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[UK] Wards

Created by Craig Bloodworth
Company The Information Lab
Created on 25th November 2013
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Source Date 3rd May 2013
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[UK] Wards

[UK] Wards


Ward Code Ward Code (Old) Ward Name Ward Name (Welsh) Local Authority Code Local Authority Code (old) Local Authority Name
E05000001 00AAFA Aldersgate E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000002 00AAFB Aldgate E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000003 00AAFC Bassishaw E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000004 00AAFD Billingsgate E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000005 00AAFE Bishopsgate E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000006 00AAFF Bread Street E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000007 00AAFG Bridge E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000008 00AAFH Broad Street E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000009 00AAFJ Candlewick E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000010 00AAFK Castle Baynard E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000011 00AAFL Cheap E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000012 00AAFM Coleman Street E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000013 00AAFN Cordwainer E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000014 00AAFP Cornhill E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000015 00AAFQ Cripplegate E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000016 00AAFR Dowgate E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000017 00AAFS Farringdon Within E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000018 00AAFT Farringdon Without E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000019 00AAFU Langbourn E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000020 00AAFW Lime Street E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000021 00AAFX Portsoken E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000022 00AAFY Queenhithe E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000023 00AAFZ Tower E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000024 00AAGA Vintry E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000025 00AAGB Walbrook E09000001 00AA City of London
E05000026 00ABFX Abbey E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000027 00ABFY Alibon E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000028 00ABFZ Becontree E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000029 00ABGA Chadwell Heath E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000030 00ABGB Eastbrook E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000031 00ABGC Eastbury E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000032 00ABGD Gascoigne E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000033 00ABGE Goresbrook E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000034 00ABGF Heath E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000035 00ABGG Longbridge E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000036 00ABGH Mayesbrook E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000037 00ABGJ Parsloes E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000038 00ABGK River E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000039 00ABGL Thames E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000040 00ABGM Valence E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000041 00ABGN Village E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000042 00ABGP Whalebone E09000002 00AB Barking and Dagenham
E05000043 00ACFX Brunswick Park E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000044 00ACFY Burnt Oak E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000045 00ACFZ Childs Hill E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000046 00ACGA Colindale E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000047 00ACGB Coppetts E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000048 00ACGC East Barnet E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000049 00ACGD East Finchley E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000050 00ACGE Edgware E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000051 00ACGF Finchley Church End E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000052 00ACGG Garden Suburb E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000053 00ACGH Golders Green E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000054 00ACGJ Hale E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000055 00ACGK Hendon E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000056 00ACGL High Barnet E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000057 00ACGM Mill Hill E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000058 00ACGN Oakleigh E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000059 00ACGP Totteridge E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000060 00ACGQ Underhill E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000061 00ACGR West Finchley E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000062 00ACGS West Hendon E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000063 00ACGT Woodhouse E09000003 00AC Barnet
E05000064 00ADGA Barnehurst E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000065 00ADGB Belvedere E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000066 00ADGC Blackfen and Lamorbey E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000067 00ADGD Blendon and Penhill E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000068 00ADGE Brampton E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000069 00ADGF Christchurch E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000070 00ADGG Colyers E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000071 00ADGH Crayford E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000072 00ADGJ Cray Meadows E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000073 00ADGK Danson Park E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000074 00ADGL East Wickham E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000075 00ADGM Erith E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000076 00ADGN Falconwood and Welling E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000077 00ADGP Lesnes Abbey E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000078 00ADGQ Longlands E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000079 00ADGR North End E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000080 00ADGS Northumberland Heath E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000081 00ADGT St Mary’s E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000082 00ADGU St Michael’s E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000083 00ADGW Sidcup E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000084 00ADGX Thamesmead East E09000004 00AD Bexley
E05000085 00AEGJ Alperton E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000086 00AEGK Barnhill E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000087 00AEGL Brondesbury Park E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000088 00AEGM Dollis Hill E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000089 00AEGN Dudden Hill E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000090 00AEGP Fryent E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000091 00AEGQ Harlesden E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000092 00AEGR Kensal Green E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000093 00AEGS Kenton E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000094 00AEGT Kilburn E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000095 00AEGU Mapesbury E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000096 00AEGW Northwick Park E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000097 00AEGX Preston E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000098 00AEGY Queens Park E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000099 00AEGZ Queensbury E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000100 00AEHA Stonebridge E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000101 00AEHB Sudbury E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000102 00AEHC Tokyngton E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000103 00AEHD Welsh Harp E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000104 00AEHE Wembley Central E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000105 00AEHF Willesden Green E09000005 00AE Brent
E05000106 00AFGD Bickley E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000107 00AFGE Biggin Hill E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000108 00AFGF Bromley Common and Keston E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000109 00AFGG Bromley Town E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000110 00AFGH Chelsfield and Pratts Bottom E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000111 00AFGJ Chislehurst E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000112 00AFGK Clock House E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000113 00AFGL Copers Cope E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000114 00AFGM Cray Valley East E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000115 00AFGN Cray Valley West E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000116 00AFGP Crystal Palace E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000117 00AFGQ Darwin E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000118 00AFGR Farnborough and Crofton E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000119 00AFGS Hayes and Coney Hall E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000120 00AFGT Kelsey and Eden Park E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000121 00AFGU Mottingham and Chislehurst North E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000122 00AFGW Orpington E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000123 00AFGX Penge and Cator E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000124 00AFGY Petts Wood and Knoll E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000125 00AFGZ Plaistow and Sundridge E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000126 00AFHA Shortlands E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000127 00AFHB West Wickham E09000006 00AF Bromley
E05000128 00AGGD Belsize E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000129 00AGGE Bloomsbury E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000130 00AGGF Camden Town with Primrose Hill E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000131 00AGGG Cantelowes E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000132 00AGGH Fortune Green E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000133 00AGGJ Frognal and Fitzjohns E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000134 00AGGK Gospel Oak E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000135 00AGGL Hampstead Town E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000136 00AGGM Haverstock E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000137 00AGGN Highgate E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000138 00AGGP Holborn and Covent Garden E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000139 00AGGQ Kentish Town E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000140 00AGGR Kilburn E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000141 00AGGS King’s Cross E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000142 00AGGT Regent’s Park E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000143 00AGGU St Pancras and Somers Town E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000144 00AGGW Swiss Cottage E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000145 00AGGX West Hampstead E09000007 00AG Camden
E05000146 00AHGE Addiscombe E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000147 00AHGF Ashburton E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000148 00AHGG Bensham Manor E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000149 00AHGH Broad Green E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000150 00AHGJ Coulsdon East E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000151 00AHGK Coulsdon West E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000152 00AHGL Croham E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000153 00AHGM Fairfield E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000154 00AHGN Fieldway E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000155 00AHGP Heathfield E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000156 00AHGQ Kenley E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000157 00AHGR New Addington E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000158 00AHGS Norbury E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000159 00AHGT Purley E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000160 00AHGU Sanderstead E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000161 00AHGW Selhurst E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000162 00AHGX Selsdon and Ballards E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000163 00AHGY Shirley E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000164 00AHGZ South Norwood E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000165 00AHHA Thornton Heath E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000166 00AHHB Upper Norwood E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000167 00AHHC Waddon E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000168 00AHHD West Thornton E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000169 00AHHE Woodside E09000008 00AH Croydon
E05000170 00AJGC Acton Central E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000171 00AJGD Cleveland E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000172 00AJGE Dormers Wells E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000173 00AJGF Ealing Broadway E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000174 00AJGG Ealing Common E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000175 00AJGH East Acton E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000176 00AJGJ Elthorne E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000177 00AJGK Greenford Broadway E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000178 00AJGL Greenford Green E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000179 00AJGM Hanger Hill E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000180 00AJGN Hobbayne E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000181 00AJGP Lady Margaret E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000182 00AJGQ Northfield E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000183 00AJGR North Greenford E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000184 00AJGS Northolt Mandeville E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000185 00AJGT Northolt West End E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000186 00AJGU Norwood Green E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000187 00AJGW Perivale E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000188 00AJGX South Acton E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000189 00AJGY Southall Broadway E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000190 00AJGZ Southall Green E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000191 00AJHA Southfield E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000192 00AJHB Walpole E09000009 00AJ Ealing
E05000193 00AKGL Bowes E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000194 00AKGM Bush Hill Park E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000195 00AKGN Chase E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000196 00AKGP Cockfosters E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000197 00AKGQ Edmonton Green E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000198 00AKGR Enfield Highway E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000199 00AKGS Enfield Lock E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000200 00AKGT Grange E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000201 00AKGU Haselbury E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000202 00AKGW Highlands E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000203 00AKGX Jubilee E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000204 00AKGY Lower Edmonton E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000205 00AKGZ Palmers Green E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000206 00AKHA Ponders End E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000207 00AKHB Southbury E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000208 00AKHC Southgate E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000209 00AKHD Southgate Green E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000210 00AKHE Town E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000211 00AKHF Turkey Street E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000212 00AKHG Upper Edmonton E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000213 00AKHH Winchmore Hill E09000010 00AK Enfield
E05000214 00ALGP Abbey Wood E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000215 00ALGQ Blackheath Westcombe E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000216 00ALGR Charlton E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000217 00ALGS Coldharbour and New Eltham E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000218 00ALGT Eltham North E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000219 00ALGU Eltham South E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000220 00ALGW Eltham West E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000221 00ALGX Glyndon E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000222 00ALGY Greenwich West E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000223 00ALGZ Kidbrooke with Hornfair E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000224 00ALHA Middle Park and Sutcliffe E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000225 00ALHB Peninsula E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000226 00ALHC Plumstead E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000227 00ALHD Shooters Hill E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000228 00ALHE Thamesmead Moorings E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000229 00ALHF Woolwich Common E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000230 00ALHG Woolwich Riverside E09000011 00AL Greenwich
E05000231 00AMGA Brownswood E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000232 00AMGB Cazenove E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000233 00AMGC Chatham E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000234 00AMGD Clissold E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000235 00AMGE Dalston E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000236 00AMGF De Beauvoir E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000237 00AMGG Hackney Central E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000238 00AMGH Hackney Downs E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000239 00AMGJ Haggerston E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000240 00AMGK Hoxton E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000241 00AMGL King’s Park E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000242 00AMGM Leabridge E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000243 00AMGN Lordship E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000244 00AMGP New River E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000245 00AMGQ Queensbridge E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000246 00AMGR Springfield E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000247 00AMGS Stoke Newington Central E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000248 00AMGT Victoria E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000249 00AMGU Wick E09000012 00AM Hackney
E05000250 00ANGA Addison E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000251 00ANGB Askew E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000252 00ANGC Avonmore and Brook Green E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000253 00ANGD College Park and Old Oak E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000254 00ANGE Fulham Broadway E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000255 00ANGF Fulham Reach E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000256 00ANGG Hammersmith Broadway E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000257 00ANGH Munster E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000258 00ANGJ North End E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000259 00ANGK Palace Riverside E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000260 00ANGL Parsons Green and Walham E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000261 00ANGM Ravenscourt Park E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000262 00ANGN Sands End E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000263 00ANGP Shepherd’s Bush Green E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000264 00ANGQ Town E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000265 00ANGR Wormholt and White City E09000013 00AN Hammersmith and Fulham
E05000266 00APGA Alexandra E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000267 00APGB Bounds Green E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000268 00APGC Bruce Grove E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000269 00APGD Crouch End E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000270 00APGE Fortis Green E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000271 00APGF Harringay E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000272 00APGG Highgate E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000273 00APGH Hornsey E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000274 00APGJ Muswell Hill E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000275 00APGK Noel Park E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000276 00APGL Northumberland Park E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000277 00APGM St Ann’s E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000278 00APGN Seven Sisters E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000279 00APGP Stroud Green E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000280 00APGQ Tottenham Green E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000281 00APGR Tottenham Hale E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000282 00APGS West Green E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000283 00APGT White Hart Lane E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000284 00APGU Woodside E09000014 00AP Haringey
E05000285 00AQFY Belmont E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000286 00AQFZ Canons E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000287 00AQGA Edgware E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000288 00AQGB Greenhill E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000289 00AQGC Harrow on the Hill E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000290 00AQGD Harrow Weald E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000291 00AQGE Hatch End E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000292 00AQGF Headstone North E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000293 00AQGG Headstone South E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000294 00AQGH Kenton East E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000295 00AQGJ Kenton West E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000296 00AQGK Marlborough E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000297 00AQGL Pinner E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000298 00AQGM Pinner South E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000299 00AQGN Queensbury E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000300 00AQGP Rayners Lane E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000301 00AQGQ Roxbourne E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000302 00AQGR Roxeth E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000303 00AQGS Stanmore Park E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000304 00AQGT Wealdstone E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000305 00AQGU West Harrow E09000015 00AQ Harrow
E05000306 00ARGC Brooklands E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000307 00ARGD Cranham E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000308 00ARGE Elm Park E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000309 00ARGF Emerson Park E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000310 00ARGG Gooshays E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000311 00ARGH Hacton E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000312 00ARGJ Harold Wood E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000313 00ARGK Havering Park E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000314 00ARGL Heaton E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000315 00ARGM Hylands E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000316 00ARGN Mawneys E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000317 00ARGP Pettits E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000318 00ARGQ Rainham and Wennington E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000319 00ARGR Romford Town E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000320 00ARGS St Andrew’s E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000321 00ARGT South Hornchurch E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000322 00ARGU Squirrel’s Heath E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000323 00ARGW Upminster E09000016 00AR Havering
E05000324 00ASGG Barnhill E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000325 00ASGH Botwell E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000326 00ASGJ Brunel E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000327 00ASGK Cavendish E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000328 00ASGL Charville E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000329 00ASGM Eastcote and East Ruislip E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000330 00ASGN Harefield E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000331 00ASGP Heathrow Villages E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000332 00ASGQ Hillingdon East E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000333 00ASGR Ickenham E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000334 00ASGS Manor E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000335 00ASGT Northwood E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000336 00ASGU Northwood Hills E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000337 00ASGW Pinkwell E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000338 00ASGX South Ruislip E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000339 00ASGY Townfield E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000340 00ASGZ Uxbridge North E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000341 00ASHA Uxbridge South E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000342 00ASHB West Drayton E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000343 00ASHC West Ruislip E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000344 00ASHD Yeading E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000345 00ASHE Yiewsley E09000017 00AS Hillingdon
E05000346 00ATFY Bedfont E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000347 00ATFZ Brentford E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000348 00ATGA Chiswick Homefields E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000349 00ATGB Chiswick Riverside E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000350 00ATGC Cranford E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000351 00ATGD Feltham North E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000352 00ATGE Feltham West E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000353 00ATGF Hanworth E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000354 00ATGG Hanworth Park E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000355 00ATGH Heston Central E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000356 00ATGJ Heston East E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000357 00ATGK Heston West E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000358 00ATGL Hounslow Central E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000359 00ATGM Hounslow Heath E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000360 00ATGN Hounslow South E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000361 00ATGP Hounslow West E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000362 00ATGQ Isleworth E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000363 00ATGR Osterley and Spring Grove E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000364 00ATGS Syon E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000365 00ATGT Turnham Green E09000018 00AT Hounslow
E05000366 00AUFX Barnsbury E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000367 00AUFY Bunhill E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000368 00AUFZ Caledonian E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000369 00AUGA Canonbury E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000370 00AUGB Clerkenwell E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000371 00AUGC Finsbury Park E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000372 00AUGD Highbury East E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000373 00AUGE Highbury West E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000374 00AUGF Hillrise E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000375 00AUGG Holloway E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000376 00AUGH Junction E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000377 00AUGJ Mildmay E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000378 00AUGK St George’s E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000379 00AUGL St Mary’s E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000380 00AUGM St Peter’s E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000381 00AUGN Tollington E09000019 00AU Islington
E05000382 00AWFY Abingdon E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000383 00AWFZ Brompton E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000384 00AWGA Campden E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000385 00AWGB Colville E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000386 00AWGC Courtfield E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000387 00AWGD Cremorne E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000388 00AWGE Earl’s Court E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000389 00AWGF Golborne E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000390 00AWGG Hans Town E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000391 00AWGH Holland E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000392 00AWGJ Norland E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000393 00AWGK Notting Barns E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000394 00AWGL Pembridge E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000395 00AWGM Queen’s Gate E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000396 00AWGN Redcliffe E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000397 00AWGP Royal Hospital E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000398 00AWGQ St Charles E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000399 00AWGR Stanley E09000020 00AW Kensington and Chelsea
E05000400 00AXFX Alexandra E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000401 00AXFY Berrylands E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000402 00AXFZ Beverley E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000403 00AXGA Canbury E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000404 00AXGB Chessington North and Hook E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000405 00AXGC Chessington South E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000406 00AXGD Coombe Hill E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000407 00AXGE Coombe Vale E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000408 00AXGF Grove E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000409 00AXGG Norbiton E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000410 00AXGH Old Malden E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000411 00AXGJ St James E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000412 00AXGK St Mark’s E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000413 00AXGL Surbiton Hill E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000414 00AXGM Tolworth and Hook Rise E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000415 00AXGN Tudor E09000021 00AX Kingston upon Thames
E05000416 00AYFZ Bishop’s E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000417 00AYGA Brixton Hill E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000418 00AYGB Clapham Common E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000419 00AYGC Clapham Town E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000420 00AYGD Coldharbour E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000421 00AYGE Ferndale E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000422 00AYGF Gipsy Hill E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000423 00AYGG Herne Hill E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000424 00AYGH Knight’s Hill E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000425 00AYGJ Larkhall E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000426 00AYGK Oval E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000427 00AYGL Prince’s E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000428 00AYGM St Leonard’s E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000429 00AYGN Stockwell E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000430 00AYGP Streatham Hill E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000431 00AYGQ Streatham South E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000432 00AYGR Streatham Wells E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000433 00AYGS Thornton E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000434 00AYGT Thurlow Park E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000435 00AYGU Tulse Hill E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000436 00AYGW Vassall E09000022 00AY Lambeth
E05000437 00AZGD Bellingham E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000438 00AZGE Blackheath E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000439 00AZGF Brockley E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000440 00AZGG Catford South E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000441 00AZGH Crofton Park E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000442 00AZGJ Downham E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000443 00AZGK Evelyn E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000444 00AZGL Forest Hill E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000445 00AZGM Grove Park E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000446 00AZGN Ladywell E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000447 00AZGP Lee Green E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000448 00AZGQ Lewisham Central E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000449 00AZGR New Cross E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000450 00AZGS Perry Vale E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000451 00AZGT Rushey Green E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000452 00AZGU Sydenham E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000453 00AZGW Telegraph Hill E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000454 00AZGX Whitefoot E09000023 00AZ Lewisham
E05000455 00BAFX Abbey E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000456 00BAFY Cannon Hill E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000457 00BAFZ Colliers Wood E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000458 00BAGA Cricket Green E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000459 00BAGB Dundonald E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000460 00BAGC Figge’s Marsh E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000461 00BAGD Graveney E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000462 00BAGE Hillside E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000463 00BAGF Lavender Fields E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000464 00BAGG Longthornton E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000465 00BAGH Lower Morden E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000466 00BAGJ Merton Park E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000467 00BAGK Pollards Hill E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000468 00BAGL Ravensbury E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000469 00BAGM Raynes Park E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000470 00BAGN St Helier E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000471 00BAGP Trinity E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000472 00BAGQ Village E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000473 00BAGR West Barnes E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000474 00BAGS Wimbledon Park E09000024 00BA Merton
E05000475 00BBGB Beckton E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000476 00BBGC Boleyn E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000477 00BBGD Canning Town North E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000478 00BBGE Canning Town South E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000479 00BBGF Custom House E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000480 00BBGG East Ham Central E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000481 00BBGH East Ham North E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000482 00BBGJ East Ham South E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000483 00BBGK Forest Gate North E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000484 00BBGL Forest Gate South E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000485 00BBGM Green Street East E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000486 00BBGN Green Street West E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000487 00BBGP Little Ilford E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000488 00BBGQ Manor Park E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000489 00BBGR Plaistow North E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000490 00BBGS Plaistow South E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000491 00BBGT Royal Docks E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000492 00BBGU Stratford and New Town E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000493 00BBGW Wall End E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000494 00BBGX West Ham E09000025 00BB Newham
E05000495 00BCFY Aldborough E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000496 00BCFZ Barkingside E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000497 00BCGA Bridge E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000498 00BCGB Chadwell E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000499 00BCGC Church End E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000500 00BCGD Clayhall E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000501 00BCGE Clementswood E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000502 00BCGF Cranbrook E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000503 00BCGG Fairlop E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000504 00BCGH Fullwell E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000505 00BCGJ Goodmayes E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000506 00BCGK Hainault E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000507 00BCGL Loxford E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000508 00BCGM Mayfield E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000509 00BCGN Monkhams E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000510 00BCGP Newbury E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000511 00BCGQ Roding E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000512 00BCGR Seven Kings E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000513 00BCGS Snaresbrook E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000514 00BCGT Valentines E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000515 00BCGU Wanstead E09000026 00BC Redbridge
E05000516 00BDFW Barnes E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000517 00BDFX East Sheen E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000518 00BDFY Fulwell and Hampton Hill E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000519 00BDFZ Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000520 00BDGA Hampton E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000521 00BDGB Hampton North E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000522 00BDGC Hampton Wick E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000523 00BDGD Heathfield E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000524 00BDGE Kew E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000525 00BDGF Mortlake and Barnes Common E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000526 00BDGG North Richmond E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000527 00BDGH St Margarets and North Twickenham E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000528 00BDGJ South Richmond E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000529 00BDGK South Twickenham E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000530 00BDGL Teddington E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000531 00BDGM Twickenham Riverside E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000532 00BDGN West Twickenham E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000533 00BDGP Whitton E09000027 00BD Richmond upon Thames
E05000534 00BEGC Brunswick Park E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000535 00BEGD Camberwell Green E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000536 00BEGE Cathedrals E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000537 00BEGF Chaucer E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000538 00BEGG College E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000539 00BEGH East Dulwich E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000540 00BEGJ East Walworth E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000541 00BEGK Faraday E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000542 00BEGL Grange E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000543 00BEGM Livesey E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000544 00BEGN Newington E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000545 00BEGP Nunhead E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000546 00BEGQ Peckham E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000547 00BEGR Peckham Rye E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000548 00BEGS Riverside E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000549 00BEGT Rotherhithe E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000550 00BEGU South Bermondsey E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000551 00BEGW South Camberwell E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000552 00BEGX Surrey Docks E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000553 00BEGY The Lane E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000554 00BEGZ Village E09000028 00BE Southwark
E05000555 00BFGC Beddington North E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000556 00BFGD Beddington South E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000557 00BFGE Belmont E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000558 00BFGF Carshalton Central E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000559 00BFGG Carshalton South and Clockhouse E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000560 00BFGH Cheam E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000561 00BFGJ Nonsuch E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000562 00BFGK St Helier E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000563 00BFGL Stonecot E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000564 00BFGM Sutton Central E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000565 00BFGN Sutton North E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000566 00BFGP Sutton South E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000567 00BFGQ Sutton West E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000568 00BFGR The Wrythe E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000569 00BFGS Wallington North E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000570 00BFGT Wallington South E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000571 00BFGU Wandle Valley E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000572 00BFGW Worcester Park E09000029 00BF Sutton
