching 5M3 E16000066
Waltham Forest 5NC E16000084
Wandsworth 5LG E16000061
Warrington 5J2 E16000037
Warwickshire 5PM E16000122
West Essex 5PV E16000128
West Kent 5P9 E16000111
West Sussex 5P6 E16000108
Western Cheshire 5NN E16000094
Westminster 5LC E16000057
Wiltshire 5QK E16000140
Wirral 5NK E16000091
Wolverhampton City 5MV E16000072
Worcestershire 5PL E16000121

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