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[UK] Scotland NHS Health Boards

Created by Craig Bloodworth
Company The Information Lab
Created on 25th November 2013
Source Data
Source Date 4th June 2013
Type Healthcare


Scotland NHS Health Boards v7.tde

Scotland NHS Health Boards v8.tde


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[UK] Scotland NHS Health Boards

[UK] Scotland NHS Health Boards


S08000001 SA9 Ayrshire and Arran
S08000002 SB9 Borders
S08000003 SY9 Dumfries and Galloway
S08000004 SF9 Fife
S08000005 SV9 Forth Valley
S08000006 SN9 Grampian
S08000007 SJ9 Greater Glasgow and Clyde
S08000008 SK9 Highland
S08000009 SL9 Lanarkshire
S08000010 SS9 Lothian
S08000011 SR9 Orkney
S08000012 SZ9 Shetland
S08000013 ST9 Tayside
S08000014 SW9 Western Isles

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  1. Cynthia Tso says:

    Super! Many thanks for providing this.

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