E05000573 00BGFW Bethnal Green North E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000574 00BGFX Bethnal Green South E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000575 00BGFY Blackwall and Cubitt Town E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000576 00BGFZ Bow East E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000577 00BGGA Bow West E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000578 00BGGB Bromley-by-Bow E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000579 00BGGC East India and Lansbury E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000580 00BGGD Limehouse E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000581 00BGGE Mile End and Globe Town E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000582 00BGGF Mile End East E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000583 00BGGG Millwall E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000584 00BGGH St Dunstan’s and Stepney Green E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000585 00BGGJ St Katharine’s and Wapping E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000586 00BGGK Shadwell E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000587 00BGGL Spitalfields and Banglatown E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000588 00BGGM Weavers E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000589 00BGGN Whitechapel E09000030 00BG Tower Hamlets
E05000590 00BHFX Cann Hall E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000591 00BHFY Cathall E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000592 00BHFZ Chapel End E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000593 00BHGA Chingford Green E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000594 00BHGB Endlebury E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000595 00BHGC Forest E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000596 00BHGD Grove Green E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000597 00BHGE Hale End and Highams Park E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000598 00BHGF Hatch Lane E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000599 00BHGG High Street E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000600 00BHGH Higham Hill E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000601 00BHGJ Hoe Street E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000602 00BHGK Larkswood E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000603 00BHGL Lea Bridge E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000604 00BHGM Leyton E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000605 00BHGN Leytonstone E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000606 00BHGP Markhouse E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000607 00BHGQ Valley E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000608 00BHGR William Morris E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000609 00BHGS Wood Street E09000031 00BH Waltham Forest
E05000610 00BJFZ Balham E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000611 00BJGA Bedford E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000612 00BJGB Earlsfield E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000613 00BJGC East Putney E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000614 00BJGD Fairfield E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000615 00BJGE Furzedown E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000616 00BJGF Graveney E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000617 00BJGG Latchmere E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000618 00BJGH Nightingale E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000619 00BJGJ Northcote E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000620 00BJGK Queenstown E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000621 00BJGL Roehampton and Putney Heath E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000622 00BJGM St Mary’s Park E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000623 00BJGN Shaftesbury E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000624 00BJGP Southfields E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000625 00BJGQ Thamesfield E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000626 00BJGR Tooting E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000627 00BJGS Wandsworth Common E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000628 00BJGT West Hill E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000629 00BJGU West Putney E09000032 00BJ Wandsworth
E05000630 00BKGA Abbey Road E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000631 00BKGB Bayswater E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000632 00BKGC Bryanston and Dorset Square E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000633 00BKGD Churchill E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000634 00BKGE Church Street E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000635 00BKGF Harrow Road E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000636 00BKGG Hyde Park E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000637 00BKGH Knightsbridge and Belgravia E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000638 00BKGJ Lancaster Gate E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000639 00BKGK Little Venice E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000640 00BKGL Maida Vale E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000641 00BKGM Marylebone High Street E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000642 00BKGN Queen’s Park E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000643 00BKGP Regent’s Park E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000644 00BKGQ St James’s E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000645 00BKGR Tachbrook E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000646 00BKGS Vincent Square E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000647 00BKGT Warwick E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000648 00BKGU Westbourne E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000649 00BKGW West End E09000033 00BK Westminster
E05000650 00BLFX Astley Bridge E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000651 00BLFY Bradshaw E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000652 00BLFZ Breightmet E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000653 00BLGA Bromley Cross E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000654 00BLGB Crompton E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000655 00BLGC Farnworth E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000656 00BLGD Great Lever E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000657 00BLGE Halliwell E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000658 00BLGF Harper Green E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000659 00BLGG Heaton and Lostock E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000660 00BLGH Horwich and Blackrod E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000661 00BLGJ Horwich North East E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000662 00BLGK Hulton E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000663 00BLGL Kearsley E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000664 00BLGM Little Lever and Darcy Lever E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000665 00BLGN Rumworth E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000666 00BLGP Smithills E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000667 00BLGQ Tonge with the Haulgh E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000668 00BLGR Westhoughton North and Chew Moor E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000669 00BLGS Westhoughton South E08000001 00BL Bolton
E05000670 00BMFS Besses E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000671 00BMFT Church E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000672 00BMFU East E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000673 00BMFW Elton E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000674 00BMFX Holyrood E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000675 00BMFY Moorside E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000676 00BMFZ North Manor E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000677 00BMGA Pilkington Park E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000678 00BMGB Radcliffe East E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000679 00BMGC Radcliffe North E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000680 00BMGD Radcliffe West E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000681 00BMGE Ramsbottom E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000682 00BMGF Redvales E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000683 00BMGG St Mary’s E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000684 00BMGH Sedgley E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000685 00BMGJ Tottington E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000686 00BMGK Unsworth E08000002 00BM Bury
E05000687 00BNGL Ancoats and Clayton E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000688 00BNGM Ardwick E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000689 00BNGN Baguley E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000690 00BNGP Bradford E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000691 00BNGQ Brooklands E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000692 00BNGR Burnage E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000693 00BNGS Charlestown E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000694 00BNGT Cheetham E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000695 00BNGU Chorlton E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000696 00BNGW Chorlton Park E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000697 00BNGX City Centre E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000698 00BNGY Crumpsall E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000699 00BNGZ Didsbury East E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000700 00BNHA Didsbury West E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000701 00BNHB Fallowfield E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000702 00BNHC Gorton North E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000703 00BNHD Gorton South E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000704 00BNHE Harpurhey E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000705 00BNHF Higher Blackley E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000706 00BNHG Hulme E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000707 00BNHH Levenshulme E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000708 00BNHJ Longsight E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000709 00BNHK Miles Platting and Newton Heath E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000710 00BNHL Moss Side E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000711 00BNHM Moston E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000712 00BNHN Northenden E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000713 00BNHP Old Moat E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000714 00BNHQ Rusholme E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000715 00BNHR Sharston E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000716 00BNHS Whalley Range E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000717 00BNHT Withington E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000718 00BNHU Woodhouse Park E08000003 00BN Manchester
E05000719 00BPFX Alexandra E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000720 00BPFY Chadderton Central E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000721 00BPFZ Chadderton North E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000722 00BPGA Chadderton South E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000723 00BPGB Coldhurst E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000724 00BPGC Crompton E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000725 00BPGD Failsworth East E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000726 00BPGE Failsworth West E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000727 00BPGF Hollinwood E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000728 00BPGG Medlock Vale E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000729 00BPGH Royton North E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000730 00BPGJ Royton South E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000731 00BPGK Saddleworth North E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000732 00BPGL Saddleworth South E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000733 00BPGM Saddleworth West and Lees E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000734 00BPGN St James’ E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000735 00BPGP St Mary’s E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000736 00BPGQ Shaw E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000737 00BPGR Waterhead E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000738 00BPGS Werneth E08000004 00BP Oldham
E05000739 00BQFX Balderstone and Kirkholt E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000740 00BQFY Bamford E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000741 00BQFZ Castleton E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000742 00BQGA Central Rochdale E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000743 00BQGB East Middleton E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000744 00BQGC Healey E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000745 00BQGD Hopwood Hall E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000746 00BQGE Kingsway E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000747 00BQGF Littleborough Lakeside E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000748 00BQGG Milkstone and Deeplish E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000749 00BQGH Milnrow and Newhey E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000750 00BQGJ Norden E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000751 00BQGK North Heywood E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000752 00BQGL North Middleton E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000753 00BQGM Smallbridge and Firgrove E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000754 00BQGN South Middleton E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000755 00BQGP Spotland and Falinge E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000756 00BQGQ Wardle and West Littleborough E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000757 00BQGR West Heywood E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000758 00BQGS West Middleton E08000005 00BQ Rochdale
E05000759 00BRFX Barton E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000760 00BRFY Boothstown and Ellenbrook E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000761 00BRFZ Broughton E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000762 00BRGA Cadishead E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000763 00BRGB Claremont E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000764 00BRGC Eccles E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000765 00BRGD Irlam E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000766 00BRGE Irwell Riverside E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000767 00BRGF Kersal E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000768 00BRGG Langworthy E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000769 00BRGH Little Hulton E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000770 00BRGJ Ordsall E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000771 00BRGK Pendlebury E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000772 00BRGL Swinton North E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000773 00BRGM Swinton South E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000774 00BRGN Walkden North E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000775 00BRGP Walkden South E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000776 00BRGQ Weaste and Seedley E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000777 00BRGR Winton E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000778 00BRGS Worsley E08000006 00BR Salford
E05000779 00BSFY Bramhall North E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000780 00BSFZ Bramhall South E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000781 00BSGA Bredbury and Woodley E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000782 00BSGB Bredbury Green and Romiley E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000783 00BSGC Brinnington and Central E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000784 00BSGD Cheadle and Gatley E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000785 00BSGE Cheadle Hulme North E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000786 00BSGF Cheadle Hulme South E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000787 00BSGG Davenport and Cale Green E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000788 00BSGH Edgeley and Cheadle Heath E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000789 00BSGJ Hazel Grove E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000790 00BSGK Heald Green E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000791 00BSGL Heatons North E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000792 00BSGM Heatons South E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000793 00BSGN Manor E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000794 00BSGP Marple North E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000795 00BSGQ Marple South E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000796 00BSGR Offerton E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000797 00BSGS Reddish North E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000798 00BSGT Reddish South E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000799 00BSGU Stepping Hill E08000007 00BS Stockport
E05000800 00BTFW Ashton Hurst E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000801 00BTFX Ashton St Michael’s E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000802 00BTFY Ashton Waterloo E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000803 00BTFZ Audenshaw E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000804 00BTGA Denton North East E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000805 00BTGB Denton South E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000806 00BTGC Denton West E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000807 00BTGD Droylsden East E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000808 00BTGE Droylsden West E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000809 00BTGF Dukinfield E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000810 00BTGG Dukinfield Stalybridge E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000811 00BTGH Hyde Godley E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000812 00BTGJ Hyde Newton E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000813 00BTGK Hyde Werneth E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000814 00BTGL Longdendale E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000815 00BTGM Mossley E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000816 00BTGN St Peter’s E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000817 00BTGP Stalybridge North E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000818 00BTGQ Stalybridge South E08000008 00BT Tameside
E05000819 00BUFY Altrincham E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000820 00BUFZ Ashton upon Mersey E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000821 00BUGA Bowdon E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000822 00BUGB Broadheath E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000823 00BUGC Brooklands E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000824 00BUGD Bucklow-St Martins E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000825 00BUGE Clifford E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000826 00BUGF Davyhulme East E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000827 00BUGG Davyhulme West E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000828 00BUGH Flixton E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000829 00BUGJ Gorse Hill E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000830 00BUGK Hale Barns E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000831 00BUGL Hale Central E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000832 00BUGM Longford E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000833 00BUGN Priory E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000834 00BUGP St Mary’s E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000835 00BUGQ Sale Moor E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000836 00BUGR Stretford E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000837 00BUGS Timperley E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000838 00BUGT Urmston E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000839 00BUGU Village E08000009 00BU Trafford
E05000840 00BWGB Abram E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000841 00BWGC Ashton E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000842 00BWGD Aspull New Springs Whelley E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000843 00BWGE Astley Mosley Common E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000844 00BWGF Atherleigh E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000845 00BWGG Atherton E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000846 00BWGH Bryn E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000847 00BWGJ Douglas E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000848 00BWGK Golborne and Lowton West E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000849 00BWGL Hindley E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000850 00BWGM Hindley Green E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000851 00BWGN Ince E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000852 00BWGP Leigh East E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000853 00BWGQ Leigh South E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000854 00BWGR Leigh West E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000855 00BWGS Lowton East E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000856 00BWGT Orrell E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000857 00BWGU Pemberton E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000858 00BWGW Shevington with Lower Ground E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000859 00BWGX Standish with Langtree E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000860 00BWGY Tyldesley E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000861 00BWGZ Wigan Central E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000862 00BWHA Wigan West E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000863 00BWHB Winstanley E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000864 00BWHC Worsley Mesnes E08000010 00BW Wigan
E05000865 00BXFZ Cherryfield E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000866 00BXGA Halewood North E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000867 00BXGB Halewood South E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000868 00BXGC Halewood West E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000869 00BXGD Kirkby Central E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000870 00BXGE Longview E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000871 00BXGF Northwood E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000872 00BXGG Page Moss E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000873 00BXGH Park E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000874 00BXGJ Prescot East E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000875 00BXGK Prescot West E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000876 00BXGL Roby E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000877 00BXGM St Bartholomews E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000878 00BXGN St Gabriels E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000879 00BXGP St Michaels E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000880 00BXGQ Shevington E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000881 00BXGR Stockbridge E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000882 00BXGS Swanside E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000883 00BXGT Whiston North E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000884 00BXGU Whiston South E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000885 00BXGW Whitefield E08000011 00BX Knowsley
E05000886 00BYGL Allerton and Hunts Cross E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000887 00BYGM Anfield E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000888 00BYGN Belle Vale E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000889 00BYGP Central E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000890 00BYGQ Childwall E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000891 00BYGR Church E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000892 00BYGS Clubmoor E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000893 00BYGT County E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000894 00BYGU Cressington E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000895 00BYGW Croxteth E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000896 00BYGX Everton E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000897 00BYGY Fazakerley E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000898 00BYGZ Greenbank E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000899 00BYHA Kensington and Fairfield E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000900 00BYHB Kirkdale E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000901 00BYHC Knotty Ash E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000902 00BYHD Mossley Hill E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000903 00BYHE Norris Green E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000904 00BYHF Old Swan E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000905 00BYHG Picton E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000906 00BYHH Princes Park E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000907 00BYHJ Riverside E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000908 00BYHK St Michael’s E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000909 00BYHL Speke-Garston E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000910 00BYHM Tuebrook and Stoneycroft E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000911 00BYHN Warbreck E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000912 00BYHP Wavertree E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000913 00BYHQ West Derby E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000914 00BYHR Woolton E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000915 00BYHS Yew Tree E08000012 00BY Liverpool
E05000916 00BZFU Billinge and Seneley Green E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000917 00BZFW Blackbrook E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000918 00BZFX Bold E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000919 00BZFY Earlestown E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000920 00BZFZ Eccleston E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000921 00BZGA Haydock E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000922 00BZGB Moss Bank E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000923 00BZGC Newton E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000924 00BZGD Parr E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000925 00BZGE Rainford E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000926 00BZGF Rainhill E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000927 00BZGG Sutton E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000928 00BZGH Thatto Heath E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000929 00BZGJ Town Centre E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000930 00BZGK West Park E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000931 00BZGL Windle E08000013 00BZ St. Helens
E05000932 00CAGZ Ainsdale E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000933 00CAHA Birkdale E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000934 00CAHB Blundellsands E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000935 00CAHC Cambridge E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000936 00CAHD Church E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000937 00CAHE Derby E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000938 00CAHF Duke’s E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000939 00CAHG Ford E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000940 00CAHH Harington E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000941 00CAHJ Kew E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000942 00CAHK Linacre E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000943 00CAHL Litherland E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000944 00CAHM Manor E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000945 00CAHN Meols E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000946 00CAHP Molyneux E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000947 00CAHQ Netherton and Orrell E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000948 00CAHR Norwood E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000949 00CAHS Park E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000950 00CAHT Ravenmeols E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000951 00CAHU St Oswald E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000952 00CAHW Sudell E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000953 00CAHX Victoria E08000014 00CA Sefton
E05000954 00CBFZ Bebington E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000955 00CBGA Bidston and St James E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000956 00CBGB Birkenhead and Tranmere E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000957 00CBGC Bromborough E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000958 00CBGD Clatterbridge E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000959 00CBGE Claughton E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000960 00CBGF Eastham E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000961 00CBGG Greasby, Frankby and Irby E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000962 00CBGH Heswall E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000963 00CBGJ Hoylake and Meols E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000964 00CBGK Leasowe and Moreton East E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000965 00CBGL Liscard E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000966 00CBGM Moreton West and Saughall Massie E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000967 00CBGN New Brighton E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000968 00CBGP Oxton E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000969 00CBGQ Pensby and Thingwall E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000970 00CBGR Prenton E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000971 00CBGS Rock Ferry E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000972 00CBGT Seacombe E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000973 00CBGU Upton E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000974 00CBGW Wallasey E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000975 00CBGX West Kirby and Thurstaston E08000015 00CB Wirral
E05000976 00CCFZ Central E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000977 00CCGA Cudworth E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000978 00CCGB Darfield E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000979 00CCGC Darton East E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000980 00CCGD Darton West E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000981 00CCGE Dearne North E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000982 00CCGF Dearne South E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000983 00CCGG Dodworth E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000984 00CCGH Hoyland Milton E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000985 00CCGJ Kingstone E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000986 00CCGK Monk Bretton E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000987 00CCGL North East E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000988 00CCGM Old Town E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000989 00CCGN Penistone East E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000990 00CCGP Penistone West E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000991 00CCGQ Rockingham E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000992 00CCGR Royston E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000993 00CCGS St Helens E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000994 00CCGT Stairfoot E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000995 00CCGU Wombwell E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000996 00CCGW Worsbrough E08000016 00CC Barnsley
E05000997 00CEFY Adwick E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05000998 00CEFZ Armthorpe E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05000999 00CEGA Askern Spa E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001000 00CEGB Balby E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001001 00CEGC Bentley E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001002 00CEGD Bessacarr and Cantley E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001003 00CEGE Central E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001004 00CEGF Conisbrough and Denaby E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001005 00CEGG Edenthorpe, Kirk Sandall and Barnby Dun E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001006 00CEGH Edlington and Warmsworth E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001007 00CEGJ Finningley E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001008 00CEGK Great North Road E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001009 00CEGL Hatfield E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001010 00CEGM Mexborough E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001011 00CEGN Rossington E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001012 00CEGP Sprotbrough E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001013 00CEGQ Stainforth and Moorends E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001014 00CEGR Thorne E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001015 00CEGS Torne Valley E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001016 00CEGT Town Moor E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001017 00CEGU Wheatley E08000017 00CE Doncaster
E05001019 00CFGA Boston Castle E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001020 00CFGB Brinsworth and Catcliffe E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001022 00CFGD Hellaby E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001023 00CFGE Holderness E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001024 00CFGF Hoober E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001025 00CFGG Keppel E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001026 00CFGH Maltby E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001027 00CFGJ Rawmarsh E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001028 00CFGK Rother Vale E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001029 00CFGL Rotherham East E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001030 00CFGM Rotherham West E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001031 00CFGN Silverwood E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001032 00CFGP Sitwell E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001033 00CFGQ Swinton E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001034 00CFGR Valley E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001035 00CFGS Wales E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001036 00CFGT Wath E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001037 00CFGU Wickersley E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001038 00CFGW Wingfield E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05001039 00CGGG Arbourthorne E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001040 00CGGH Beauchief and Greenhill E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001041 00CGGJ Beighton E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001042 00CGGK Birley E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001043 00CGGL Broomhill E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001044 00CGGM Burngreave E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001045 00CGGN Central E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001046 00CGGP Crookes E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001047 00CGGQ Darnall E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001048 00CGGR Dore and Totley E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001049 00CGGS East Ecclesfield E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001050 00CGGT Ecclesall E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001051 00CGGU Firth Park E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001052 00CGGW Fulwood E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001053 00CGGX Gleadless Valley E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001054 00CGGY Graves Park E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001055 00CGGZ Hillsborough E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001056 00CGHA Manor Castle E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001057 00CGHB Mosborough E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001058 00CGHC Nether Edge E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001059 00CGHD Richmond E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001060 00CGHE Shiregreen and Brightside E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001061 00CGHF Southey E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001062 00CGHG Stannington E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001063 00CGHH Stocksbridge and Upper Don E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001064 00CGHJ Walkley E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001065 00CGHK West Ecclesfield E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001066 00CGHL Woodhouse E08000019 00CG Sheffield
E05001067 00CHFZ Birtley E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001068 00CHGA Blaydon E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001069 00CHGB Bridges E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001070 00CHGC Chopwell and Rowlands Gill E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001071 00CHGD Chowdene E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001072 00CHGE Crawcrook and Greenside E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001073 00CHGF Deckham E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001074 00CHGG Dunston and Teams E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001075 00CHGH Dunston Hill and Whickham East E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001076 00CHGJ Felling E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001077 00CHGK High Fell E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001078 00CHGL Lamesley E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001079 00CHGM Lobley Hill and Bensham E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001080 00CHGN Low Fell E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001081 00CHGP Pelaw and Heworth E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001082 00CHGQ Ryton, Crookhill and Stella E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001083 00CHGR Saltwell E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001084 00CHGS Wardley and Leam Lane E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001085 00CHGT Whickham North E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001086 00CHGU Whickham South and Sunniside E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001087 00CHGW Windy Nook and Whitehills E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001088 00CHGX Winlaton and High Spen E08000020 00CH Gateshead
E05001089 00CJGD Benwell and Scotswood E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001090 00CJGE Blakelaw E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001091 00CJGF Byker E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001092 00CJGG Castle E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001093 00CJGH Dene E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001094 00CJGJ Denton E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001095 00CJGK East Gosforth E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001096 00CJGL Elswick E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001097 00CJGM Fawdon E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001098 00CJGN Fenham E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001099 00CJGP Kenton E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001100 00CJGQ Lemington E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001101 00CJGR Newburn E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001102 00CJGS North Heaton E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001103 00CJGT North Jesmond E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001104 00CJGU Ouseburn E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001105 00CJGW Parklands E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001106 00CJGX South Heaton E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001107 00CJGY South Jesmond E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001108 00CJGZ Walker E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001109 00CJHA Walkergate E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001110 00CJHB Westerhope E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001111 00CJHC Westgate E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001112 00CJHD West Gosforth E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001113 00CJHE Wingrove E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001114 00CJHF Woolsington E08000021 00CJ Newcastle upon Tyne
E05001115 00CKFX Battle Hill E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001116 00CKFY Benton E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001117 00CKFZ Camperdown E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001118 00CKGA Chirton E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001119 00CKGB Collingwood E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001120 00CKGC Cullercoats E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001121 00CKGD Howdon E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001122 00CKGE Killingworth E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001123 00CKGF Longbenton E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001124 00CKGG Monkseaton North E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001125 00CKGH Monkseaton South E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001126 00CKGJ Northumberland E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001127 00CKGK Preston E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001128 00CKGL Riverside E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001129 00CKGM St Mary’s E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001130 00CKGN Tynemouth E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001131 00CKGP Valley E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001132 00CKGQ Wallsend E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001133 00CKGR Weetslade E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001134 00CKGS Whitley Bay E08000022 00CK North Tyneside
E05001135 00CLFX Beacon and Bents E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001136 00CLFY Bede E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001137 00CLFZ Biddick and All Saints E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001138 00CLGA Boldon Colliery E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001139 00CLGB Cleadon and East Boldon E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001140 00CLGC Cleadon Park E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001141 00CLGD Fellgate and Hedworth E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001142 00CLGE Harton E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001143 00CLGF Hebburn North E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001144 00CLGG Hebburn South E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001145 00CLGH Horsley Hill E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001146 00CLGJ Monkton E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001147 00CLGK Primrose E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001148 00CLGL Simonside and Rekendyke E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001149 00CLGM Westoe E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001150 00CLGN West Park E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001151 00CLGP Whitburn and Marsden E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001152 00CLGQ Whiteleas E08000023 00CL South Tyneside
