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[Ireland] Counties

Created by Adam Riley
Company Alteryx
Created on 25th November 2013
Source Data
Source Date 2011
Type Government


Ireland Counties v7.tde

Ireland Counties v8.tde


[Ireland] Counties

[Ireland] Counties

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01 Carlow County
02 Dublin City
03 South Dublin
04 Fingal
05 Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown
06 Kildare County
07 Kilkenny County
08 Laois County
09 Longford County
10 Louth County
11 Meath County
12 Offaly County
13 Westmeath County
14 Wexford County
15 Wicklow County
16 Clare County
17 Cork City
18 Cork County
19 Kerry County
20 Limerick City
21 Limerick County
22 North Tipperary
23 South Tipperary
24 Waterford City
25 Waterford County
26 Galway City
27 Galway County
28 Leitrim County
29 Mayo County
30 Roscommon County
31 Sligo County
32 Cavan County
33 Donegal County
34 Monaghan County


  1. steve morgan says:

    Thank you so much. I spent two days trying to stitch these boundaries together from a shape file using a ArcMap and FME desktop and failed miserably. How did you do manage it?

  2. Adam Riley says:

    I used Alteryx 🙂 Once you have my conversion macro it is a three tool module to do the conversion. Check out my blog post about it here

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