E05001153 00CMGC Barnes E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001154 00CMGD Castle E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001155 00CMGE Copt Hill E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001156 00CMGF Doxford E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001157 00CMGG Fulwell E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001158 00CMGH Hendon E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001159 00CMGJ Hetton E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001160 00CMGK Houghton E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001161 00CMGL Millfield E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001162 00CMGM Pallion E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001163 00CMGN Redhill E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001164 00CMGP Ryhope E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001165 00CMGQ St Anne’s E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001166 00CMGR St Chad’s E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001167 00CMGS St Michael’s E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001168 00CMGT St Peter’s E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001169 00CMGU Sandhill E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001170 00CMGW Shiney Row E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001171 00CMGX Silksworth E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001172 00CMGY Southwick E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001173 00CMGZ Washington Central E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001174 00CMHA Washington East E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001175 00CMHB Washington North E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001176 00CMHC Washington South E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001177 00CMHD Washington West E08000024 00CM Sunderland
E05001178 00CNGS Acocks Green E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001179 00CNGT Aston E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001180 00CNGU Bartley Green E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001181 00CNGW Billesley E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001182 00CNGX Bordesley Green E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001183 00CNGY Bournville E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001184 00CNGZ Brandwood E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001185 00CNHA Edgbaston E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001186 00CNHB Erdington E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001187 00CNHC Hall Green E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001188 00CNHD Handsworth Wood E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001189 00CNHE Harborne E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001190 00CNHF Hodge Hill E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001191 00CNHG Kings Norton E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001192 00CNHH Kingstanding E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001193 00CNHJ Ladywood E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001194 00CNHK Longbridge E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001195 00CNHL Lozells and East Handsworth E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001196 00CNHM Moseley and Kings Heath E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001197 00CNHN Nechells E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001198 00CNHP Northfield E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001199 00CNHQ Oscott E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001200 00CNHR Perry Barr E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001201 00CNHS Quinton E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001202 00CNHT Selly Oak E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001203 00CNHU Shard End E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001204 00CNHW Sheldon E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001205 00CNHX Soho E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001206 00CNHY South Yardley E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001207 00CNHZ Sparkbrook E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001208 00CNJA Springfield E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001209 00CNJB Stechford and Yardley North E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001210 00CNJC Stockland Green E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001211 00CNJD Sutton Four Oaks E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001212 00CNJE Sutton New Hall E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001213 00CNJF Sutton Trinity E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001214 00CNJG Sutton Vesey E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001215 00CNJH Tyburn E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001216 00CNJJ Washwood Heath E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001217 00CNJK Weoley E08000025 00CN Birmingham
E05001218 00CQFU Bablake E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001219 00CQFW Binley and Willenhall E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001220 00CQFX Cheylesmore E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001221 00CQFY Earlsdon E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001222 00CQFZ Foleshill E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001223 00CQGA Henley E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001224 00CQGB Holbrook E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001225 00CQGC Longford E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001226 00CQGD Lower Stoke E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001227 00CQGE Radford E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001228 00CQGF St Michael’s E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001229 00CQGG Sherbourne E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001230 00CQGH Upper Stoke E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001231 00CQGJ Wainbody E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001232 00CQGK Westwood E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001233 00CQGL Whoberley E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001234 00CQGM Woodlands E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001235 00CQGN Wyken E08000026 00CQ Coventry
E05001236 00CRGB Amblecote E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001237 00CRGC Belle Vale E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001238 00CRGD Brierley Hill E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001239 00CRGE Brockmoor and Pensnett E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001240 00CRGF Castle and Priory E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001241 00CRGG Coseley East E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001242 00CRGH Cradley and Wollescote E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001243 00CRGJ Gornal E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001244 00CRGK Halesowen North E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001245 00CRGL Halesowen South E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001246 00CRGM Hayley Green and Cradley South E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001247 00CRGN Kingswinford North and Wall Heath E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001248 00CRGP Kingswinford South E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001249 00CRGQ Lye and Stourbridge North E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001250 00CRGR Netherton, Woodside and St Andrews E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001251 00CRGS Norton E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001252 00CRGT Pedmore and Stourbridge East E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001253 00CRGU Quarry Bank and Dudley Wood E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001254 00CRGW St James’s E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001255 00CRGX St Thomas’s E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001256 00CRGY Sedgley E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001257 00CRGZ Upper Gornal and Woodsetton E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001258 00CRHA Wollaston and Stourbridge Town E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001259 00CRHB Wordsley E08000027 00CR Dudley
E05001260 00CSGB Abbey E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001261 00CSGC Blackheath E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001262 00CSGD Bristnall E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001263 00CSGE Charlemont with Grove Vale E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001264 00CSGF Cradley Heath and Old Hill E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001265 00CSGG Friar Park E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001266 00CSGH Great Barr with Yew Tree E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001267 00CSGJ Great Bridge E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001268 00CSGK Greets Green and Lyng E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001269 00CSGL Hateley Heath E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001270 00CSGM Langley E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001271 00CSGN Newton E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001272 00CSGP Old Warley E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001273 00CSGQ Oldbury E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001274 00CSGR Princes End E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001275 00CSGS Rowley E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001276 00CSGT St Pauls E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001277 00CSGU Smethwick E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001278 00CSGW Soho and Victoria E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001279 00CSGX Tipton Green E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001280 00CSGY Tividale E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001281 00CSGZ Wednesbury North E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001282 00CSHA Wednesbury South E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001283 00CSHB West Bromwich Central E08000028 00CS Sandwell
E05001284 00CTFT Bickenhill E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001285 00CTFU Blythe E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001286 00CTFW Castle Bromwich E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001287 00CTFX Chelmsley Wood E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001288 00CTFY Dorridge and Hockley Heath E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001289 00CTFZ Elmdon E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001290 00CTGA Kingshurst and Fordbridge E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001291 00CTGB Knowle E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001292 00CTGC Lyndon E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001293 00CTGD Meriden E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001294 00CTGE Olton E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001295 00CTGF St Alphege E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001296 00CTGG Shirley East E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001297 00CTGH Shirley South E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001298 00CTGJ Shirley West E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001299 00CTGK Silhill E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001300 00CTGL Smith’s Wood E08000029 00CT Solihull
E05001301 00CUFX Aldridge Central and South E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001302 00CUFY Aldridge North and Walsall Wood E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001303 00CUFZ Bentley and Darlaston North E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001304 00CUGA Birchills Leamore E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001305 00CUGB Blakenall E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001306 00CUGC Bloxwich East E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001307 00CUGD Bloxwich West E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001308 00CUGE Brownhills E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001309 00CUGF Darlaston South E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001310 00CUGG Paddock E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001311 00CUGH Palfrey E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001312 00CUGJ Pelsall E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001313 00CUGK Pheasey Park Farm E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001314 00CUGL Pleck E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001315 00CUGM Rushall-Shelfield E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001316 00CUGN St Matthew’s E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001317 00CUGP Short Heath E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001318 00CUGQ Streetly E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001319 00CUGR Willenhall North E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001320 00CUGS Willenhall South E08000030 00CU Walsall
E05001321 00CWFX Bilston East E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001322 00CWFY Bilston North E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001323 00CWFZ Blakenhall E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001324 00CWGA Bushbury North E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001325 00CWGB Bushbury South and Low Hill E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001326 00CWGC East Park E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001327 00CWGD Ettingshall E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001328 00CWGE Fallings Park E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001329 00CWGF Graiseley E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001330 00CWGG Heath Town E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001331 00CWGH Merry Hill E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001332 00CWGJ Oxley E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001333 00CWGK Park E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001334 00CWGL Penn E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001335 00CWGM St Peter’s E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001336 00CWGN Spring Vale E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001337 00CWGP Tettenhall Regis E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001338 00CWGQ Tettenhall Wightwick E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001339 00CWGR Wednesfield North E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001340 00CWGS Wednesfield South E08000031 00CW Wolverhampton
E05001341 00CXGH Baildon E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001342 00CXGJ Bingley E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001343 00CXGK Bingley Rural E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001344 00CXGL Bolton and Undercliffe E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001345 00CXGM Bowling and Barkerend E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001346 00CXGN Bradford Moor E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001347 00CXGP City E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001348 00CXGQ Clayton and Fairweather Green E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001349 00CXGR Craven E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001350 00CXGS Eccleshill E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001351 00CXGT Great Horton E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001352 00CXGU Heaton E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001353 00CXGW Idle and Thackley E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001354 00CXGX Ilkley E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001355 00CXGY Keighley Central E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001356 00CXGZ Keighley East E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001357 00CXHA Keighley West E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001358 00CXHB Little Horton E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001359 00CXHC Manningham E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001360 00CXHD Queensbury E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001361 00CXHE Royds E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001362 00CXHF Shipley E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001363 00CXHG Thornton and Allerton E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001364 00CXHH Toller E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001365 00CXHJ Tong E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001366 00CXHK Wharfedale E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001367 00CXHL Wibsey E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001368 00CXHM Windhill and Wrose E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001369 00CXHN Worth Valley E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001370 00CXHP Wyke E08000032 00CX Bradford
E05001371 00CYFU Brighouse E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001372 00CYFW Calder E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001373 00CYFX Elland E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001374 00CYFY Greetland and Stainland E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001375 00CYFZ Hipperholme and Lightcliffe E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001376 00CYGA Illingworth and Mixenden E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001377 00CYGB Luddendenfoot E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001378 00CYGC Northowram and Shelf E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001379 00CYGD Ovenden E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001380 00CYGE Park E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001381 00CYGF Rastrick E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001382 00CYGG Ryburn E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001383 00CYGH Skircoat E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001384 00CYGJ Sowerby Bridge E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001385 00CYGK Todmorden E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001386 00CYGL Town E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001387 00CYGM Warley E08000033 00CY Calderdale
E05001389 00CZGC Ashbrow E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001390 00CZGD Batley East E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001391 00CZGE Batley West E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001392 00CZGF Birstall and Birkenshaw E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001393 00CZGG Cleckheaton E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001396 00CZGK Dalton E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001397 00CZGL Denby Dale E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001398 00CZGM Dewsbury East E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001399 00CZGN Dewsbury South E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001400 00CZGP Dewsbury West E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001401 00CZGQ Golcar E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001402 00CZGR Greenhead E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001403 00CZGS Heckmondwike E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001405 00CZGU Holme Valley South E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001407 00CZGX Lindley E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001408 00CZGY Liversedge and Gomersal E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001409 00CZGZ Mirfield E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001410 00CZHA Newsome E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05001411 00DAGL Adel and Wharfedale E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001412 00DAGM Alwoodley E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001413 00DAGN Ardsley and Robin Hood E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001414 00DAGP Armley E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001415 00DAGQ Beeston and Holbeck E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001416 00DAGR Bramley and Stanningley E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001417 00DAGS Burmantofts and Richmond Hill E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001418 00DAGT Calverley and Farsley E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001419 00DAGU Chapel Allerton E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001420 00DAGW City and Hunslet E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001421 00DAGX Cross Gates and Whinmoor E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001422 00DAGY Farnley and Wortley E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001423 00DAGZ Garforth and Swillington E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001424 00DAHA Gipton and Harehills E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001425 00DAHB Guiseley and Rawdon E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001426 00DAHC Harewood E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001427 00DAHD Headingley E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001428 00DAHE Horsforth E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001429 00DAHF Hyde Park and Woodhouse E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001430 00DAHG Killingbeck and Seacroft E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001431 00DAHH Kippax and Methley E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001432 00DAHJ Kirkstall E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001433 00DAHK Middleton Park E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001434 00DAHL Moortown E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001435 00DAHM Morley North E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001436 00DAHN Morley South E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001437 00DAHP Otley and Yeadon E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001438 00DAHQ Pudsey E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001439 00DAHR Rothwell E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001440 00DAHS Roundhay E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001441 00DAHT Temple Newsam E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001442 00DAHU Weetwood E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001443 00DAHW Wetherby E08000035 00DA Leeds
E05001444 00DBFY Ackworth, North Elmsall and Upton E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001445 00DBFZ Airedale and Ferry Fryston E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001446 00DBGA Altofts and Whitwood E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001447 00DBGB Castleford Central and Glasshoughton E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001448 00DBGC Crofton, Ryhill and Walton E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001449 00DBGD Featherstone E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001450 00DBGE Hemsworth E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001451 00DBGF Horbury and South Ossett E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001452 00DBGG Knottingley E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001453 00DBGH Normanton E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001454 00DBGJ Ossett E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001455 00DBGK Pontefract North E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001456 00DBGL Pontefract South E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001457 00DBGM South Elmsall and South Kirkby E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001458 00DBGN Stanley and Outwood East E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001459 00DBGP Wakefield East E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001460 00DBGQ Wakefield North E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001461 00DBGR Wakefield Rural E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001462 00DBGS Wakefield South E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001463 00DBGT Wakefield West E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001464 00DBGU Wrenthorpe and Outwood West E08000036 00DB Wakefield
E05001482 00ECNC Acklam E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001483 00ECND Ayresome E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001484 00ECNE Beckfield E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001485 00ECNF Beechwood E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001486 00ECNG Brookfield E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001487 00ECNH Clairville E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001488 00ECNJ Coulby Newham E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001489 00ECNK Gresham E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001490 00ECNL Hemlington E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001491 00ECNM Kader E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001492 00ECNN Ladgate E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001493 00ECNP Linthorpe E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001494 00ECNQ North Ormesby and Brambles Farm E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001495 00ECNR Marton E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001496 00ECNS Marton West E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001497 00ECNT Middlehaven E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001498 00ECNU Nunthorpe E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001499 00ECNW Pallister E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001500 00ECNX Park E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001501 00ECNY Park End E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001502 00ECNZ Stainton and Thornton E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001503 00ECPA Thorntree E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001504 00ECPB University E06000002 00EC Middlesbrough
E05001505 00EEMZ Brotton E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001506 00EENA Coatham E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001507 00EENB Dormanstown E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001508 00EENC Eston E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001509 00EEND Grangetown E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001510 00EENE Guisborough E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001511 00EENF Hutton E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001512 00EENG Kirkleatham E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001513 00EENH Lockwood E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001514 00EENJ Loftus E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001515 00EENK Longbeck E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001516 00EENL Newcomen E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001517 00EENM Normanby E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001518 00EENN Ormesby E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001519 00EENP St Germain’s E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001520 00EENQ Saltburn E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001521 00EENR Skelton E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001522 00EENS South Bank E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001523 00EENT Teesville E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001524 00EENU West Dyke E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001525 00EENW Westworth E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001526 00EENX Zetland E06000003 00EE Redcar and Cleveland
E05001527 00EFNH Billingham Central E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001528 00EFNJ Billingham East E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001529 00EFNK Billingham North E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001530 00EFNL Billingham South E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001531 00EFNM Billingham West E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001532 00EFNN Bishopsgarth and Elm Tree E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001533 00EFNP Eaglescliffe E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001534 00EFNQ Fairfield E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001535 00EFNR Grangefield E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001536 00EFNS Hardwick E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001537 00EFNT Hartburn E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001538 00EFNU Ingleby Barwick East E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001539 00EFNW Ingleby Barwick West E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001540 00EFNX Mandale and Victoria E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001541 00EFNY Newtown E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001542 00EFNZ Northern Parishes E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001543 00EFPA Norton North E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001544 00EFPB Norton South E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001545 00EFPC Norton West E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001546 00EFPD Parkfield and Oxbridge E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001547 00EFPE Roseworth E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001548 00EFPF Stainsby Hill E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001549 00EFPG Stockton Town Centre E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001550 00EFPH Village E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001551 00EFPJ Western Parishes E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001552 00EFPK Yarm E06000004 00EF Stockton-on-Tees
E05001553 00EHNC Bank Top E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001554 00EHND Central E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001555 00EHNE Cockerton East E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001556 00EHNF Cockerton West E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001557 00EHNG College E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001558 00EHNH Eastbourne E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001559 00EHNJ Faverdale E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001560 00EHNK Harrowgate Hill E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001561 00EHNL Haughton East E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001562 00EHNM Haughton North E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001563 00EHNN Haughton West E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001564 00EHNP Heighington and Coniscliffe E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001565 00EHNQ Hummersknott E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001566 00EHNR Hurworth E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001567 00EHNS Lascelles E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001568 00EHNT Lingfield E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001569 00EHNU Middleton St George E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001570 00EHNW Mowden E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001571 00EHNX North Road E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001572 00EHNY Northgate E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001573 00EHNZ Park East E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001574 00EHPA Park West E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001575 00EHPB Pierremont E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001576 00EHPC Sadberge and Whessoe E06000005 00EH Darlington
E05001577 00ETMY Appleton E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001578 00ETMZ Beechwood E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001579 00ETNA Birchfield E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001580 00ETNB Broadheath E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001581 00ETNC Halton Castle E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001582 00ETND Daresbury E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001583 00ETNE Ditton E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001584 00ETNF Farnworth E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001585 00ETNG Grange E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001586 00ETNH Hale E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001587 00ETNJ Halton Brook E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001588 00ETNK Halton Lea E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001589 00ETNL Halton View E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001590 00ETNM Heath E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001591 00ETNN Hough Green E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001592 00ETNP Kingsway E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001593 00ETNQ Mersey E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001594 00ETNR Norton North E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001595 00ETNS Norton South E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001596 00ETNT Riverside E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001597 00ETNU Windmill Hill E06000006 00ET Halton
E05001598 00EUNB Appleton E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001599 00EUNC Bewsey and Whitecross E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001600 00EUND Birchwood E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001601 00EUNE Burtonwood and Winwick E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001602 00EUNF Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001603 00EUNG Fairfield and Howley E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001604 00EUNH Grappenhall and Thelwall E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001605 00EUNJ Great Sankey North E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001606 00EUNK Great Sankey South E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001607 00EUNL Hatton, Stretton and Walton E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001608 00EUNM Latchford East E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001609 00EUNN Latchford West E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001610 00EUNP Lymm E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001611 00EUNQ Orford E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001612 00EUNR Penketh and Cuerdley E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001613 00EUNS Poplars and Hulme E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001614 00EUNT Poulton North E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001615 00EUNU Poulton South E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001616 00EUNW Rixton and Woolston E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001617 00EUNX Stockton Heath E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001618 00EUNY Westbrook E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001619 00EUNZ Whittle Hall E06000007 00EU Warrington
E05001620 00EXMZ Audley E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001621 00EXNA Bastwell E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001622 00EXNB Beardwood with Lammack E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001623 00EXNC Corporation Park E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001624 00EXND Earcroft E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001625 00EXNE East Rural E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001626 00EXNF Ewood E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001627 00EXNG Fernhurst E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001628 00EXNH Higher Croft E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001629 00EXNJ Little Harwood E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001630 00EXNK Livesey with Pleasington E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001631 00EXNL Marsh House E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001632 00EXNM Meadowhead E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001633 00EXNN Mill Hill E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001634 00EXNP North Turton with Tockholes E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001635 00EXNQ Queen’s Park E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001636 00EXNR Roe Lee E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001637 00EXNS Shadsworth with Whitebirk E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001638 00EXNT Shear Brow E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001639 00EXNU Sudell E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001640 00EXNW Sunnyhurst E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001641 00EXNX Wensley Fold E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001642 00EXNY Whitehall E06000008 00EX Blackburn with Darwen
E05001643 00EYMZ Anchorsholme E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001644 00EYNA Bispham E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001645 00EYNB Bloomfield E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001646 00EYNC Brunswick E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001647 00EYND Claremont E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001648 00EYNE Clifton E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001649 00EYNF Greenlands E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001650 00EYNG Hawes Side E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001651 00EYNH Highfield E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001652 00EYNJ Ingthorpe E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001653 00EYNK Layton E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001654 00EYNL Marton E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001655 00EYNM Norbreck E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001656 00EYNN Park E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001657 00EYNP Squires Gate E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001658 00EYNQ Stanley E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001659 00EYNR Talbot E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001660 00EYNS Tyldesley E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001661 00EYNT Victoria E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001662 00EYNU Warbreck E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001663 00EYNW Waterloo E06000009 00EY Blackpool
E05001664 00FAMX Avenue E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001665 00FAMY Beverley E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001666 00FAMZ Boothferry E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001667 00FANA Bransholme East E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001668 00FANB Bransholme West E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001669 00FANC Bricknell E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001670 00FAND Derringham E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001671 00FANE Drypool E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001672 00FANF Holderness E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001673 00FANG Ings E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001674 00FANH Kings Park E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001675 00FANJ Longhill E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001676 00FANK Marfleet E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001677 00FANL Myton E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001678 00FANM Newington E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001679 00FANN Newland E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001680 00FANP Orchard Park and Greenwood E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001681 00FANQ Pickering E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001682 00FANR St Andrew’s E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001683 00FANS Southcoates East E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001684 00FANT Southcoates West E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001685 00FANU Sutton E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001686 00FANW University E06000010 00FA Kingston upon Hull, City of
E05001687 00FBND Beverley Rural E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001688 00FBNE Bridlington Central and Old Town E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001689 00FBNF Bridlington North E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001690 00FBNG Bridlington South E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001691 00FBNH Cottingham North E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001692 00FBNJ Cottingham South E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001693 00FBNK Dale E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001694 00FBNL Driffield and Rural E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001695 00FBNM East Wolds and Coastal E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001696 00FBNN Goole North E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001697 00FBNP Goole South E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001698 00FBNQ Hessle E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001699 00FBNR Howden E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001700 00FBNS Howdenshire E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001701 00FBNT Mid Holderness E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001702 00FBNU Minster and Woodmansey E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001703 00FBNW North Holderness E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001704 00FBNX Pocklington Provincial E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001705 00FBNY St Mary’s E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001706 00FBNZ Snaith, Airmyn, Rawcliffe and Marshland E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001707 00FBPA South East Holderness E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001708 00FBPB South Hunsley E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001709 00FBPC South West Holderness E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001710 00FBPD Tranby E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001711 00FBPE Willerby and Kirk Ella E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001712 00FBPF Wolds Weighton E06000011 00FB East Riding of Yorkshire
E05001713 00FCMQ Croft Baker E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001714 00FCMR East Marsh E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001715 00FCMS Freshney E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001716 00FCMT Haverstoe E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001717 00FCMU Heneage E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001718 00FCMW Humberston and New Waltham E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001719 00FCMX Immingham E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001720 00FCMY Park E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001721 00FCMZ Scartho E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001722 00FCNA Sidney Sussex E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001723 00FCNB South E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001724 00FCNC Waltham E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001725 00FCND West Marsh E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001726 00FCNE Wolds E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001727 00FCNF Yarborough E06000012 00FC North East Lincolnshire
E05001728 00FDMR Ashby E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001729 00FDMS Axholme Central E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001730 00FDMT Axholme North E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001731 00FDMU Axholme South E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001732 00FDMW Barton E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001733 00FDMX Bottesford E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001734 00FDMY Brigg and Wolds E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001735 00FDMZ Broughton and Appleby E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001736 00FDNA Brumby E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001737 00FDNB Burringham and Gunness E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001738 00FDNC Burton upon Stather and Winterton E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001739 00FDND Crosby and Park E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001740 00FDNE Ferry E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001741 00FDNF Frodingham E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001742 00FDNG Kingsway with Lincoln Gardens E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001743 00FDNH Ridge E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001744 00FDNJ Town E06000013 00FD North Lincolnshire
E05001745 00FFNG Acomb E06000014 00FF York
E05001746 00FFNH Bishopthorpe E06000014 00FF York
E05001747 00FFNJ Clifton E06000014 00FF York
E05001748 00FFNK Derwent E06000014 00FF York
E05001749 00FFNL Dringhouses and Woodthorpe E06000014 00FF York
E05001750 00FFNM Fishergate E06000014 00FF York
E05001751 00FFNN Fulford E06000014 00FF York
E05001752 00FFNP Guildhall E06000014 00FF York
E05001753 00FFNQ Haxby and Wigginton E06000014 00FF York
E05001754 00FFNR Heslington E06000014 00FF York
E05001755 00FFNS Heworth E06000014 00FF York
E05001756 00FFNT Heworth Without E06000014 00FF York
E05001757 00FFNU Holgate E06000014 00FF York
E05001758 00FFNW Hull Road E06000014 00FF York
E05001759 00FFNX Huntington and New Earswick E06000014 00FF York
E05001760 00FFNY Micklegate E06000014 00FF York
E05001761 00FFNZ Osbaldwick E06000014 00FF York
E05001762 00FFPA Rural West York E06000014 00FF York
E05001763 00FFPB Skelton, Rawcliffe and Clifton Without E06000014 00FF York
E05001764 00FFPC Strensall E06000014 00FF York
E05001765 00FFPD Westfield E06000014 00FF York
E05001766 00FFPE Wheldrake E06000014 00FF York
E05001767 00FKMX Abbey E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001768 00FKMY Allestree E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001769 00FKMZ Alvaston E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001770 00FKNA Arboretum E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001771 00FKNB Blagreaves E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001772 00FKNC Boulton E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001773 00FKND Chaddesden E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001774 00FKNE Chellaston E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001775 00FKNF Darley E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001776 00FKNG Derwent E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001777 00FKNH Littleover E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001778 00FKNJ Mackworth E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001779 00FKNK Mickleover E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001780 00FKNL Normanton E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001781 00FKNM Oakwood E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001782 00FKNN Sinfin E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001783 00FKNP Spondon E06000015 00FK Derby
E05001784 00FNNF Abbey E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001785 00FNNG Aylestone E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001786 00FNNH Beaumont Leys E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001787 00FNNJ Belgrave E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001788 00FNNK Braunstone Park and Rowley Fields E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001789 00FNNL Castle E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001790 00FNNM Charnwood E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001791 00FNNN Coleman E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001792 00FNNP Evington E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001793 00FNNQ Eyres Monsell E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001794 00FNNR Fosse E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001795 00FNNS Freemen E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001796 00FNNT Humberstone and Hamilton E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001797 00FNNU Knighton E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001798 00FNNW Latimer E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001799 00FNNX New Parks E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001800 00FNNY Rushey Mead E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001801 00FNNZ Spinney Hills E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001802 00FNPA Stoneygate E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001803 00FNPB Thurncourt E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001804 00FNPC Westcotes E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001805 00FNPD Western Park E06000016 00FN Leicester
E05001806 00FPMS Braunston and Belton E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001807 00FPMT Cottesmore E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001808 00FPMU Exton E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001809 00FPMW Greetham E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001810 00FPMX Ketton E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001811 00FPMY Langham E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001812 00FPMZ Lyddington E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001813 00FPNA Martinsthorpe E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001814 00FPNB Normanton E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001815 00FPNC Oakham North East E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001816 00FPND Oakham North West E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001817 00FPNE Oakham South East E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001818 00FPNF Oakham South West E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001819 00FPNG Ryhall and Casterton E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001820 00FPNH Uppingham E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001821 00FPNJ Whissendine E06000017 00FP Rutland
E05001822 00FYNE Arboretum E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001823 00FYNF Aspley E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001824 00FYNG Basford E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001825 00FYNH Berridge E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001826 00FYNJ Bestwood E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001827 00FYNK Bilborough E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001828 00FYNL Bridge E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001829 00FYNM Bulwell E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001830 00FYNN Bulwell Forest E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001831 00FYNP Clifton North E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001832 00FYNQ Clifton South E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001833 00FYNR Dales E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001834 00FYNS Dunkirk and Lenton E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001835 00FYNT Leen Valley E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001836 00FYNU Mapperley E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001837 00FYNW Radford and Park E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001838 00FYNX St Ann’s E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001839 00FYNY Sherwood E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001840 00FYNZ Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001841 00FYPA Wollaton West E06000018 00FY Nottingham
E05001842 00GANY Aylestone E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001843 00GANZ Backbury E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001844 00GAPA Belmont E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001845 00GAPB Bircher E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001846 00GAPC Bringsty E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001847 00GAPD Bromyard E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001848 00GAPE Burghill, Holmer and Lyde E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001849 00GAPF Castle E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001850 00GAPG Central E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001851 00GAPH Credenhill E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001852 00GAPJ Frome E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001853 00GAPK Golden Cross with Weobley E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001854 00GAPL Golden Valley North E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001855 00GAPM Golden Valley South E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001856 00GAPN Hagley E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001857 00GAPP Hampton Court E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001858 00GAPQ Hollington E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001859 00GAPR Hope End E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001860 00GAPS Kerne Bridge E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001861 00GAPT Kington Town E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001862 00GAPU Ledbury E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001863 00GAPW Leominster North E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001864 00GAPX Leominster South E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001865 00GAPY Llangarron E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001866 00GAPZ Mortimer E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001867 00GAQA Old Gore E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001868 00GAQB Pembridge and Lyonshall with Titley E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001869 00GAQC Penyard E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001870 00GAQD Pontrilas E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001871 00GAQE Ross-on-Wye East E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001872 00GAQF Ross-on-Wye West E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001873 00GAQG St Martins and Hinton E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001874 00GAQH St Nicholas E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001875 00GAQJ Stoney Street E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001876 00GAQK Sutton Walls E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001877 00GAQL Three Elms E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001878 00GAQM Tupsley E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001879 00GAQN Upton E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001880 00GAQP Valletts E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001881 00GAQQ Wormsley Ridge E06000019 00GA Herefordshire, County of
E05001882 00GFNM Apley Castle E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001883 00GFNN Arleston E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001884 00GFNP Brookside E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001885 00GFNQ Church Aston and Lilleshall E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001886 00GFNR College E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001887 00GFNS Cuckoo Oak E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001888 00GFNT Dawley Magna E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001889 00GFNU Donnington E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001890 00GFNW Dothill E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001891 00GFNX Edgmond E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001892 00GFNY Ercall E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001893 00GFNZ Ercall Magna E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001894 00GFPA Hadley and Leegomery E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001895 00GFPB Haygate E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001896 00GFPC Horsehay and Lightmoor E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001897 00GFPD Ironbridge Gorge E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001898 00GFPE Ketley and Oakengates E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001899 00GFPF Lawley and Overdale E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001900 00GFPG Madeley E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001901 00GFPH Malinslee E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001902 00GFPJ Muxton E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001903 00GFPK Newport East E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001904 00GFPL Newport North E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001905 00GFPM Newport South E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001906 00GFPN Newport West E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001907 00GFPP Park E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001908 00GFPQ Priorslee E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001909 00GFPR St Georges E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001910 00GFPS Shawbirch E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001911 00GFPT The Nedge E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001912 00GFPU Woodside E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001913 00GFPW Wrockwardine E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001914 00GFPX Wrockwardine Wood and Trench E06000020 00GF Telford and Wrekin
E05001935 00HANP Abbey E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001936 00HANQ Bathavon North E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001937 00HANR Bathavon South E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001938 00HANS Bathavon West E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001939 00HANT Bathwick E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001940 00HANU Chew Valley North E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001941 00HANW Chew Valley South E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001942 00HANX Clutton E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001943 00HANY Combe Down E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001944 00HANZ Farmborough E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001945 00HAPA High Littleton E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001946 00HAPB Keynsham East E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001947 00HAPC Keynsham North E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001948 00HAPD Keynsham South E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001949 00HAPE Kingsmead E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001950 00HAPF Lambridge E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001951 00HAPG Lansdown E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001952 00HAPH Lyncombe E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001953 00HAPJ Mendip E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001954 00HAPK Midsomer Norton North E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001955 00HAPL Midsomer Norton Redfield E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001956 00HAPM Newbridge E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001957 00HAPN Odd Down E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001958 00HAPP Oldfield E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001959 00HAPQ Paulton E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001960 00HAPR Peasedown E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001961 00HAPS Publow and Whitchurch E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001962 00HAPT Radstock E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001963 00HAPU Saltford E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001964 00HAPW Southdown E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001965 00HAPX Timsbury E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001966 00HAPY Twerton E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001967 00HAPZ Walcot E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001968 00HAQA Westfield E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001969 00HAQB Westmoreland E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001970 00HAQC Weston E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001971 00HAQD Widcombe E06000022 00HA Bath and North East Somerset
E05001972 00HBNM Ashley E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001973 00HBNN Avonmouth E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001974 00HBNP Bedminster E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001975 00HBNQ Bishopston E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001976 00HBNR Bishopsworth E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001977 00HBNS Brislington East E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001978 00HBNT Brislington West E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001979 00HBNU Cabot E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001980 00HBNW Clifton E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001981 00HBNX Clifton East E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001982 00HBNY Cotham E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001983 00HBNZ Easton E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001984 00HBPA Eastville E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001985 00HBPB Filwood E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001986 00HBPC Frome Vale E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001987 00HBPD Hartcliffe E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001988 00HBPE Henbury E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001989 00HBPF Hengrove E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001990 00HBPG Henleaze E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001991 00HBPH Hillfields E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001992 00HBPJ Horfield E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001993 00HBPK Kingsweston E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001994 00HBPL Knowle E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001995 00HBPM Lawrence Hill E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001996 00HBPN Lockleaze E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001997 00HBPP Redland E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001998 00HBPQ St George East E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05001999 00HBPR St George West E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05002000 00HBPS Southmead E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05002001 00HBPT Southville E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05002002 00HBPU Stockwood E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05002003 00HBPW Stoke Bishop E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05002004 00HBPX Westbury-on-Trym E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05002005 00HBPY Whitchurch Park E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05002006 00HBPZ Windmill Hill E06000023 00HB Bristol, City of
E05002009 00HCNR Blagdon and Churchill E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002010 00HCNS Clevedon Central E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002011 00HCNT Clevedon East E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002012 00HCNU Clevedon North E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002013 00HCNW Clevedon South E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002014 00HCNX Clevedon Walton E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002015 00HCNY Clevedon West E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002016 00HCNZ Clevedon Yeo E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002017 00HCPA Congresbury E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002018 00HCPB Easton-in-Gordano E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002019 00HCPC Gordano E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002022 00HCPF Nailsea East E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002023 00HCPG Nailsea North and West E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002024 00HCPH Pill E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002025 00HCPJ Portishead Central E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002026 00HCPK Portishead Coast E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002027 00HCPL Portishead East E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002028 00HCPM Portishead Redcliffe Bay E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002029 00HCPN Portishead South and North Weston E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002030 00HCPP Portishead West E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002031 00HCPQ Weston-super-Mare Central E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002034 00HCPT Weston-super-Mare Milton and Old Worle E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002036 00HCPW Weston-super-Mare South E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002037 00HCPX Weston-super-Mare South Worle E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002038 00HCPY Weston-super-Mare West E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002040 00HCQA Wraxall and Long Ashton E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002042 00HCQC Yatton E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05002043 00HDQE Almondsbury E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002044 00HDQF Bitton E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002045 00HDQG Boyd Valley E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002046 00HDQH Bradley Stoke Central and Stoke Lodge E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002047 00HDQJ Bradley Stoke North E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002048 00HDQK Bradley Stoke South E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002049 00HDQL Charfield E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002050 00HDQM Chipping Sodbury E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002051 00HDQN Cotswold Edge E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002052 00HDQP Dodington E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002053 00HDQQ Downend E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002054 00HDQR Emersons Green E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002055 00HDQS Filton E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002056 00HDQT Frampton Cotterell E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002057 00HDQU Frenchay and Stoke Park E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002058 00HDQW Hanham E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002059 00HDQX Kings Chase E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002060 00HDQY Ladden Brook E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002061 00HDQZ Longwell Green E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002062 00HDRA Oldland Common E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002063 00HDRB Parkwall E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002064 00HDRC Patchway E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002065 00HDRD Pilning and Severn Beach E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002066 00HDRE Rodway E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002067 00HDRF Severn E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002068 00HDRG Siston E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002069 00HDRH Staple Hill E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002070 00HDRJ Stoke Gifford E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002071 00HDRK Thornbury North E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002072 00HDRL Thornbury South and Alveston E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002073 00HDRM Westerleigh E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002074 00HDRN Winterbourne E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002075 00HDRP Woodstock E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002076 00HDRQ Yate Central E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002077 00HDRR Yate North E06000025 00HD South Gloucestershire
E05002078 00HGMX Budshead E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002079 00HGMY Compton E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002080 00HGMZ Devonport E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002081 00HGNA Drake E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002082 00HGNB Efford and Lipson E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002083 00HGNC Eggbuckland E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002084 00HGND Ham E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002085 00HGNE Honicknowle E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002086 00HGNF Moor View E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002087 00HGNG Peverell E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002088 00HGNH Plympton Chaddlewood E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002089 00HGNJ Plympton Erle E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002090 00HGNK Plympton St Mary E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002091 00HGNL Plymstock Dunstone E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002092 00HGNM Plymstock Radford E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002093 00HGNN St Budeaux E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002094 00HGNP St Peter and the Waterfront E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002095 00HGNQ Southway E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002096 00HGNR Stoke E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002097 00HGNS Sutton and Mount Gould E06000026 00HG Plymouth
E05002098 00HHMN Berry Head-with-Furzeham E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002099 00HHMP Blatchcombe E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002100 00HHMQ Churston-with-Galmpton E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002101 00HHMR Clifton-with-Maidenway E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002102 00HHMS Cockington-with-Chelston E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002103 00HHMT Ellacombe E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002104 00HHMU Goodrington-with-Roselands E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002105 00HHMW Preston E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002106 00HHMX Roundham-with-Hyde E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002107 00HHMY St Marychurch E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002108 00HHMZ St Mary’s-with-Summercombe E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002109 00HHNA Shiphay-with-the-Willows E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002110 00HHNB Tormohun E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002111 00HHNC Watcombe E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002112 00HHND Wellswood E06000027 00HH Torbay
E05002113 00HNMW Boscombe East E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002114 00HNMX Boscombe West E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002115 00HNMY Central E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002116 00HNMZ East Cliff and Springbourne E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002117 00HNNA East Southbourne and Tuckton E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002118 00HNNB Kinson North E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002119 00HNNC Kinson South E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002120 00HNND Littledown and Iford E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002121 00HNNE Moordown E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002122 00HNNF Queen’s Park E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002123 00HNNG Redhill and Northbourne E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002124 00HNNH Strouden Park E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002125 00HNNJ Talbot and Branksome Woods E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002126 00HNNK Throop and Muscliff E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002127 00HNNL Wallisdown and Winton West E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002128 00HNNM West Southbourne E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002129 00HNNN Westbourne and West Cliff E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002130 00HNNP Winton East E06000028 00HN Bournemouth
E05002131 00HPMP Alderney E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002132 00HPMQ Branksome East E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002133 00HPMR Branksome West E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002134 00HPMS Broadstone E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002135 00HPMT Canford Cliffs E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002136 00HPMU Canford Heath East E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002137 00HPMW Canford Heath West E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002138 00HPMX Creekmoor E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002139 00HPMY Hamworthy East E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002140 00HPMZ Hamworthy West E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002141 00HPNA Merley and Bearwood E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002142 00HPNB Newtown E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002143 00HPNC Oakdale E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002144 00HPND Parkstone E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002145 00HPNE Penn Hill E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002146 00HPNF Poole Town E06000029 00HP Poole
E05002169 00JANB Barnack E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002170 00JANC Bretton North E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002171 00JAND Bretton South E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002172 00JANE Central E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002173 00JANF Dogsthorpe E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002174 00JANG East E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002175 00JANH Eye and Thorney E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002176 00JANJ Fletton and Woodston E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002177 00JANK Glinton and Wittering E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002178 00JANL Newborough E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002179 00JANM North E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002180 00JANN Northborough E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002181 00JANP Orton Longueville E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002182 00JANQ Orton Waterville E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002183 00JANR Orton with Hampton E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002184 00JANS Park E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002185 00JANT Paston E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002186 00JANU Ravensthorpe E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002187 00JANW Stanground Central E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002188 00JANX Stanground East E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002189 00JANY Walton E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002190 00JANZ Werrington North E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002191 00JAPA Werrington South E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002192 00JAPB West E06000031 00JA Peterborough
E05002193 00KAMS Barnfield E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002194 00KAMT Biscot E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002195 00KAMU Bramingham E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002196 00KAMW Challney E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002197 00KAMX Crawley E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002198 00KAMY Dallow E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002199 00KAMZ Farley E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002200 00KANA High Town E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002201 00KANB Icknield E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002202 00KANC Leagrave E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002203 00KAND Lewsey E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002204 00KANE Limbury E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002205 00KANF Northwell E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002206 00KANG Round Green E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002207 00KANH Saints E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002208 00KANJ South E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002209 00KANK Stopsley E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002210 00KANL Sundon Park E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002211 00KANM Wigmore E06000032 00KA Luton
E05002212 00KFMP Belfairs E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002213 00KFMQ Blenheim Park E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002214 00KFMR Chalkwell E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002215 00KFMS Eastwood Park E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002216 00KFMT Kursaal E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002217 00KFMU Leigh E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002218 00KFMW Milton E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002219 00KFMX Prittlewell E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002220 00KFMY St Laurence E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002221 00KFMZ St. Luke’s E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002222 00KFNA Shoeburyness E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002223 00KFNB Southchurch E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002224 00KFNC Thorpe E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002225 00KFND Victoria E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002226 00KFNE Westborough E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002227 00KFNF West Leigh E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002228 00KFNG West Shoebury E06000033 00KF Southend-on-Sea
E05002229 00KGMX Aveley and Uplands E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002230 00KGMY Belhus E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002231 00KGMZ Chadwell St Mary E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002232 00KGNA Chafford and North Stifford E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002233 00KGNB Corringham and Fobbing E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002234 00KGNC East Tilbury E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002235 00KGND Grays Riverside E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002236 00KGNE Grays Thurrock E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002237 00KGNF Little Thurrock Blackshots E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002238 00KGNG Little Thurrock Rectory E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002239 00KGNH Ockendon E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002240 00KGNJ Orsett E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002241 00KGNK South Chafford E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002242 00KGNL Stanford East and Corringham Town E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002243 00KGNM Stanford-le-Hope West E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002244 00KGNN Stifford Clays E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002245 00KGNP The Homesteads E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002246 00KGNQ Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002247 00KGNR Tilbury St Chads E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002248 00KGNS West Thurrock and South Stifford E06000034 00KG Thurrock
E05002249 00LCNN Chatham Central E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002250 00LCNP Cuxton and Halling E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002251 00LCNQ Gillingham North E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002252 00LCNR Gillingham South E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002253 00LCNS Hempstead and Wigmore E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002254 00LCNT Lordswood and Capstone E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002255 00LCNU Luton and Wayfield E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002256 00LCNW Peninsula E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002257 00LCNX Princes Park E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002258 00LCNY Rainham Central E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002259 00LCNZ Rainham North E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002260 00LCPA Rainham South E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002261 00LCPB River E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002262 00LCPC Rochester East E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002263 00LCPD Rochester South and Horsted E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002264 00LCPE Rochester West E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002265 00LCPF Strood North E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002266 00LCPG Strood Rural E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002267 00LCPH Strood South E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002268 00LCPJ Twydall E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002269 00LCPK Walderslade E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002270 00LCPL Watling E06000035 00LC Medway
E05002271 00MAMW Ascot E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002272 00MAMX Binfield with Warfield E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002273 00MAMY Bullbrook E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002274 00MAMZ Central Sandhurst E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002275 00MANA College Town E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002276 00MANB Crown Wood E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002277 00MANC Crowthorne E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002278 00MAND Great Hollands North E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002279 00MANE Great Hollands South E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002280 00MANF Hanworth E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002281 00MANG Harmans Water E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002282 00MANH Little Sandhurst and Wellington E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002283 00MANJ Old Bracknell E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002284 00MANK Owlsmoor E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002285 00MANL Priestwood and Garth E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002286 00MANM Warfield Harvest Ride E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002287 00MANN Wildridings and Central E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002288 00MANP Winkfield and Cranbourne E06000036 00MA Bracknell Forest
E05002289 00MBNJ Aldermaston E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002290 00MBNK Basildon E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002291 00MBNL Birch Copse E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002292 00MBNM Bucklebury E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002293 00MBNN Burghfield E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002294 00MBNP Calcot E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002295 00MBNQ Chieveley E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002296 00MBNR Clay Hill E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002297 00MBNS Cold Ash E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002298 00MBNT Compton E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002299 00MBNU Downlands E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002300 00MBNW Falkland E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002301 00MBNX Greenham E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002302 00MBNY Hungerford E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002303 00MBNZ Kintbury E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002304 00MBPA Lambourn Valley E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002305 00MBPB Mortimer E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002306 00MBPC Northcroft E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002307 00MBPD Pangbourne E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002308 00MBPE Purley on Thames E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002309 00MBPF St Johns E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002310 00MBPG Speen E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002311 00MBPH Sulhamstead E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002312 00MBPJ Thatcham Central E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002313 00MBPK Thatcham North E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002314 00MBPL Thatcham South and Crookham E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002315 00MBPM Thatcham West E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002316 00MBPN Theale E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002317 00MBPP Victoria E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002318 00MBPQ Westwood E06000037 00MB West Berkshire
E05002319 00MCMR Abbey E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002320 00MCMS Battle E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002321 00MCMT Caversham E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002322 00MCMU Church E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002323 00MCMW Katesgrove E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002324 00MCMX Kentwood E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002325 00MCMY Mapledurham E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002326 00MCMZ Minster E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002327 00MCNA Norcot E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002328 00MCNB Park E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002329 00MCNC Peppard E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002330 00MCND Redlands E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002331 00MCNE Southcote E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002332 00MCNF Thames E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002333 00MCNG Tilehurst E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002334 00MCNH Whitley E06000038 00MC Reading
E05002335 00MDMQ Baylis and Stoke E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002336 00MDMR Britwell E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002337 00MDMS Central E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002338 00MDMT Chalvey E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002339 00MDMU Cippenham Green E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002340 00MDMW Cippenham Meadows E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002341 00MDMX Colnbrook with Poyle E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002342 00MDMY Farnham E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002343 00MDMZ Foxborough E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002344 00MDNA Haymill E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002345 00MDNB Kedermister E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002346 00MDNC Langley St Mary’s E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002347 00MDND Upton E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002348 00MDNE Wexham Lea E06000039 00MD Slough
E05002349 00MEMZ Ascot and Cheapside E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002350 00MENA Belmont E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002351 00MENB Bisham and Cookham E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002352 00MENC Boyn Hill E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002353 00MEND Bray E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002354 00MENE Castle Without E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002355 00MENF Clewer East E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002356 00MENG Clewer North E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002357 00MENH Clewer South E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002358 00MENJ Cox Green E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002359 00MENK Datchet E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002360 00MENL Eton and Castle E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002361 00MENM Eton Wick E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002362 00MENN Furze Platt E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002363 00MENP Horton and Wraysbury E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002364 00MENQ Hurley and Walthams E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002365 00MENR Maidenhead Riverside E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002366 00MENS Old Windsor E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002367 00MENT Oldfield E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002368 00MENU Park E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002369 00MENW Pinkneys Green E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002370 00MENX Sunningdale E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002371 00MENY Sunninghill and South Ascot E06000040 00ME Windsor and Maidenhead
E05002372 00MFNB Arborfield E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002373 00MFNC Barkham E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002374 00MFND Bulmershe and Whitegates E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002375 00MFNE Charvil E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002376 00MFNF Coronation E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002377 00MFNG Emmbrook E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002378 00MFNH Evendons E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002379 00MFNJ Finchampstead North E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002380 00MFNK Finchampstead South E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002381 00MFNL Hawkedon E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002382 00MFNM Hillside E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002383 00MFNN Hurst E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002384 00MFNP Loddon E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002385 00MFNQ Maiden Erlegh E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002386 00MFNR Norreys E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002387 00MFNS Remenham, Wargrave and Ruscombe E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002388 00MFNT Shinfield North E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002389 00MFNU Shinfield South E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002390 00MFNW Sonning E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002391 00MFNX South Lake E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002392 00MFNY Swallowfield E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002393 00MFNZ Twyford E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002394 00MFPA Wescott E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002395 00MFPB Winnersh E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002396 00MFPC Wokingham Without E06000041 00MF Wokingham
E05002397 00MGNB Bletchley and Fenny Stratford E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002398 00MGNC Bradwell E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002399 00MGND Campbell Park E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002400 00MGNE Danesborough E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002401 00MGNF Denbigh E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002402 00MGNG Eaton Manor E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002403 00MGNH Emerson Valley E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002404 00MGNJ Furzton E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002405 00MGNK Hanslope Park E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002406 00MGNL Linford North E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002407 00MGNM Linford South E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002408 00MGNN Loughton Park E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002409 00MGNP Middleton E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002410 00MGNQ Newport Pagnell North E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002411 00MGNR Newport Pagnell South E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002412 00MGNS Olney E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002413 00MGNT Sherington E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002414 00MGNU Stantonbury E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002415 00MGNW Stony Stratford E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002416 00MGNX Walton Park E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002417 00MGNY Whaddon E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002418 00MGNZ Wolverton E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002419 00MGPA Woughton E06000042 00MG Milton Keynes
E05002420 00MLND Brunswick and Adelaide E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002421 00MLNE Central Hove E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002422 00MLNF East Brighton E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002423 00MLNG Goldsmid E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002424 00MLNH Hangleton and Knoll E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002425 00MLNJ Hanover and Elm Grove E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002426 00MLNK Hollingdean and Stanmer E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002427 00MLNL Moulsecoomb and Bevendean E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002428 00MLNM North Portslade E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002429 00MLNN Patcham E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002430 00MLNP Preston Park E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002431 00MLNQ Queen’s Park E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002432 00MLNR Regency E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002433 00MLNS Rottingdean Coastal E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002434 00MLNT St. Peter’s and North Laine E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002435 00MLNU South Portslade E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002436 00MLNW Hove Park E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002437 00MLNX Westbourne E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002438 00MLNY Wish E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002439 00MLNZ Withdean E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002440 00MLPA Woodingdean E06000043 00ML Brighton and Hove
E05002441 00MRMP Baffins E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002442 00MRMQ Central Southsea E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002443 00MRMR Charles Dickens E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002444 00MRMS Copnor E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002445 00MRMT Cosham E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002446 00MRMU Drayton and Farlington E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002447 00MRMW Eastney and Craneswater E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002448 00MRMX Fratton E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002449 00MRMY Hilsea E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002450 00MRMZ Milton E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002451 00MRNA Nelson E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002452 00MRNB Paulsgrove E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002453 00MRNC St Jude E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002454 00MRND St Thomas E06000044 00MR Portsmouth
E05002455 00MSMR Bargate E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002456 00MSMS Bassett E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002457 00MSMT Bevois E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002458 00MSMU Bitterne E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002459 00MSMW Bitterne Park E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002460 00MSMX Coxford E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002461 00MSMY Freemantle E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002462 00MSMZ Harefield E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002463 00MSNA Millbrook E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002464 00MSNB Peartree E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002465 00MSNC Portswood E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002466 00MSND Redbridge E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002467 00MSNE Shirley E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002468 00MSNF Sholing E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002469 00MSNG Swaythling E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002470 00MSNH Woolston E06000045 00MS Southampton
E05002594 11UBGR Aston Clinton E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002595 11UBGS Aylesbury Central E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002596 11UBGT Bedgrove E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002597 11UBGU Bierton E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002598 11UBGW Brill E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002599 11UBGX Buckingham North E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002600 11UBGY Buckingham South E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002601 11UBGZ Cheddington E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002602 11UBHA Coldharbour E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002603 11UBHB Edlesborough E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002604 11UBHC Elmhurst and Watermead E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002605 11UBHD Gatehouse E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002606 11UBHE Great Brickhill E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002607 11UBHF Great Horwood E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002608 11UBHG Grendon Underwood E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002609 11UBHH Haddenham E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002610 11UBHJ Long Crendon E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002611 11UBHK Luffield Abbey E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002612 11UBHL Mandeville and Elm Farm E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002613 11UBHM Marsh Gibbon E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002614 11UBHN Newton Longville E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002615 11UBHP Oakfield E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002616 11UBHQ Pitstone E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002617 11UBHR Quainton E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002618 11UBHS Quarrendon E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002619 11UBHT Southcourt E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002620 11UBHU Steeple Claydon E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002621 11UBHW Stewkley E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002622 11UBHX Tingewick E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002623 11UBHY Waddesdon E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002624 11UBHZ Walton Court and Hawkslade E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002625 11UBJA Weedon E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002626 11UBJB Wendover E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002627 11UBJC Wing E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002628 11UBJD Wingrave E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002629 11UBJE Winslow E07000004 11UB Aylesbury Vale
E05002630 11UCGH Amersham Common E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002631 11UCGJ Amersham-on-the-Hill E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002632 11UCGK Amersham Town E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002633 11UCGL Asheridge Vale and Lowndes E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002634 11UCGM Ashley Green, Latimer and Chenies E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002635 11UCGN Austenwood E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002636 11UCGP Ballinger, South Heath and Chartridge E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002637 11UCGQ Central E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002638 11UCGR Chalfont Common E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002639 11UCGS Chalfont St Giles E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002640 11UCGT Chesham Bois and Weedon Hill E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002641 11UCGU Cholesbury, The Lee and Bellingdon E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002642 11UCGW Gold Hill E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002643 11UCGX Great Missenden E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002644 11UCGY Hilltop and Townsend E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002645 11UCGZ Holmer Green E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002646 11UCHA Little Chalfont E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002647 11UCHB Little Missenden E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002648 11UCHC Newtown E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002649 11UCHD Penn and Coleshill E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002650 11UCHE Prestwood and Heath End E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002651 11UCHF Ridgeway E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002652 11UCHG St Mary’s and Waterside E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002653 11UCHH Seer Green E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002654 11UCHJ Vale E07000005 11UC Chiltern
E05002655 11UEFX Beaconsfield North E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002656 11UEFY Beaconsfield South E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002657 11UEFZ Beaconsfield West E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002658 11UEGA Burnham Beeches E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002659 11UEGB Burnham Church E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002660 11UEGC Burnham Lent Rise E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002661 11UEGD Denham North E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002662 11UEGE Denham South E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002663 11UEGF Dorney and Burnham South E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002664 11UEGG Farnham Royal E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002665 11UEGH Gerrards Cross East and Denham South West E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002666 11UEGJ Gerrards Cross North E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002667 11UEGK Gerrards Cross South E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002668 11UEGL Hedgerley and Fulmer E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002669 11UEGM Iver Heath E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002670 11UEGN Iver Village and Richings Park E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002671 11UEGP Stoke Poges E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002672 11UEGQ Taplow E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002673 11UEGR Wexham and Iver West E07000006 11UE South Bucks
E05002674 11UFGK Abbey E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002675 11UFGL Bledlow and Bradenham E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002676 11UFGM Booker and Cressex E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002677 11UFGN Bourne End-cum-Hedsor E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002678 11UFGP Bowerdean E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002679 11UFGQ Chiltern Rise E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002680 11UFGR Disraeli E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002681 11UFGS Downley and Plomer Hill E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002682 11UFGT Flackwell Heath and Little Marlow E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002683 11UFGU Greater Hughenden E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002684 11UFGW Greater Marlow E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002685 11UFGX Hambleden Valley E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002686 11UFGY Hazlemere North E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002687 11UFGZ Hazlemere South E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002688 11UFHA Icknield E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002689 11UFHB Lacey Green, Speen and the Hampdens E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002690 11UFHC Marlow North and West E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002691 11UFHD Marlow South East E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002692 11UFHE Micklefield E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002693 11UFHF Oakridge and Castlefield E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002694 11UFHG Ryemead E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002695 11UFHH Sands E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002696 11UFHJ Stokenchurch and Radnage E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002697 11UFHK Terriers and Amersham Hill E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002698 11UFHL Totteridge E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002699 11UFHM The Risboroughs E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002700 11UFHN The Wooburns E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002701 11UFHP Tylers Green and Loudwater E07000007 11UF Wycombe
E05002702 12UBFQ Abbey E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002703 12UBFR Arbury E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002704 12UBFS Castle E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002705 12UBFT Cherry Hinton E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002706 12UBFU Coleridge E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002707 12UBFW East Chesterton E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002708 12UBFX King’s Hedges E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002709 12UBFY Market E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002710 12UBFZ Newnham E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002711 12UBGA Petersfield E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002712 12UBGB Queen Edith’s E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002713 12UBGC Romsey E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002714 12UBGD Trumpington E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002715 12UBGE West Chesterton E07000008 12UB Cambridge
E05002716 12UCFU Bottisham E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002717 12UCFW Burwell E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002718 12UCFX Cheveley E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002719 12UCFY Downham Villages E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002720 12UCFZ Dullingham Villages E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002721 12UCGA Ely East E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002722 12UCGB Ely North E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002723 12UCGC Ely South E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002724 12UCGD Ely West E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002725 12UCGE Fordham Villages E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002726 12UCGF Haddenham E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002727 12UCGG Isleham E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002728 12UCGH Littleport East E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002729 12UCGJ Littleport West E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002730 12UCGK Soham North E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002731 12UCGL Soham South E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002732 12UCGM Stretham E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002733 12UCGN Sutton E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002734 12UCGP The Swaffhams E07000009 12UC East Cambridgeshire
E05002735 12UDGC Bassenhally E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002736 12UDGD Benwick, Coates and Eastrea E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002737 12UDGE Birch E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002738 12UDGF Clarkson E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002739 12UDGG Delph E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002740 12UDGH Doddington E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002741 12UDGJ Elm and Christchurch E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002742 12UDGK Hill E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002743 12UDGL Kingsmoor E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002744 12UDGM Kirkgate E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002745 12UDGN Lattersey E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002746 12UDGP Manea E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002747 12UDGQ March East E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002748 12UDGR March North E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002749 12UDGS March West E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002750 12UDGT Medworth E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002751 12UDGU Parson Drove and Wisbech St Mary E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002752 12UDGW Peckover E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002753 12UDGX Roman Bank E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002754 12UDGY St Andrews E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002755 12UDGZ St Marys E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002756 12UDHA Slade Lode E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002757 12UDHB Staithe E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002758 12UDHC The Mills E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002759 12UDHD Waterlees E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002760 12UDHE Wenneye E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002761 12UDHF Wimblington E07000010 12UD Fenland
E05002763 12UEGN Brampton E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05002767 12UEGS Elton and Folksworth E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05002769 12UEGU Godmanchester E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05002771 12UEGX Huntingdon East E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05002772 12UEGY Huntingdon North E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05002779 12UEHF St Ives West E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05002781 12UEHH St Neots Eaton Socon E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05002784 12UEHL Sawtry E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05002786 12UEHN Stilton E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05002790 12UEHS Yaxley and Farcet E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05002791 12UGGW Balsham E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002792 12UGGX Bar Hill E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002793 12UGGY Barton E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002794 12UGGZ Bassingbourn E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002795 12UGJH Bourn E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002796 12UGHB Caldecote E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002797 12UGHC Comberton E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002798 12UGHD Cottenham E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002799 12UGHE Duxford E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002800 12UGHF Fowlmere and Foxton E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002801 12UGHG Fulbourn E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002802 12UGHH Gamlingay E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002803 12UGHJ Girton E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002804 12UGHK Hardwick E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002805 12UGHL Harston and Hauxton E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002806 12UGHM Haslingfield and The Eversdens E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002807 12UGHN Histon and Impington E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002808 12UGHP Linton E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002809 12UGHQ Longstanton E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002810 12UGHR Melbourn E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002811 12UGHS Meldreth E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002812 12UGHT Milton E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002813 12UGHU Orwell and Barrington E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002814 12UGJJ Papworth and Elsworth E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002815 12UGHX Sawston E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002816 12UGHY Swavesey E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002817 12UGHZ Teversham E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002818 12UGJA The Abingtons E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002819 12UGJB The Mordens E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002820 12UGJC The Shelfords and Stapleford E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002821 12UGJD The Wilbrahams E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002822 12UGJE Waterbeach E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002823 12UGJF Whittlesford E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05002824 12UGJG Willingham and Over E07000012 12UG South Cambridgeshire
E05003114 16UBGM All Saints E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003115 16UBGN Aspatria E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003116 16UBGP Boltons E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003117 16UBGQ Broughton St Bridget’s E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003118 16UBGR Christchurch E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003119 16UBGS Clifton E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003120 16UBGT Crummock E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003121 16UBGU Dalton E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003122 16UBGW Derwent Valley E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003123 16UBGX Ellen E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003124 16UBGY Ellenborough E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003125 16UBGZ Ewanrigg E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003126 16UBHA Flimby E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003127 16UBHB Harrington E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003128 16UBHC Holme E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003129 16UBHD Keswick E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003130 16UBHE Marsh E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003131 16UBHF Moorclose E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003132 16UBHG Moss Bay E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003133 16UBHH Netherhall E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003134 16UBHJ St John’s E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003135 16UBHK St Michael’s E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003136 16UBHL Seaton E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003137 16UBHM Silloth E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003138 16UBHN Solway E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003139 16UBHP Stainburn E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003140 16UBHQ Wampool E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003141 16UBHR Warnell E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003142 16UBHS Waver E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003143 16UBHT Wharrels E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003144 16UBHU Wigton E07000026 16UB Allerdale
E05003145 16UCGD Barrow Island E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003146 16UCGE Central E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003147 16UCGF Dalton North E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003148 16UCGG Dalton South E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003149 16UCGH Hawcoat E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003150 16UCGJ Hindpool E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003151 16UCGK Newbarns E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003152 16UCGL Ormsgill E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003153 16UCGM Parkside E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003154 16UCGN Risedale E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003155 16UCGP Roosecote E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003156 16UCGQ Walney North E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003157 16UCGR Walney South E07000027 16UC Barrow-in-Furness
E05003158 16UDGA Belah E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003159 16UDGB Belle Vue E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003160 16UDGC Botcherby E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003161 16UDGD Brampton E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003162 16UDGE Burgh E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003163 16UDGF Castle E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003164 16UDGG Currock E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003165 16UDGH Dalston E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003166 16UDGJ Denton Holme E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003167 16UDGK Great Corby and Geltsdale E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003168 16UDGL Harraby E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003169 16UDGM Hayton E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003170 16UDGN Irthing E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003171 16UDGP Longtown & Rockcliffe E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003172 16UDGQ Lyne E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003173 16UDGR Morton E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003174 16UDGS St Aidans E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003175 16UDGT Stanwix Rural E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003176 16UDGU Stanwix Urban E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003177 16UDGW Upperby E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003178 16UDGX Wetheral E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003179 16UDGY Yewdale E07000028 16UD Carlisle
E05003180 16UEGD Arlecdon E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003181 16UEGE Beckermet E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003182 16UEGF Bootle E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003183 16UEGG Bransty E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003184 16UEGH Cleator Moor North E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003185 16UEGJ Cleator Moor South E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003186 16UEGK Distington E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003187 16UEGL Egremont North E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003188 16UEGM Egremont South E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003189 16UEGN Ennerdale E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003190 16UEGP Frizington E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003191 16UEGQ Gosforth E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003192 16UEGR Harbour E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003193 16UEGS Haverigg E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003194 16UEGT Hensingham E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003195 16UEGU Hillcrest E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003196 16UEGW Holborn Hill E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003197 16UEGX Kells E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003198 16UEGY Millom Without E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003199 16UEGZ Mirehouse E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003200 16UEHA Moresby E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003201 16UEHB Newtown E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003202 16UEHC St Bees E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003203 16UEHD Sandwith E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003204 16UEHE Seascale E07000029 16UE Copeland
E05003205 16UFGF Alston Moor E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003206 16UFGG Appleby (Appleby) E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003207 16UFGH Appleby (Bongate) E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003208 16UFGJ Askham E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003209 16UFGK Brough E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003210 16UFGL Crosby Ravensworth E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003211 16UFGM Dacre E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003212 16UFGN Eamont E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003213 16UFGP Greystoke E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003214 16UFGQ Hartside E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003215 16UFGR Hesket E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003216 16UFGS Kirkby Stephen E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003217 16UFGT Kirkby Thore E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003218 16UFGU Kirkoswald E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003219 16UFGW Langwathby E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003220 16UFGX Lazonby E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003221 16UFGY Long Marton E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003222 16UFGZ Morland E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003223 16UFHA Orton with Tebay E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003224 16UFHB Penrith Carleton E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003225 16UFHC Penrith East E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003226 16UFHD Penrith North E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003227 16UFHE Penrith Pategill E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003228 16UFHF Penrith South E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003229 16UFHG Penrith West E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003230 16UFHH Ravenstonedale E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003231 16UFHJ Shap E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003232 16UFHK Skelton E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003233 16UFHL Ullswater E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003234 16UFHM Warcop E07000030 16UF Eden
E05003235 16UGKC Ambleside and Grasmere E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003236 16UGKD Arnside and Beetham E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003237 16UGKE Broughton E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003238 16UGKF Burneside E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003239 16UGKG Burton and Holme E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003240 16UGKH Cartmel and Grange West E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003241 16UGKJ Coniston and Crake Valley E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003242 16UGKK Crooklands E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003243 16UGKL Grange North E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003244 16UGKM Grange South E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003245 16UGKN Hawkshead E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003246 16UGKP Holker E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003247 16UGKQ Kendal Castle E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003248 16UGKR Kendal Far Cross E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003249 16UGKS Kendal Fell E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003250 16UGKT Kendal Heron Hill E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003251 16UGKU Kendal Highgate E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003252 16UGKW Kendal Kirkland E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003253 16UGKX Kendal Mintsfeet E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003254 16UGKY Kendal Nether E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003255 16UGKZ Kendal Oxenholme and Natland E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003256 16UGLA Kendal Parks E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003257 16UGLB Kendal Romney E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003258 16UGLC Kendal Stonecross E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003259 16UGLD Kendal Strickland E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003260 16UGLE Kendal Underley E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003261 16UGLF Levens E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003262 16UGLG Low Furness E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003263 16UGLH Lyth Valley E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003264 16UGLJ Mid Furness E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003265 16UGLK Milnthorpe E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003266 16UGLL Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003267 16UGLM Staveley-in-Cartmel E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003268 16UGLN Staveley-in-Westmorland E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003269 16UGLP Ulverston Central E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003270 16UGLQ Ulverston East E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003271 16UGLR Ulverston North E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003272 16UGLS Ulverston South E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003273 16UGLT Ulverston Town E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003274 16UGLU Ulverston West E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003275 16UGLW Whinfell E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003276 16UGLX Windermere Applethwaite and Troutbeck E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003277 16UGLY Windermere Bowness North E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003278 16UGLZ Windermere Bowness South E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003279 16UGMA Windermere Town E07000031 16UG South Lakeland
E05003280 17UBGC Alfreton E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003281 17UBGD Alport E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003282 17UBGE Belper Central E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003283 17UBGF Belper East E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003284 17UBGG Belper North E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003286 17UBGJ Codnor and Waingroves E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003287 17UBGK Crich E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003289 17UBGM Heage and Ambergate E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003290 17UBGN Heanor and Loscoe E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003292 17UBGQ Heanor West E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003293 17UBGR Ironville and Riddings E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003295 17UBGT Langley Mill and Aldercar E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003296 17UBGU Ripley E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003297 17UBGW Ripley and Marehay E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003299 17UBGY Somercotes E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003300 17UBGZ South West Parishes E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003301 17UBHA Swanwick E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003302 17UBHB Wingfield E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05003303 17UCGB Barlborough E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003304 17UCGC Blackwell E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003305 17UCGD Bolsover North West E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003306 17UCGE Bolsover South E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003307 17UCGF Bolsover West E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003308 17UCGG Clowne North E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003309 17UCGH Clowne South E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003310 17UCGJ Elmton-with-Creswell E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003311 17UCGK Pinxton E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003312 17UCGL Pleasley E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003313 17UCGM Scarcliffe E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003314 17UCGN Shirebrook East E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003315 17UCGP Shirebrook Langwith E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003316 17UCGQ Shirebrook North West E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003317 17UCGR Shirebrook South East E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003318 17UCGS Shirebrook South West E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003319 17UCGT South Normanton East E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003320 17UCGU South Normanton West E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003321 17UCGW Tibshelf E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003322 17UCGX Whitwell E07000033 17UC Bolsover
E05003323 17UDFX Barrow Hill and New Whittington E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003324 17UDFY Brimington North E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003325 17UDFZ Brimington South E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003326 17UDGA Brockwell E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003327 17UDGB Dunston E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003328 17UDGC Hasland E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003329 17UDGD Hollingwood and Inkersall E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003330 17UDGE Holmebrook E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003331 17UDGF Linacre E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003332 17UDGG Loundsley Green E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003333 17UDGH Lowgates and Woodthorpe E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003334 17UDGJ Middlecroft and Poolsbrook E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003335 17UDGK Moor E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003336 17UDGL Old Whittington E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003337 17UDGM Rother E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003338 17UDGN St Helen’s E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003339 17UDGP St Leonard’s E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003340 17UDGQ Walton E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003341 17UDGR West E07000034 17UD Chesterfield
E05003342 17UFGC Ashbourne North E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003343 17UFGD Ashbourne South E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003344 17UFGE Bakewell E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003345 17UFGF Bradwell E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003346 17UFGG Brailsford E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003347 17UFGH Calver E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003348 17UFGJ Carsington Water E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003349 17UFGK Chatsworth E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003350 17UFGL Clifton and Bradley E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003351 17UFGM Darley Dale E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003352 17UFGN Dovedale and Parwich E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003353 17UFGP Doveridge and Sudbury E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003354 17UFGQ Hartington and Taddington E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003355 17UFGR Hathersage and Eyam E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003356 17UFGS Hulland E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003357 17UFGT Lathkill and Bradford E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003358 17UFGU Litton and Longstone E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003359 17UFGW Masson E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003360 17UFGX Matlock All Saints E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003361 17UFGY Matlock St Giles E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003362 17UFGZ Norbury E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003363 17UFHA Stanton E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003364 17UFHB Tideswell E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003365 17UFHC Winster and South Darley E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003366 17UFHD Wirksworth E07000035 17UF Derbyshire Dales
E05003367 17UGGC Abbotsford E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003368 17UGGD Breaston E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003369 17UGGE Cotmanhay E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003370 17UGGF Derby Road East E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003371 17UGGG Derby Road West E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003372 17UGGH Draycott E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003373 17UGGJ Hallam Fields E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003374 17UGGK Ilkeston Central E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003375 17UGGL Ilkeston North E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003376 17UGGM Kirk Hallam E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003377 17UGGN Little Eaton and Breadsall E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003378 17UGGP Little Hallam E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003379 17UGGQ Long Eaton Central E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003380 17UGGR Nottingham Road E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003381 17UGGS Ockbrook and Borrowash E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003382 17UGGT Old Park E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003383 17UGGU Sandiacre North E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003384 17UGGW Sandiacre South E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003385 17UGGX Sawley E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003386 17UGGY Stanley E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003387 17UGGZ West Hallam and Dale Abbey E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003388 17UGHA Wilsthorpe E07000036 17UG Erewash
E05003389 17UHGC Barms E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003390 17UHGD Blackbrook E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003391 17UHGE Burbage E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003392 17UHGF Buxton Central E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003393 17UHGG Chapel East E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003394 17UHGH Chapel West E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003395 17UHGJ Corbar E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003396 17UHGK Cote Heath E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003397 17UHGL Dinting E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003398 17UHGM Gamesley E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003399 17UHGN Hadfield North E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003400 17UHGP Hadfield South E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003401 17UHGQ Hayfield E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003402 17UHGR Hope Valley E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003403 17UHGS Howard Town E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003404 17UHGT Limestone Peak E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003405 17UHGU New Mills East E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003406 17UHGW New Mills West E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003407 17UHGX Old Glossop E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003408 17UHGY Padfield E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003409 17UHGZ St John’s E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003410 17UHHA Sett E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003411 17UHHB Simmondley E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003412 17UHHC Stone Bench E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003413 17UHHD Temple E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003414 17UHHE Tintwistle E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003415 17UHHF Whaley Bridge E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003416 17UHHG Whitfield E07000037 17UH High Peak
E05003417 17UJGD Ashover E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003418 17UJGE Barlow and Holmesfield E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003419 17UJGF Brampton and Walton E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003420 17UJGG Clay Cross North E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003421 17UJGH Clay Cross South E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003422 17UJGJ Coal Aston E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003423 17UJGK Dronfield North E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003424 17UJGL Dronfield South E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003425 17UJGM Dronfield Woodhouse E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003426 17UJGN Eckington North E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003427 17UJGP Eckington South E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003428 17UJGQ Gosforth Valley E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003429 17UJGR Grassmoor E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003430 17UJGS Holmewood and Heath E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003431 17UJGT Killamarsh East E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003432 17UJGU Killamarsh West E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003433 17UJGW North Wingfield Central E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003434 17UJGX Pilsley and Morton E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003435 17UJGY Renishaw E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003436 17UJGZ Ridgeway and Marsh Lane E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003437 17UJHA Shirland E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003438 17UJHB Sutton E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003439 17UJHC Tupton E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003440 17UJHD Unstone E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003441 17UJHE Wingerworth E07000038 17UJ North East Derbyshire
E05003459 18UBGN Axminster Rural E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003460 18UBGP Axminster Town E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003461 18UBGQ Beer and Branscombe E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003462 18UBGR Broadclyst E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003463 18UBGS Budleigh E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003464 18UBGT Clyst Valley E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003465 18UBGU Coly Valley E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003466 18UBGW Dunkeswell E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003467 18UBGX Exe Valley E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003468 18UBGY Exmouth Brixington E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003469 18UBGZ Exmouth Halsdon E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003470 18UBHA Exmouth Littleham E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003471 18UBHB Exmouth Town E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003472 18UBHC Exmouth Withycombe Raleigh E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003475 18UBHF Honiton St Paul’s E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003476 18UBHG Newbridges E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003477 18UBHH Newton Poppleford and Harpford E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003478 18UBHJ Otterhead E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003480 18UBHL Ottery St Mary Town E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003481 18UBHM Raleigh E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003482 18UBHN Seaton E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003483 18UBHP Sidmouth Rural E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003484 18UBHQ Sidmouth Sidford E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003485 18UBHR Sidmouth Town E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003486 18UBHS Tale Vale E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003487 18UBHT Trinity E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003489 18UBHW Woodbury and Lympstone E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003490 18UBHX Yarty E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05003491 18UCFU Alphington E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003492 18UCFW Cowick E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003493 18UCFX Duryard E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003494 18UCFY Exwick E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003495 18UCFZ Heavitree E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003496 18UCGA Mincinglake E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003497 18UCGB Newtown E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003498 18UCGC Pennsylvania E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003499 18UCGD Pinhoe E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003500 18UCGE Polsloe E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003501 18UCGF Priory E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003502 18UCGG St David’s E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003503 18UCGH St James E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003504 18UCGJ St Leonard’s E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003505 18UCGK St Loyes E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003506 18UCGL St Thomas E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003507 18UCGM Topsham E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003508 18UCGN Whipton & Barton E07000041 18UC Exeter
E05003510 18UDGG Bradninch E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003511 18UDGH Cadbury E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003512 18UDGJ Canonsleigh E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003513 18UDGK Castle E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003514 18UDGL Clare and Shuttern E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003515 18UDGM Cranmore E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003516 18UDGN Cullompton North E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003517 18UDGP Cullompton Outer E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003518 18UDGQ Cullompton South E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003519 18UDGR Halberton E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003520 18UDGS Lawrence E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003521 18UDGT Lower Culm E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003522 18UDGU Lowman E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003524 18UDGX Sandford and Creedy E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003525 18UDGY Silverton E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003526 18UDGZ Taw E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003527 18UDHA Taw Vale E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003528 18UDHB Upper Culm E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003529 18UDHC Upper Yeo E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003530 18UDHD Way E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003531 18UDHE Westexe E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05003533 18UEGH Bickington and Roundswell E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003534 18UEGJ Bishop’s Nympton E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003535 18UEGK Bratton Fleming E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003536 18UEGL Braunton East E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003537 18UEGM Braunton West E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003538 18UEGN Central Town E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003539 18UEGP Chittlehampton E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003540 18UEGQ Chulmleigh E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003541 18UEGR Combe Martin E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003542 18UEGS Forches and Whiddon Valley E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003543 18UEGT Fremington E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003544 18UEGU Georgeham and Mortehoe E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003545 18UEGW Heanton Punchardon E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003546 18UEGX Ilfracombe Central E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003547 18UEGY Ilfracombe East E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003548 18UEGZ Ilfracombe West E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003549 18UEHA Instow E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003550 18UEHB Landkey, Swimbridge and Taw E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003551 18UEHC Longbridge E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003552 18UEHD Lynton and Lynmouth E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003553 18UEHE Marwood E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003554 18UEHF Newport E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003555 18UEHG North Molton E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003556 18UEHH Pilton E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003557 18UEHJ South Molton E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003558 18UEHK Witheridge E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003559 18UEHL Yeo Valley E07000043 18UE North Devon
E05003560 18UGGM Allington and Loddiswell E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003561 18UGGN Avon and Harbourne E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003562 18UGGP Bickleigh and Shaugh E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003563 18UGGQ Charterlands E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003564 18UGGR Cornwood and Sparkwell E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003565 18UGGS Dartington E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003566 18UGGT Dartmouth and Kingswear E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003567 18UGGU Dartmouth Townstal E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003568 18UGGW East Dart E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003569 18UGGX Eastmoor E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003570 18UGGY Erme Valley E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003571 18UGGZ Ivybridge Central E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003572 18UGHA Ivybridge Filham E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003573 18UGHB Ivybridge Woodlands E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003574 18UGHC Kingsbridge East E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003575 18UGHD Kingsbridge North E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003576 18UGHE Marldon E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003577 18UGHF Newton and Noss E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003578 18UGHG Salcombe and Malborough E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003579 18UGHH Saltstone E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003580 18UGHJ Skerries E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003581 18UGHK South Brent E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003582 18UGHL Stokenham E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003583 18UGHM Thurlestone E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003584 18UGHN Totnes Bridgetown E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003585 18UGHP Totnes Town E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003586 18UGHQ Wembury and Brixton E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003587 18UGHR West Dart E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003588 18UGHS Westville and Alvington E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003589 18UGHT Yealmpton E07000044 18UG South Hams
E05003591 18UHGM Ashburton and Buckfastleigh E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003592 18UHGN Bishopsteignton E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003593 18UHGP Bovey E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003594 18UHGQ Bradley E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003595 18UHGR Buckland and Milber E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003596 18UHGS Bushell E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003597 18UHGT Chudleigh E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003599 18UHGW Dawlish Central and North East E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003600 18UHGX Dawlish South West E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003601 18UHGY Haytor E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003602 18UHGZ Ipplepen E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003603 18UHHA Kenn Valley E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003604 18UHHB Kenton with Starcross E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003605 18UHHC Kerswell-with-Combe E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003606 18UHHD Kingsteignton East E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003607 18UHHE Kingsteignton West E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003608 18UHHF Moorland E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003609 18UHHG Shaldon and Stokeinteignhead E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003610 18UHHH Teignbridge North E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003611 18UHHJ Teignmouth Central E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003612 18UHHK Teignmouth East E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003613 18UHHL Teignmouth West E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003614 18UHHM Teign Valley E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05003615 18UKGE Appledore E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003616 18UKGF Bideford East E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003617 18UKGG Bideford North E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003618 18UKGH Bideford South E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003619 18UKGJ Broadheath E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003620 18UKGK Clinton E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003621 18UKGL Clovelly Bay E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003622 18UKGM Coham Bridge E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003623 18UKGN Forest E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003624 18UKGP Hartland and Bradworthy E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003625 18UKGQ Holsworthy E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003626 18UKGR Kenwith E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003627 18UKGS Monkleigh and Littleham E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003628 18UKGT Northam E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003629 18UKGU Orchard Hill E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003630 18UKGW Shebbear and Langtree E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003631 18UKGX Tamarside E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003632 18UKGY Three Moors E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003633 18UKGZ Torrington E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003634 18UKHA Two Rivers E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003635 18UKHB Waldon E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003636 18UKHC Westward Ho! E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003637 18UKHD Winkleigh E07000046 18UK Torridge
E05003638 18ULFY Bere Ferrers E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003639 18ULFZ Bridestowe E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003640 18ULGA Buckland Monachorum E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003641 18ULGB Burrator E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003642 18ULGC Chagford E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003643 18ULGD Drewsteignton E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003644 18ULGE Exbourne E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003645 18ULGF Hatherleigh E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003646 18ULGG Lew Valley E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003647 18ULGH Lydford E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003648 18ULGJ Mary Tavy E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003649 18ULGK Milton Ford E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003650 18ULGL North Tawton E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003651 18ULGM Okehampton East E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003652 18ULGN Okehampton West E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003653 18ULGP Tamarside E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003654 18ULGQ Tavistock North E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003655 18ULGR Tavistock South E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003656 18ULGS Tavistock South West E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003657 18ULGT South Tawton E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003658 18ULGU Thrushel E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003659 18ULGW Walkham E07000047 18UL West Devon
E05003660 19UCFL Burton and Winkton E07000048 19UC Christchurch
E05003661 19UCFM Grange E07000048 19UC Christchurch
E05003662 19UCFN Highcliffe E07000048 19UC Christchurch
E05003663 19UCFP Jumpers E07000048 19UC Christchurch
E05003664 19UCFQ Mudeford and Friars Cliff E07000048 19UC Christchurch
E05003665 19UCFR North Highcliffe and Walkford E07000048 19UC Christchurch
E05003666 19UCFS Portfield E07000048 19UC Christchurch
E05003667 19UCFT Purewell and Stanpit E07000048 19UC Christchurch
E05003668 19UCFU St Catherine’s and Hurn E07000048 19UC Christchurch
E05003669 19UCFW Town Centre E07000048 19UC Christchurch
E05003670 19UCFX West Highcliffe E07000048 19UC Christchurch
E05003671 19UDGA Alderholt E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003672 19UDGB Ameysford E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003673 19UDGC Colehill East E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003674 19UDGD Colehill West E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003675 19UDGE Corfe Mullen Central E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003676 19UDGF Corfe Mullen North E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003677 19UDGG Corfe Mullen South E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003678 19UDGH Crane E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003679 19UDGJ Ferndown Central E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003680 19UDGK Ferndown Links E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003681 19UDGL Handley Vale E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003682 19UDGM Holt E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003683 19UDGN Longham E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003684 19UDGP Parley E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003685 19UDGQ St Leonards and St Ives East E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003686 19UDGR St Leonards and St Ives West E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003687 19UDGS Stapehill E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003688 19UDGT Stour E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003689 19UDGU Three Cross and Potterne E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003690 19UDGW Verwood Dewlands E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003691 19UDGX Verwood Newtown E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003692 19UDGY Verwood Stephen’s Castle E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003693 19UDGZ West Moors E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003694 19UDHA Wimborne Minster E07000049 19UD East Dorset
E05003695 19UEGE Abbey E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003696 19UEGF Blackmore E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003697 19UEGG Blandford Damory Down E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003698 19UEGH Blandford Hilltop E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003699 19UEGJ Blandford Langton St Leonards E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003700 19UEGK Blandford Old Town E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003701 19UEGL Blandford Station E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003702 19UEGM Bourton and District E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003703 19UEGN Bulbarrow E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003704 19UEGP Cranborne Chase E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003705 19UEGQ Gillingham Town E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003706 19UEGR Hill Forts E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003707 19UEGS Lodbourne E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003708 19UEGT Lydden Vale E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003709 19UEGU Marnhull E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003710 19UEGW Milton E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003711 19UEGX Motcombe and Ham E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003712 19UEGY Portman E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003713 19UEGZ Riversdale E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003714 19UEHA Shaftesbury Central E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003715 19UEHB Shaftesbury Christy’s E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003716 19UEHC Shaftesbury Grosvenor E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003717 19UEHD Shaftesbury Underhill E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003718 19UEHE Stour Valley E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003719 19UEHF The Beacon E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003720 19UEHG The Lower Tarrants E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003721 19UEHH The Stours E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003722 19UEHJ Wyke E07000050 19UE North Dorset
E05003723 19UGFN Bere Regis E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003724 19UGFP Castle E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003725 19UGFQ Creech Barrow E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003726 19UGFR Langton E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003727 19UGFS Lytchett Matravers E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003728 19UGFT Lytchett Minster and Upton East E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003729 19UGFU Lytchett Minster and Upton West E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003730 19UGFW St. Martin E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003731 19UGFX Swanage North E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003732 19UGFY Swanage South E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003733 19UGFZ Wareham E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003734 19UGGA West Purbeck E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003735 19UGGB Winfrith E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003736 19UGGC Wool E07000051 19UG Purbeck
E05003737 19UHGR Beaminster E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003738 19UHGS Bradford Abbas E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003739 19UHGT Bradpole E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003740 19UHGU Bridport North E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003741 19UHGW Bridport South and Bothenhampton E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003742 19UHGX Broadmayne E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003743 19UHGY Broadwindsor E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003744 19UHGZ Burton Bradstock E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003745 19UHHA Cam Vale E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003746 19UHHB Charminster and Cerne Valley E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003747 19UHHC Charmouth E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003748 19UHHD Chesil Bank E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003749 19UHHE Chickerell E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003750 19UHHF Chideock and Symondsbury E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003751 19UHHG Dorchester East E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003752 19UHHH Dorchester North E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003753 19UHHJ Dorchester South E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003754 19UHHK Dorchester West E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003755 19UHHL Frome Valley E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003756 19UHHM Halstock E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003757 19UHHN Loders E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003758 19UHHP Lyme Regis E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003759 19UHHQ Maiden Newton E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003760 19UHHR Marshwood Vale E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003761 19UHHS Netherbury E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003762 19UHHT Owermoigne E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003763 19UHHU Piddle Valley E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003764 19UHHW Puddletown E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003765 19UHHX Queen Thorne E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003766 19UHHY Sherborne East E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003767 19UHHZ Sherborne West E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003768 19UHJA Winterborne St Martin E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003769 19UHJB Yetminster E07000052 19UH West Dorset
E05003770 19UJFQ Littlemoor E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003771 19UJFR Melcombe Regis E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003772 19UJFS Preston E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003773 19UJFT Radipole E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003774 19UJFU Tophill East E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003775 19UJFW Tophill West E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003776 19UJFX Underhill E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003777 19UJFY Upwey and Broadwey E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003778 19UJFZ Westham East E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003779 19UJGA Westham North E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003780 19UJGB Westham West E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003781 19UJGC Wey Valley E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003782 19UJGD Weymouth East E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003783 19UJGE Weymouth West E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003784 19UJGF Wyke Regis E07000053 19UJ Weymouth and Portland
E05003920 21UCFL Devonshire E07000061 21UC Eastbourne
E05003921 21UCFM Hampden Park E07000061 21UC Eastbourne
E05003922 21UCFN Langney E07000061 21UC Eastbourne
E05003923 21UCFP Meads E07000061 21UC Eastbourne
E05003924 21UCFQ Old Town E07000061 21UC Eastbourne
E05003925 21UCFR Ratton E07000061 21UC Eastbourne
E05003926 21UCFS St Anthony’s E07000061 21UC Eastbourne
E05003927 21UCFT Sovereign E07000061 21UC Eastbourne
E05003928 21UCFU Upperton E07000061 21UC Eastbourne
E05003929 21UDFS Ashdown E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003930 21UDFT Baird E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003931 21UDFU Braybrooke E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003932 21UDFW Castle E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003933 21UDFX Central St Leonards E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003934 21UDFY Conquest E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003935 21UDFZ Gensing E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003936 21UDGA Hollington E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003937 21UDGB Maze Hill E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003938 21UDGC Old Hastings E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003939 21UDGD Ore E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003940 21UDGE St Helens E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003941 21UDGF Silverhill E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003942 21UDGG Tressell E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003943 21UDGH West St Leonards E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003944 21UDGJ Wishing Tree E07000062 21UD Hastings
E05003945 21UFGG Barcombe and Hamsey E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003946 21UFGH Chailey and Wivelsfield E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003947 21UFGJ Ditchling and Westmeston E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003948 21UFGK East Saltdean and Telscombe Cliffs E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003949 21UFGL Kingston E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003950 21UFGM Lewes Bridge E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003951 21UFGN Lewes Castle E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003952 21UFGP Lewes Priory E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003953 21UFGQ Newhaven Denton and Meeching E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003954 21UFGR Newhaven Valley E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003955 21UFGS Newick E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003956 21UFGT Ouse Valley and Ringmer E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003957 21UFGU Peacehaven East E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003958 21UFGW Peacehaven North E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003959 21UFGX Peacehaven West E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003960 21UFGY Plumpton, Streat, East Chiltington and St John (Without) E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003961 21UFGZ Seaford Central E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003962 21UFHA Seaford East E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003963 21UFHB Seaford North E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003964 21UFHC Seaford South E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003965 21UFHD Seaford West E07000063 21UF Lewes
E05003966 21UGGD Battle Town E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003967 21UGGE Brede Valley E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003968 21UGGF Central E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003969 21UGGG Collington E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003970 21UGGH Crowhurst E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003971 21UGGJ Darwell E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003972 21UGGK Eastern Rother E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003973 21UGGL Ewhurst and Sedlescombe E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003974 21UGGM Kewhurst E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003975 21UGGN Marsham E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003976 21UGGP Old Town E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003977 21UGGQ Rother Levels E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003978 21UGGR Rye E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003979 21UGGS Sackville E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003980 21UGGT St Marks E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003981 21UGGU St Michaels E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003982 21UGGW St Stephens E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003983 21UGGX Salehurst E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003984 21UGGY Sidley E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003985 21UGGZ Ticehurst and Etchingham E07000064 21UG Rother
E05003986 21UHGM Alfriston E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003987 21UHGN Buxted and Maresfield E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003988 21UHGP Chiddingly and East Hoathly E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003989 21UHGQ Cross in Hand/Five Ashes E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003990 21UHGR Crowborough East E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003991 21UHGS Crowborough Jarvis Brook E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003992 21UHGT Crowborough North E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003993 21UHGU Crowborough St. Johns E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003994 21UHGW Crowborough West E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003995 21UHGX Danehill/Fletching/Nutley E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003996 21UHGY East Dean E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003997 21UHGZ Forest Row E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003998 21UHHA Framfield E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05003999 21UHHB Frant/Withyham E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004000 21UHHC Hailsham Central and North E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004001 21UHHD Hailsham East E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004002 21UHHE Hailsham South and West E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004003 21UHHF Hartfield E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004004 21UHHG Heathfield East E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004005 21UHHH Heathfield North and Central E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004006 21UHHJ Hellingly E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004007 21UHHK Herstmonceux E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004008 21UHHL Horam E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004009 21UHHM Mayfield E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004010 21UHHN Ninfield and Hooe with Wartling E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004011 21UHHP Pevensey and Westham E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004012 21UHHQ Polegate North E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004013 21UHHR Polegate South E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004014 21UHHS Rotherfield E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004015 21UHHT Uckfield Central E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004016 21UHHU Uckfield New Town E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004017 21UHHW Uckfield North E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004018 21UHHX Uckfield Ridgewood E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004019 21UHHY Wadhurst E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004020 21UHHZ Willingdon E07000065 21UH Wealden
E05004021 22UBFQ Billericay East E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004022 22UBFR Billericay West E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004023 22UBFS Burstead E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004024 22UBFT Crouch E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004025 22UBFU Fryerns E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004026 22UBFW Laindon Park E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004027 22UBFX Langdon Hills E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004028 22UBFY Lee Chapel North E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004029 22UBFZ Nethermayne E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004030 22UBGA Pitsea North West E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004031 22UBGB Pitsea South East E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004032 22UBGC St Martin’s E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004033 22UBGD Vange E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004034 22UBGE Wickford Castledon E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004035 22UBGF Wickford North E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004036 22UBGG Wickford Park E07000066 22UB Basildon
E05004037 22UCGL Black Notley and Terling E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004038 22UCGM Bocking Blackwater E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004039 22UCGN Bocking North E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004040 22UCGP Bocking South E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004041 22UCGQ Bradwell, Silver End and Rivenhall E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004042 22UCGR Braintree Central E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004043 22UCGS Braintree East E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004044 22UCGT Braintree South E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004045 22UCGU Bumpstead E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004046 22UCGW Coggeshall and North Feering E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004047 22UCGX Cressing and Stisted E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004048 22UCGY Gosfield and Greenstead Green E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004049 22UCGZ Great Notley and Braintree West E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004050 22UCHA Halstead St Andrew’s E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004051 22UCHB Halstead Trinity E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004052 22UCHC Hatfield Peverel E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004053 22UCHD Hedingham and Maplestead E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004054 22UCHE Kelvedon E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004055 22UCHF Panfield E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004056 22UCHG Rayne E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004057 22UCHH Stour Valley North E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004058 22UCHJ Stour Valley South E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004059 22UCHK The Three Colnes E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004060 22UCHL Three Fields E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004061 22UCHM Upper Colne E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004062 22UCHN Witham Chipping Hill and Central E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004063 22UCHP Witham North E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004064 22UCHQ Witham South E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004065 22UCHR Witham West E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004066 22UCHS Yeldham E07000067 22UC Braintree
E05004067 22UDFT Brentwood North E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004068 22UDFU Brentwood South E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004069 22UDFW Brentwood West E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004070 22UDFX Brizes and Doddinghurst E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004071 22UDFY Herongate, Ingrave and West Horndon E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004072 22UDFZ Hutton Central E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004073 22UDGA Hutton East E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004074 22UDGB Hutton North E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004075 22UDGC Hutton South E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004076 22UDGD Ingatestone, Fryerning and Mountnessing E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004077 22UDGE Pilgrims Hatch E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004078 22UDGF Shenfield E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004079 22UDGG South Weald E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004080 22UDGH Tipps Cross E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004081 22UDGJ Warley E07000068 22UD Brentwood
E05004082 22UEFQ Appleton E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004083 22UEFR Boyce E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004084 22UEFS Canvey Island Central E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004085 22UEFT Canvey Island East E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004086 22UEFU Canvey Island North E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004087 22UEFW Canvey Island South E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004088 22UEFX Canvey Island West E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004089 22UEFY Canvey Island Winter Gardens E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004090 22UEFZ Cedar Hall E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004091 22UEGA St George’s E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004092 22UEGB St James E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004093 22UEGC St Mary’s E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004094 22UEGD St Peter’s E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004095 22UEGE Victoria E07000069 22UE Castle Point
E05004096 22UFGE Bicknacre and East and West Hanningfield E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004097 22UFGF Boreham and The Leighs E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004098 22UFGG Broomfield and The Walthams E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004099 22UFGH Chelmer Village and Beaulieu Park E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004100 22UFGJ Chelmsford Rural West E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004101 22UFGK Galleywood E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004102 22UFGL Goat Hall E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004103 22UFGM Great Baddow East E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004104 22UFGN Great Baddow West E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004105 22UFGP Little Baddow, Danbury and Sandon E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004106 22UFGQ Marconi E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004107 22UFGR Moulsham and Central E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004108 22UFGS Moulsham Lodge E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004109 22UFGT Patching Hall E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004110 22UFGU Rettendon and Runwell E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004111 22UFGW St Andrews E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004112 22UFGX South Hanningfield, Stock and Margaretting E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004113 22UFGY South Woodham-Chetwood and Collingwood E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004114 22UFGZ South Woodham-Elmwood and Woodville E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004115 22UFHA Springfield North E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004116 22UFHB The Lawns E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004117 22UFHC Trinity E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004118 22UFHD Waterhouse Farm E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004119 22UFHE Writtle E07000070 22UF Chelmsford
E05004120 22UGGE Berechurch E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004121 22UGGF Birch and Winstree E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004122 22UGGG Castle E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004123 22UGGH Christ Church E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004124 22UGGJ Copford and West Stanway E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004125 22UGGK Dedham and Langham E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004126 22UGGL East Donyland E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004127 22UGGM Fordham and Stour E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004128 22UGGN Great Tey E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004129 22UGGP Old Heath E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004130 22UGGQ Highwoods E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004131 22UGGR Lexden E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004132 22UGGS Marks Tey E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004133 22UGGT Mile End E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004134 22UGGU New Town E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004135 22UGGW Prettygate E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004136 22UGGX Pyefleet E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004137 22UGGY St Andrew’s E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004138 22UGGZ St Anne’s E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004139 22UGHA St John’s E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004140 22UGHB Shrub End E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004141 22UGHC Stanway E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004142 22UGHD Tiptree E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004143 22UGHE West Bergholt and Eight Ash Green E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004144 22UGHF West Mersea E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004145 22UGHG Wivenhoe Cross E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004146 22UGHH Wivenhoe Quay E07000071 22UG Colchester
E05004147 22UHGH Broadley Common, Epping Upland and Nazeing E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004148 22UHGJ Buckhurst Hill East E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004149 22UHGK Buckhurst Hill West E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004150 22UHGL Chigwell Row E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004151 22UHGM Chigwell Village E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004152 22UHGN Chipping Ongar, Greensted and Marden Ash E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004153 22UHGP Epping Hemnall E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004154 22UHGQ Epping Lindsey and Thornwood Common E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004155 22UHGR Grange Hill E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004157 22UHGT High Ongar, Willingale and The Rodings E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004158 22UHGU Lambourne E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004159 22UHGW Loughton Alderton E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004160 22UHGX Loughton Broadway E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004161 22UHGY Loughton Fairmead E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004162 22UHGZ Loughton Forest E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004163 22UHHA Loughton Roding E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004164 22UHHB Loughton St John’s E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004165 22UHHC Loughton St Mary’s E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004166 22UHHD Lower Nazeing E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004167 22UHHE Lower Sheering E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004169 22UHHG North Weald Bassett E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004170 22UHHH Passingford E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004171 22UHHJ Roydon E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004172 22UHHK Shelley E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004173 22UHHL Theydon Bois E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004174 22UHHM Waltham Abbey High Beach E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004175 22UHHN Waltham Abbey Honey Lane E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004176 22UHHP Waltham Abbey North East E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004177 22UHHQ Waltham Abbey Paternoster E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004178 22UHHR Waltham Abbey South West E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05004179 22UJFS Bush Fair E07000073 22UJ Harlow
E05004180 22UJFT Church Langley E07000073 22UJ Harlow
E05004181 22UJFU Great Parndon E07000073 22UJ Harlow
E05004182 22UJFW Harlow Common E07000073 22UJ Harlow
E05004183 22UJFX Little Parndon and Hare Street E07000073 22UJ Harlow
E05004184 22UJFY Mark Hall E07000073 22UJ Harlow
E05004185 22UJFZ Netteswell E07000073 22UJ Harlow
E05004186 22UJGA Old Harlow E07000073 22UJ Harlow
E05004187 22UJGB Staple Tye E07000073 22UJ Harlow
E05004188 22UJGC Sumners and Kingsmoor E07000073 22UJ Harlow
E05004189 22UJGD Toddbrook E07000073 22UJ Harlow
E05004190 22UKFX Althorne E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004191 22UKFY Burnham-on-Crouch North E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004192 22UKFZ Burnham-on-Crouch South E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004193 22UKGA Great Totham E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004194 22UKGB Heybridge East E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004195 22UKGC Heybridge West E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004196 22UKGD Maldon East E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004197 22UKGE Maldon North E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004198 22UKGF Maldon South E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004199 22UKGG Maldon West E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004200 22UKGH Mayland E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004201 22UKGJ Purleigh E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004202 22UKGK Southminster E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004203 22UKGL Tillingham E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004204 22UKGM Tollesbury E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004205 22UKGN Tolleshunt D’Arcy E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004206 22UKGP Wickham Bishops and Woodham E07000074 22UK Maldon
E05004207 22ULGA Ashingdon and Canewdon E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004208 22ULGB Barling and Sutton E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004209 22ULGC Downhall and Rawreth E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004210 22ULGD Foulness and Great Wakering E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004211 22ULGE Grange E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004212 22ULGF Hawkwell North E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004213 22ULGG Hawkwell South E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004214 22ULGH Hawkwell West E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004215 22ULGJ Hockley Central E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004216 22ULGK Hockley North E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004217 22ULGL Hockley West E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004218 22ULGM Hullbridge E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004219 22ULGN Lodge E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004220 22ULGP Rayleigh Central E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004221 22ULGQ Rochford E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004222 22ULGR Sweyne Park E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004223 22ULGS Trinity E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004224 22ULGT Wheatley E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004225 22ULGU Whitehouse E07000075 22UL Rochford
E05004226 22UNGK Alresford E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004227 22UNGL Alton Park E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004228 22UNGM Ardleigh and Little Bromley E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004229 22UNGN Beaumont and Thorpe E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004230 22UNGP Bockings Elm E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004231 22UNGQ Bradfield, Wrabness and Wix E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004232 22UNGR Brightlingsea E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004233 22UNGS Burrsville E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004234 22UNGT Frinton E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004235 22UNGU Golf Green E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004236 22UNGW Great and Little Oakley E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004237 22UNGX Great Bentley E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004238 22UNGY Hamford E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004239 22UNGZ Harwich East E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004240 22UNHA Harwich East Central E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004241 22UNHB Harwich West E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004242 22UNHC Harwich West Central E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004243 22UNHD Haven E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004244 22UNHE Holland and Kirby E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004245 22UNHF Homelands E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004246 22UNHG Lawford E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004247 22UNHH Little Clacton and Weeley E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004248 22UNHJ Manningtree, Mistley, Little Bentley and Tendring E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004249 22UNHK Peter Bruff E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004250 22UNHL Pier E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004251 22UNHM Ramsey and Parkeston E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004252 22UNHN Rush Green E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004253 22UNHP St Bartholomews E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004254 22UNHQ St James E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004255 22UNHR St Johns E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004256 22UNHS St Marys E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004257 22UNHT St Osyth and Point Clear E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004258 22UNHU St Pauls E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004259 22UNHW Thorrington, Frating, Elmstead and Great Bromley E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004260 22UNHX Walton E07000076 22UN Tendring
E05004261 22UQGJ Ashdon E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004262 22UQGK Barnston and High Easter E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004265 22UQGN Clavering E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004266 22UQGP Elsenham and Henham E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004267 22UQGQ Felsted E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004268 22UQGR Great Dunmow North E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004269 22UQGS Great Dunmow South E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004270 22UQGT Hatfield Heath E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004271 22UQGU Littlebury E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004272 22UQGW Newport E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004273 22UQGX Saffron Walden Audley E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004275 22UQGZ Saffron Walden Shire E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004276 22UQHA Stansted North E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004278 22UQHC Stebbing E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004279 22UQHD Stort Valley E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004281 22UQHF Thaxted E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004283 22UQHH The Eastons E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004284 22UQHJ The Rodings E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004285 22UQHK The Sampfords E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004286 22UQHL Wenden Lofts E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004287 22UQHM Wimbish and Debden E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05004288 23UBFQ All Saints E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004289 23UBFR Battledown E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004290 23UBFS Benhall and The Reddings E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004291 23UBFT Charlton Kings E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004292 23UBFU Charlton Park E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004293 23UBFW College E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004294 23UBFX Hesters Way E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004295 23UBFY Lansdown E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004296 23UBFZ Leckhampton E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004297 23UBGA Oakley E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004298 23UBGB Park E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004299 23UBGC Pittville E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004300 23UBGD Prestbury E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004301 23UBGE St Mark’s E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004302 23UBGF St Paul’s E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004303 23UBGG St Peter’s E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004304 23UBGH Springbank E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004305 23UBGJ Swindon Village E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004306 23UBGK Up Hatherley E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004307 23UBGL Warden Hill E07000078 23UB Cheltenham
E05004308 23UCGL Ampney-Coln E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004309 23UCGM Avening E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004310 23UCGN Beacon-Stow E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004311 23UCGP Blockley E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004312 23UCGQ Bourton-on-the-Water E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004313 23UCGR Campden-Vale E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004314 23UCGS Chedworth E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004315 23UCGT Churn Valley E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004316 23UCGU Cirencester Beeches E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004317 23UCGW Cirencester Chesterton E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004318 23UCGX Cirencester Park E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004319 23UCGY Cirencester Stratton-Whiteway E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004320 23UCGZ Cirencester Watermoor E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004321 23UCHA Ermin E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004322 23UCHB Fairford E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004323 23UCHC Fosseridge E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004324 23UCHD Grumbolds Ash E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004325 23UCHE Hampton E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004326 23UCHF Kempsford-Lechlade E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004327 23UCHG Moreton-in-Marsh E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004328 23UCHH Northleach E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004329 23UCHJ Rissingtons E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004330 23UCHK Riversmeet E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004331 23UCHL Sandywell E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004332 23UCHM Tetbury E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004333 23UCHN Thames Head E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004334 23UCHP Three Rivers E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004335 23UCHQ Water Park E07000079 23UC Cotswold
E05004336 23UDGF Alvington, Aylburton and West Lydney E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004337 23UDGG Awre E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004338 23UDGH Berry Hill E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004339 23UDGJ Blaisdon and Longhope E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004340 23UDGK Bream E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004341 23UDGL Bromesberrow and Dymock E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004342 23UDGM Christchurch and English Bicknor E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004343 23UDGN Churcham and Huntley E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004344 23UDGP Cinderford East E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004345 23UDGQ Cinderford West E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004346 23UDGR Coleford Central E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004347 23UDGS Coleford East E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004348 23UDGT Hartpury E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004349 23UDGU Hewelsfield and Woolaston E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004350 23UDGW Littledean and Ruspidge E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004351 23UDGX Lydbrook and Ruardean E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004352 23UDGY Lydney East E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004353 23UDGZ Lydney North E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004354 23UDHA Mitcheldean and Drybrook E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004355 23UDHB Newent Central E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004356 23UDHC Newland and St Briavels E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004357 23UDHD Newnham and Westbury E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004358 23UDHE Oxenhall and Newent North East E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004359 23UDHF Pillowell E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004360 23UDHG Redmarley E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004361 23UDHH Tibberton E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004362 23UDHJ Tidenham E07000080 23UD Forest of Dean
E05004363 23UEFR Abbey E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004364 23UEFS Barnwood E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004365 23UEFT Barton and Tredworth E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004366 23UEFU Elmbridge E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004367 23UEFW Grange E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004368 23UEFX Hucclecote E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004369 23UEFY Kingsholm and Wotton E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004370 23UEFZ Longlevens E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004371 23UEGA Matson and Robinswood E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004372 23UEGB Moreland E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004373 23UEGC Podsmead E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004374 23UEGD Quedgeley Fieldcourt E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004375 23UEGE Quedgeley Severn Vale E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004376 23UEGF Tuffley E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004377 23UEGG Westgate E07000081 23UE Gloucester
E05004378 23UFGJ Amberley and Woodchester E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004379 23UFGK Berkeley E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004380 23UFGL Bisley E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004381 23UFGM Cainscross E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004382 23UFGN Cam East E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004383 23UFGP Cam West E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004384 23UFGQ Central E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004385 23UFGR Chalford E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004386 23UFGS Coaley and Uley E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004387 23UFGT Dursley E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004388 23UFGU Eastington and Standish E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004389 23UFGW Farmhill and Paganhill E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004390 23UFGX Hardwicke E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004391 23UFGY Kingswood E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004392 23UFGZ Minchinhampton E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004393 23UFHA Nailsworth E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004394 23UFHB Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004395 23UFHC Painswick E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004396 23UFHD Rodborough E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004397 23UFHE Severn E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004398 23UFHF Slade E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004399 23UFHG Stonehouse E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004400 23UFHH The Stanleys E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004401 23UFHJ Thrupp E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004402 23UFHK Trinity E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004403 23UFHL Uplands E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004404 23UFHM Upton St Leonards E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004405 23UFHN Vale E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004406 23UFHP Valley E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004407 23UFHQ Wotton-under-Edge E07000082 23UF Stroud
E05004408 23UGGE Ashchurch with Walton Cardiff E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05004412 23UGGJ Churchdown St John’s E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05004416 23UGGN Cleeve West E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05004418 23UGGQ Highnam with Haw Bridge E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05004420 23UGGS Innsworth with Down Hatherley E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05004422 23UGGU Northway E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05004425 23UGGY Tewkesbury Newtown E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05004427 23UGHA Tewkesbury Town with Mitton E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05004428 23UGHB Twyning E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05004430 24UBJX Basing E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004431 24UBJY Baughurst and Tadley North E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004432 24UBKA Brighton Hill North E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004433 24UBKB Brighton Hill South E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004434 24UBKC Brookvale and Kings Furlong E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004435 24UBKD Buckskin E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004436 24UBKE Burghclere, Highclere and St Mary Bourne E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004437 24UBJZ Bramley and Sherfield E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004438 24UBKF Chineham E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004439 24UBKG East Woodhay E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004440 24UBKH Eastrop E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004441 24UBKJ Grove E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004442 24UBKK Hatch Warren and Beggarwood E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004443 24UBKL Kempshott E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004444 24UBKM Kingsclere E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004445 24UBKN Norden E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004446 24UBKP Oakley and North Waltham E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004447 24UBKQ Overton, Laverstoke and Steventon E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004448 24UBKR Pamber and Silchester E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004449 24UBKS Popley East E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004450 24UBKT Popley West E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004451 24UBKU Rooksdown E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004452 24UBKW Sherborne St John E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004453 24UBKX South Ham E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004454 24UBKY Tadley Central E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004455 24UBKZ Tadley South E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004456 24UBLA Upton Grey and The Candovers E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004457 24UBLB Whitchurch E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004458 24UBLC Winklebury E07000084 24UB Basingstoke and Deane
E05004459 24UCGJ Alton Amery E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004460 24UCGK Alton Ashdell E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004461 24UCGL Alton Eastbrooke E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004462 24UCGM Alton Westbrooke E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004463 24UCGN Alton Whitedown E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004464 24UCGP Alton Wooteys E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004465 24UCGQ Binsted and Bentley E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004466 24UCGR Bramshott and Liphook E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004467 24UCGS Clanfield and Finchdean E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004468 24UCGT Downland E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004469 24UCGU East Meon E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004470 24UCGW Four Marks and Medstead E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004471 24UCGX Froxfield and Steep E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004472 24UCGY Grayshott E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004473 24UCGZ Headley E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004474 24UCHA Holybourne and Froyle E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004475 24UCHB Horndean Catherington and Lovedean E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004476 24UCHC Horndean Downs E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004477 24UCHD Horndean Hazleton and Blendworth E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004478 24UCHE Horndean Kings E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004479 24UCHF Horndean Murray E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004480 24UCHG Lindford E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004481 24UCHH Liss E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004482 24UCHJ Petersfield Bell Hill E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004483 24UCHK Petersfield Causeway E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004484 24UCHL Petersfield Heath E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004485 24UCHM Petersfield Rother E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004486 24UCHN Petersfield St Marys E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004487 24UCHP Petersfield St Peters E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004488 24UCHQ Ropley and Tisted E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004489 24UCHR Rowlands Castle E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004490 24UCHS Selborne E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004491 24UCHT The Hangers and Forest E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004492 24UCHU Whitehill Chase E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004493 24UCHW Whitehill Deadwater E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004494 24UCHX Whitehill Hogmoor E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004495 24UCHY Whitehill Pinewood E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004496 24UCHZ Whitehill Walldown E07000085 24UC East Hampshire
E05004497 24UDFT Bishopstoke East E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004498 24UDFU Bishopstoke West E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004499 24UDFW Botley E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004500 24UDFX Bursledon and Old Netley E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004501 24UDFY Chandler’s Ford East E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004502 24UDFZ Chandler’s Ford West E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004503 24UDGA Eastleigh Central E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004504 24UDGB Eastleigh North E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004505 24UDGC Eastleigh South E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004506 24UDGD Fair Oak and Horton Heath E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004507 24UDGE Hamble-le-Rice and Butlocks Heath E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004508 24UDGF Hedge End Grange Park E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004509 24UDGG Hedge End St John’s E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004510 24UDGH Hedge End Wildern E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004511 24UDGJ Hiltingbury East E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004512 24UDGK Hiltingbury West E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004513 24UDGL Netley Abbey E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004514 24UDGM West End North E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004515 24UDGN West End South E07000086 24UD Eastleigh
E05004516 24UEFQ Fareham East E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004517 24UEFR Fareham North E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004518 24UEFS Fareham North-West E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004519 24UEFT Fareham South E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004520 24UEFU Fareham West E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004521 24UEFW Hill Head E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004522 24UEFX Locks Heath E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004523 24UEFY Park Gate E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004524 24UEFZ Portchester East E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004525 24UEGA Portchester West E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004526 24UEGB Sarisbury E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004527 24UEGC Stubbington E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004528 24UEGD Titchfield E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004529 24UEGE Titchfield Common E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004530 24UEGF Warsash E07000087 24UE Fareham
E05004531 24UFFL Alverstoke E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004532 24UFFM Anglesey E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004533 24UFFN Bridgemary North E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004534 24UFFP Bridgemary South E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004535 24UFFQ Brockhurst E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004536 24UFFR Christchurch E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004537 24UFFS Elson E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004538 24UFFT Forton E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004539 24UFFU Grange E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004540 24UFFW Hardway E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004541 24UFFX Lee East E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004542 24UFFY Lee West E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004543 24UFFZ Leesland E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004544 24UFGA Peel Common E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004545 24UFGB Privett E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004546 24UFGC Rowner and Holbrook E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004547 24UFGD Town E07000088 24UF Gosport
E05004548 24UGFS Blackwater and Hawley E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004549 24UGFT Church Crookham East E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004550 24UGFU Church Crookham West E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004551 24UGFW Crondall E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004552 24UGFX Eversley E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004553 24UGFY Fleet Central E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004554 24UGFZ Fleet Courtmoor E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004555 24UGGA Fleet North E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004556 24UGGB Fleet Pondtail E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004557 24UGGC Fleet West E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004558 24UGGD Frogmore and Darby Green E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004559 24UGGE Hartley Wintney E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004560 24UGGF Hook E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004561 24UGGG Long Sutton E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004562 24UGGH Odiham E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004563 24UGGJ Yateley East E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004564 24UGGK Yateley North E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004565 24UGGL Yateley West E07000089 24UG Hart
E05004566 24UHFQ Barncroft E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004567 24UHFR Battins E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004568 24UHFS Bedhampton E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004569 24UHFT Bondfields E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004570 24UHFU Cowplain E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004571 24UHFW Emsworth E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004572 24UHFX Hart Plain E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004573 24UHFY Hayling East E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004574 24UHFZ Hayling West E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004575 24UHGA Purbrook E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004576 24UHGB St Faith’s E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004577 24UHGC Stakes E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004578 24UHGD Warren Park E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004579 24UHGE Waterloo E07000090 24UH Havant
E05004580 24UJGL Ashurst, Copythorne South and Netley Marsh E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004581 24UJGM Barton E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004582 24UJGN Bashley E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004583 24UJGP Becton E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004584 24UJGQ Boldre and Sway E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004585 24UJGR Bramshaw, Copythorne North and Minstead E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004586 24UJGS Bransgore and Burley E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004587 24UJGT Brockenhurst and Forest South East E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004588 24UJGU Buckland E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004589 24UJGW Butts Ash and Dibden Purlieu E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004590 24UJGX Dibden and Hythe East E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004592 24UJGZ Fawley, Blackfield and Langley E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004593 24UJHA Fernhill E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004596 24UJHD Furzedown and Hardley E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004597 24UJHE Holbury and North Blackfield E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004598 24UJHF Hordle E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004599 24UJHG Hythe West and Langdown E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004600 24UJHH Lymington Town E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004601 24UJHJ Lyndhurst E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004602 24UJHK Marchwood E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004603 24UJHL Milford E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004604 24UJHM Milton E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004605 24UJHN Pennington E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004606 24UJHP Ringwood East and Sopley E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004607 24UJHQ Ringwood North E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004608 24UJHR Ringwood South E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004609 24UJHS Totton Central E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004610 24UJHT Totton East E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004611 24UJHU Totton North E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004612 24UJHW Totton South E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004613 24UJHX Totton West E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05004628 24UNGA Abbey E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004629 24UNGB Alamein E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004630 24UNGC Ampfield and Braishfield E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004631 24UNGD Amport E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004632 24UNGE Anna E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004633 24UNGF Blackwater E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004634 24UNGG Bourne Valley E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004635 24UNGH Broughton and Stockbridge E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004636 24UNGJ Charlton E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004637 24UNGK Chilworth, Nursling and Rownhams E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004638 24UNGL Cupernham E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004639 24UNGM Dun Valley E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004640 24UNGN Harewood E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004641 24UNGP Harroway E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004642 24UNGQ Kings Somborne and Michelmersh E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004643 24UNGR Millway E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004644 24UNGS North Baddesley E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004645 24UNGT Over Wallop E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004646 24UNGU Penton Bellinger E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004647 24UNGW Romsey Extra E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004648 24UNGX St Mary’s E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004649 24UNGY Tadburn E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004650 24UNGZ Valley Park E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004651 24UNHA Winton E07000093 24UN Test Valley
E05004652 24UPGK Bishops Waltham E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004653 24UPGL Boarhunt and Southwick E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004654 24UPGM Cheriton and Bishops Sutton E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004655 24UPGN Colden Common and Twyford E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004656 24UPGP Compton and Otterbourne E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004657 24UPGQ Denmead E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004658 24UPGR Droxford, Soberton and Hambledon E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004659 24UPGS Itchen Valley E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004660 24UPGT Kings Worthy E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004661 24UPGU Littleton and Harestock E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004662 24UPGW Olivers Battery and Badger Farm E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004663 24UPGX Owslebury and Curdridge E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004664 24UPGY St Barnabas E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004665 24UPGZ St Bartholomew E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004666 24UPHA St John and All Saints E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004667 24UPHB St Luke E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004668 24UPHC St Michael E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004669 24UPHD St Paul E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004670 24UPHE Shedfield E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004671 24UPHF Sparsholt E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004672 24UPHG Swanmore and Newtown E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004673 24UPHH The Alresfords E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004674 24UPHJ Upper Meon Valley E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004675 24UPHK Whiteley E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004676 24UPHL Wickham E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004677 24UPHM Wonston and Micheldever E07000094 24UP Winchester
E05004691 26UCHK Adeyfield East E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004692 26UCHL Adeyfield West E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004693 26UCHM Aldbury and Wigginton E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004694 26UCHN Apsley and Corner Hall E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004695 26UCHP Ashridge E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004696 26UCHQ Bennetts End E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004697 26UCHR Berkhamsted Castle E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004698 26UCHS Berkhamsted East E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004699 26UCHT Berkhamsted West E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004700 26UCHU Bovingdon, Flaunden and Chipperfield E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004701 26UCHW Boxmoor E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004702 26UCHX Chaulden and Warners End E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004703 26UCHY Gadebridge E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004704 26UCHZ Grovehill E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004705 26UCJA Hemel Hempstead Town E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004706 26UCJB Highfield E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004707 26UCJC Kings Langley E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004708 26UCJD Leverstock Green E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004709 26UCJE Nash Mills E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004710 26UCJF Northchurch E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004711 26UCJG Tring Central E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004712 26UCJH Tring East E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004713 26UCJJ Tring West and Rural E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004714 26UCJK Watling E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004715 26UCJL Woodhall Farm E07000096 26UC Dacorum
E05004716 26UDGH Bishop’s Stortford All Saints E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004717 26UDGJ Bishop’s Stortford Central E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004718 26UDGK Bishop’s Stortford Meads E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004719 26UDGL Bishop’s Stortford Silverleys E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004720 26UDGM Bishop’s Stortford South E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004721 26UDGN Braughing E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004722 26UDGP Buntingford E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004723 26UDGQ Datchworth & Aston E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004724 26UDGR Great Amwell E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004725 26UDGS Hertford Bengeo E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004726 26UDGT Hertford Castle E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004727 26UDGU Hertford Heath E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004728 26UDGW Hertford Kingsmead E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004729 26UDGX Hertford Rural North E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004730 26UDGY Hertford Rural South E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004731 26UDGZ Hertford Sele E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004732 26UDHA Hunsdon E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004733 26UDHB Little Hadham E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004734 26UDHC Mundens and Cottered E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004735 26UDHD Much Hadham E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004736 26UDHE Puckeridge E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004737 26UDHF Sawbridgeworth E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004738 26UDHG Stanstead Abbots E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004739 26UDHH Thundridge & Standon E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004740 26UDHJ Walkern E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004741 26UDHK Ware Chadwell E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004742 26UDHL Ware Christchurch E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004743 26UDHM Ware St Mary’s E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004744 26UDHN Ware Trinity E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004745 26UDHP Watton-at-Stone E07000097 26UD East Hertfordshire
E05004746 26UEFX Aldenham East E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004747 26UEFY Aldenham West E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004748 26UEFZ Borehamwood Brookmeadow E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004749 26UEGA Borehamwood Cowley Hill E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004750 26UEGB Borehamwood Hillside E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004751 26UEGC Borehamwood Kenilworth E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004752 26UEGD Bushey Heath E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004753 26UEGE Bushey North E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004754 26UEGF Bushey Park E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004755 26UEGG Bushey St James E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004756 26UEGH Elstree E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004757 26UEGJ Potters Bar Furzefield E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004758 26UEGK Potters Bar Oakmere E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004759 26UEGL Potters Bar Parkfield E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004760 26UEGM Shenley E07000098 26UE Hertsmere
E05004761 26UFHF Arbury E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004762 26UFHG Baldock East E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004763 26UFHH Baldock Town E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004764 26UFHJ Cadwell E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004765 26UFHK Chesfield E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004766 26UFHL Codicote E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004767 26UFHM Ermine E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004768 26UFHN Hitchin Bearton E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004769 26UFHP Hitchin Highbury E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004770 26UFHQ Hitchin Oughton E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004771 26UFHR Hitchin Priory E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004772 26UFHS Hitchin Walsworth E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004773 26UFHT Hitchwood, Offa and Hoo E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004774 26UFHU Kimpton E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004775 26UFHW Knebworth E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004776 26UFHX Letchworth East E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004777 26UFHY Letchworth Grange E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004778 26UFHZ Letchworth South East E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004779 26UFJA Letchworth South West E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004780 26UFJB Letchworth Wilbury E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004781 26UFJC Royston Heath E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004782 26UFJD Royston Meridian E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004783 26UFJE Royston Palace E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004784 26UFJF Weston and Sandon E07000099 26UF North Hertfordshire
E05004785 26UGFX Ashley E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004786 26UGFY Batchwood E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004787 26UGFZ Clarence E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004789 26UGGB Cunningham E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004790 26UGGC Harpenden East E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004791 26UGGD Harpenden North E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004792 26UGGE Harpenden South E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004793 26UGGF Harpenden West E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004794 26UGGG London Colney E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004795 26UGGH Marshalswick North E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004796 26UGGJ Marshalswick South E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004797 26UGGK Park Street E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004798 26UGGL Redbourn E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004799 26UGGM St Peters E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004800 26UGGN St Stephen E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004801 26UGGP Sandridge E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004802 26UGGQ Sopwell E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004803 26UGGR Verulam E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004804 26UGGS Wheathampstead E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05004805 26UHFQ Bandley Hill E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004806 26UHFR Bedwell E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004807 26UHFS Chells E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004808 26UHFT Longmeadow E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004809 26UHFU Manor E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004810 26UHFW Martins Wood E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004811 26UHFX Old Town E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004812 26UHFY Pin Green E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004813 26UHFZ Roebuck E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004814 26UHGA St Nicholas E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004815 26UHGB Shephall E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004816 26UHGC Symonds Green E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004817 26UHGD Woodfield E07000101 26UH Stevenage
E05004818 26UJFX Abbots Langley E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004819 26UJFY Ashridge E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004820 26UJFZ Bedmond & Primrose Hill E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004821 26UJGA Carpenders Park E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004822 26UJGB Chorleywood East E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004823 26UJGC Chorleywood West E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004824 26UJGD Croxley Green E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004825 26UJGE Croxley Green North E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004826 26UJGF Croxley Green South E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004827 26UJGG Hayling E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004828 26UJGH Langleybury E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004829 26UJGJ Leavesden E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004830 26UJGK Maple Cross & Mill End E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004831 26UJGL Moor Park & Eastbury E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004832 26UJGM Northwick E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004833 26UJGN Oxhey Hall E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004834 26UJGP Penn E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004835 26UJGQ Rickmansworth E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004836 26UJGR Rickmansworth West E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004837 26UJGS Sarratt E07000102 26UJ Three Rivers
E05004838 26UKFN Callowland E07000103 26UK Watford
E05004839 26UKFP Central E07000103 26UK Watford
E05004840 26UKFQ Holywell E07000103 26UK Watford
E05004841 26UKFR Leggatts E07000103 26UK Watford
E05004842 26UKFS Meriden E07000103 26UK Watford
E05004843 26UKFT Nascot E07000103 26UK Watford
E05004844 26UKFU Oxhey E07000103 26UK Watford
E05004845 26UKFW Park E07000103 26UK Watford
E05004846 26UKFX Stanborough E07000103 26UK Watford
E05004847 26UKFY Tudor E07000103 26UK Watford
E05004848 26UKFZ Vicarage E07000103 26UK Watford
E05004849 26UKGA Woodside E07000103 26UK Watford
E05004850 26ULHC Brookmans Park and Little Heath E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004851 26ULHD Haldens E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004852 26ULHE Handside E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004853 26ULHF Hatfield Central E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004854 26ULHG Hatfield East E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004855 26ULHH Hatfield South E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004856 26ULHJ Hatfield Villages E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004857 26ULHK Hatfield West E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004858 26ULHL Hollybush E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004859 26ULHM Howlands E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004860 26ULHN Northaw and Cuffley E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004861 26ULHP Panshanger E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004862 26ULHQ Peartree E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004863 26ULHR Sherrards E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004865 26ULHT Welwyn East E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004866 26ULHU Welwyn West E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
E05004867 29UBGZ Aylesford Green E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004868 29UBHA Beaver E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004869 29UBHB Biddenden E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004870 29UBHC Bockhanger E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004871 29UBHD Boughton Aluph and Eastwell E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004872 29UBHE Bybrook E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004873 29UBHF Charing E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004874 29UBHG Downs North E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004875 29UBHH Downs West E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004876 29UBHJ Godinton E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004877 29UBHK Great Chart with Singleton North E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004878 29UBHL Highfield E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004879 29UBHM Isle of Oxney E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004880 29UBHN Kennington E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004881 29UBHP Little Burton Farm E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004882 29UBHQ Norman E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004883 29UBHR North Willesborough E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004884 29UBHS Park Farm North E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004885 29UBHT Park Farm South E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004886 29UBHU Rolvenden and Tenterden West E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004887 29UBHW St Michaels E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004888 29UBHX Saxon Shore E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004889 29UBHY Singleton South E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004890 29UBHZ South Willesborough E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004891 29UBJA Stanhope E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004892 29UBJB Stour E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004893 29UBJC Tenterden North E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004894 29UBJD Tenterden South E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004895 29UBJE Victoria E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004896 29UBJF Washford E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004897 29UBJG Weald Central E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004898 29UBJH Weald East E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004899 29UBJJ Weald North E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004900 29UBJK Weald South E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004901 29UBJL Wye E07000105 29UB Ashford
E05004902 29UCGC Barham Downs E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004903 29UCGD Barton E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004904 29UCGE Blean Forest E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004905 29UCGF Chartham and Stone Street E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004906 29UCGG Chestfield and Swalecliffe E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004907 29UCGH Gorrell E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004908 29UCGJ Greenhill and Eddington E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004909 29UCGK Harbledown E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004910 29UCGL Harbour E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004911 29UCGM Herne and Broomfield E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004912 29UCGN Heron E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004913 29UCGP Little Stour E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004914 29UCGQ Marshside E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004915 29UCGR North Nailbourne E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004916 29UCGS Northgate E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004917 29UCGT Reculver E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004918 29UCGU St Stephens E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004919 29UCGW Seasalter E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004920 29UCGX Sturry North E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004921 29UCGY Sturry South E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004922 29UCGZ Tankerton E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004923 29UCHA West Bay E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004924 29UCHB Westgate E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004925 29UCHC Wincheap E07000106 29UC Canterbury
E05004926 29UDGA Bean and Darenth E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004927 29UDGB Brent E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004928 29UDGC Castle E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004929 29UDGD Greenhithe E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004930 29UDGE Heath E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004931 29UDGF Joyce Green E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004932 29UDGG Joydens Wood E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004933 29UDGH Littlebrook E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004934 29UDGJ Longfield, New Barn and Southfleet E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004935 29UDGK Newtown E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004936 29UDGL Princes E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004937 29UDGM Stone E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004938 29UDGN Sutton-at-Hone and Hawley E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004939 29UDGP Swanscombe E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004940 29UDGQ Town E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004941 29UDGR West Hill E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004942 29UDGS Wilmington E07000107 29UD Dartford
E05004943 29UEGJ Aylesham E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004944 29UEGK Buckland E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004945 29UEGL Capel-le-Ferne E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004946 29UEGM Castle E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004947 29UEGN Eastry E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004948 29UEGP Eythorne and Shepherdswell E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004949 29UEGQ Little Stour and Ashstone E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004950 29UEGR Lydden and Temple Ewell E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004951 29UEGS Maxton, Elms Vale and Priory E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004952 29UEGT Middle Deal and Sholden E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004953 29UEGU Mill Hill E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004954 29UEGW North Deal E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004955 29UEGX Ringwould E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004956 29UEGY River E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004957 29UEGZ St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004958 29UEHA St Radigunds E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004959 29UEHB Sandwich E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004960 29UEHC Tower Hamlets E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004961 29UEHD Town and Pier E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004962 29UEHE Walmer E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004963 29UEHF Whitfield E07000108 29UE Dover
E05004964 29UGFW Central E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004965 29UGFX Chalk E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004966 29UGFY Coldharbour E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004967 29UGFZ Higham E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004968 29UGGA Istead Rise E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004969 29UGGB Meopham North E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004970 29UGGC Meopham South and Vigo E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004971 29UGGD Northfleet North E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004972 29UGGE Northfleet South E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004973 29UGGF Painters Ash E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004974 29UGGG Pelham E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004975 29UGGH Riverside E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004976 29UGGJ Riverview E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004977 29UGGK Shorne, Cobham and Luddesdown E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004978 29UGGL Singlewell E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004979 29UGGM Westcourt E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004980 29UGGN Whitehill E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004981 29UGGP Woodlands E07000109 29UG Gravesham
E05004982 29UHGF Allington E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004983 29UHGG Barming E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004984 29UHGH Bearsted E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004985 29UHGJ Boughton Monchelsea and Chart Sutton E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004986 29UHGK Boxley E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004987 29UHGL Bridge E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004989 29UHGN Detling and Thurnham E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004990 29UHGP Downswood and Otham E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004991 29UHGQ East E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004992 29UHGR Fant E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004993 29UHGS Harrietsham and Lenham E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004994 29UHGT Headcorn E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004995 29UHGU Heath E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004996 29UHGW High Street E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004997 29UHGX Leeds E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05004999 29UHGZ Marden and Yalding E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05005000 29UHHA North E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05005001 29UHHB North Downs E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05005002 29UHHC Park Wood E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05005003 29UHHD Shepway North E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05005004 29UHHE Shepway South E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05005006 29UHHG Staplehurst E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05005007 29UHHH Sutton Valence and Langley E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05005008 29UKGK Ash and New Ash Green E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005009 29UKGL Brasted, Chevening and Sundridge E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005010 29UKGM Cowden and Hever E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005011 29UKGN Crockenhill and Well Hill E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005012 29UKGP Dunton Green and Riverhead E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005013 29UKGQ Edenbridge North and East E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005014 29UKGR Edenbridge South and West E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005015 29UKGS Eynsford E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005016 29UKGT Farningham, Horton Kirby and South Darenth E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005017 29UKGU Fawkham and West Kingsdown E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005018 29UKGW Halstead, Knockholt and Badgers Mount E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005019 29UKGX Hartley and Hodsoll Street E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005020 29UKGY Hextable E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005021 29UKGZ Kemsing E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005022 29UKHA Leigh and Chiddingstone Causeway E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005023 29UKHB Otford and Shoreham E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005024 29UKHC Penshurst, Fordcombe and Chiddingstone E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005025 29UKHD Seal and Weald E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005026 29UKHE Sevenoaks Eastern E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005027 29UKHF Sevenoaks Kippington E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005028 29UKHG Sevenoaks Northern E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005029 29UKHH Sevenoaks Town and St John’s E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005030 29UKHJ Swanley Christchurch and Swanley Village E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005031 29UKHK Swanley St Mary’s E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005032 29UKHL Swanley White Oak E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005033 29UKHM Westerham and Crockham Hill E07000111 29UK Sevenoaks
E05005034 29ULGC Dymchurch and St Mary’s Bay E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005035 29ULGD Elham and Stelling Minnis E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005036 29ULGE Folkestone Cheriton E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005037 29ULGF Folkestone East E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005038 29ULGG Folkestone Foord E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005039 29ULGH Folkestone Harbour E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005040 29ULGJ Folkestone Harvey Central E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005041 29ULGK Folkestone Harvey West E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005042 29ULGL Folkestone Morehall E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005043 29ULGM Folkestone Park E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005044 29ULGN Folkestone Sandgate E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005045 29ULGP Hythe Central E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005046 29ULGQ Hythe East E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005047 29ULGR Hythe West E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005048 29ULGS Lydd E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005049 29ULGT Lympne and Stanford E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005050 29ULGU New Romney Coast E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005051 29ULGW New Romney Town E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005052 29ULGX North Downs East E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005053 29ULGY North Downs West E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005054 29ULGZ Romney Marsh E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005055 29ULHA Tolsford E07000112 29UL Shepway
E05005056 29UMGC Abbey E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005057 29UMGD Borden E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005058 29UMGE Boughton and Courtenay E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005059 29UMGF Chalkwell E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005060 29UMGG Davington Priory E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005061 29UMGH East Downs E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005062 29UMGJ Grove E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005063 29UMGK Hartlip, Newington and Upchurch E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005064 29UMGL Iwade and Lower Halstow E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005065 29UMGM Kemsley E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005066 29UMGN Leysdown and Warden E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005067 29UMGP Milton Regis E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005068 29UMGQ Minster Cliffs E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005069 29UMGR Murston E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005070 29UMGS Queenborough and Halfway E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005071 29UMGT Roman E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005072 29UMGU St Ann’s E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005073 29UMGW St Michaels E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005074 29UMGX Sheerness East E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005075 29UMGY Sheerness West E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005076 29UMGZ Sheppey Central E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005077 29UMHA Teynham and Lynsted E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005078 29UMHB Watling E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005079 29UMHC West Downs E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005080 29UMHD Woodstock E07000113 29UM Swale
E05005081 29UNGE Beacon Road E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005082 29UNGF Birchington North E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005083 29UNGG Birchington South E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005084 29UNGH Bradstowe E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005085 29UNGJ Central Harbour E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005086 29UNGK Cliffsend and Pegwell E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005087 29UNGL Cliftonville East E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005088 29UNGM Cliftonville West E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005089 29UNGN Dane Valley E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005090 29UNGP Eastcliff E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005091 29UNGQ Garlinge E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005092 29UNGR Kingsgate E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005093 29UNGS Margate Central E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005094 29UNGT Nethercourt E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005095 29UNGU Newington E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005096 29UNGW Northwood E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005097 29UNGX St Peters E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005098 29UNGY Salmestone E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005099 29UNGZ Sir Moses Montefiore E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005100 29UNHA Thanet Villages E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005101 29UNHB Viking E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005102 29UNHC Westbrook E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005103 29UNHD Westgate-on-Sea E07000114 29UN Thanet
E05005104 29UPHJ Aylesford E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005105 29UPHK Blue Bell Hill and Walderslade E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005106 29UPHL Borough Green and Long Mill E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005107 29UPHM Burham, Eccles and Wouldham E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005108 29UPHN Cage Green E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005109 29UPHP Castle E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005111 29UPHR Downs E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005112 29UPHS East Malling E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005113 29UPHT East Peckham and Golden Green E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005114 29UPHU Hadlow, Mereworth and West Peckham E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005115 29UPHW Higham E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005116 29UPHX Hildenborough E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005117 29UPHY Ightham E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005118 29UPHZ Judd E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005119 29UPJA Kings Hill E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005121 29UPJC Larkfield South E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005122 29UPJD Medway E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005123 29UPJE Snodland East E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005124 29UPJF Snodland West E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005125 29UPJG Trench E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005126 29UPJH Vauxhall E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005127 29UPJJ Wateringbury E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005128 29UPJK West Malling and Leybourne E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005129 29UPJL Wrotham E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05005130 29UQGB Benenden and Cranbrook E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005131 29UQGC Brenchley and Horsmonden E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005132 29UQGD Broadwater E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005133 29UQGE Capel E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005134 29UQGF Culverden E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005135 29UQGG Frittenden and Sissinghurst E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005136 29UQGH Goudhurst and Lamberhurst E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005137 29UQGJ Hawkhurst and Sandhurst E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005138 29UQGK Paddock Wood East E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005139 29UQGL Paddock Wood West E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005140 29UQGM Pantiles and St Mark’s E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005141 29UQGN Park E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005142 29UQGP Pembury E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005143 29UQGQ Rusthall E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005144 29UQGR St James’ E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005145 29UQGS St John’s E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005146 29UQGT Sherwood E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005147 29UQGU Southborough and High Brooms E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005148 29UQGW Southborough North E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005149 29UQGX Speldhurst and Bidborough E07000116 29UQ Tunbridge Wells
E05005150 30UDGQ Bank Hall E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005151 30UDGR Briercliffe E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005152 30UDGS Brunshaw E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005153 30UDGT Cliviger with Worsthorne E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005154 30UDGU Coal Clough with Deerplay E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005155 30UDGW Daneshouse with Stoneyholme E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005156 30UDGX Gannow E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005157 30UDGY Gawthorpe E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005158 30UDGZ Hapton with Park E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005159 30UDHA Lanehead E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005160 30UDHB Queensgate E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005161 30UDHC Rosegrove with Lowerhouse E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005162 30UDHD Rosehill with Burnley Wood E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005163 30UDHE Trinity E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005164 30UDHF Whittlefield with Ightenhill E07000117 30UD Burnley
E05005165 30UEFZ Adlington and Anderton E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005166 30UEGA Astley and Buckshaw E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005167 30UEGB Brindle and Hoghton E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005168 30UEGC Chisnall E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005169 30UEGD Chorley East E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005170 30UEGE Chorley North East E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005171 30UEGF Chorley North West E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005172 30UEGG Chorley South East E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005173 30UEGH Chorley South West E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005174 30UEGJ Clayton-le-Woods and Whittle-le-Woods E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005175 30UEGK Clayton-le-Woods North E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005176 30UEGL Clayton-le-Woods West and Cuerden E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005177 30UEGM Coppull E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005178 30UEGN Eccleston and Mawdesley E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005179 30UEGP Euxton North E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005180 30UEGQ Euxton South E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005181 30UEGR Heath Charnock and Rivington E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005182 30UEGS Lostock E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005183 30UEGT Pennine E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005184 30UEGU Wheelton and Withnell E07000118 30UE Chorley
E05005185 30UFFZ Ansdell E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005186 30UFGA Ashton E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005187 30UFGB Central E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005188 30UFGC Clifton E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005189 30UFGD Elswick and Little Eccleston E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005190 30UFGE Fairhaven E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005191 30UFGF Freckleton East E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005192 30UFGG Freckleton West E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005193 30UFGH Heyhouses E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005194 30UFGJ Kilnhouse E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005195 30UFGK Kirkham North E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005196 30UFGL Kirkham South E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005197 30UFGM Medlar-with-Wesham E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005198 30UFGN Newton and Treales E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005199 30UFGP Park E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005200 30UFGQ Ribby-with-Wrea E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005201 30UFGR St Johns E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005202 30UFGS St Leonards E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005203 30UFGT Singleton and Greenhalgh E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005204 30UFGU Staining and Weeton E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005205 30UFGW Warton and Westby E07000119 30UF Fylde
E05005206 30UGFT Altham E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005207 30UGFU Barnfield E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005208 30UGFW Baxenden E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005209 30UGFX Central E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005210 30UGFY Church E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005211 30UGFZ Clayton-le-Moors E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005212 30UGGA Huncoat E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005213 30UGGB Immanuel E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005214 30UGGC Milnshaw E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005215 30UGGD Netherton E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005216 30UGGE Overton E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005217 30UGGF Peel E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005218 30UGGG Rishton E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005219 30UGGH St Andrew’s E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005220 30UGGJ St Oswald’s E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005221 30UGGK Spring Hill E07000120 30UG Hyndburn
E05005222 30UHGG Bare E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005223 30UHGH Bolton-le-Sands E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005224 30UHGJ Bulk E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005225 30UHGK Carnforth E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005226 30UHGL Castle E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005227 30UHGM Duke’s E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005228 30UHGN Ellel E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005229 30UHGP Halton-with-Aughton E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005230 30UHGQ Harbour E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005231 30UHGR Heysham Central E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005232 30UHGS Heysham North E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005233 30UHGT Heysham South E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005234 30UHGU John O’Gaunt E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005235 30UHGW Kellet E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005236 30UHGX Lower Lune Valley E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005237 30UHGY Overton E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005238 30UHGZ Poulton E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005239 30UHHA Scotforth East E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005240 30UHHB Scotforth West E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005241 30UHHC Silverdale E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005242 30UHHD Skerton East E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005243 30UHHE Skerton West E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005244 30UHHF Slyne-with-Hest E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005245 30UHHG Torrisholme E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005246 30UHHH University E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005247 30UHHJ Upper Lune Valley E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005248 30UHHK Warton E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005249 30UHHL Westgate E07000121 30UH Lancaster
E05005250 30UJFW Barrowford E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005251 30UJFX Blacko and Higherford E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005252 30UJFY Boulsworth E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005253 30UJFZ Bradley E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005254 30UJGA Brierfield E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005255 30UJGB Clover Hill E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005256 30UJGC Coates E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005257 30UJGD Craven E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005260 30UJGG Higham and Pendleside E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005261 30UJGH Horsfield E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005262 30UJGJ Marsden E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005263 30UJGK Old Laund Booth E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005264 30UJGL Reedley E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005265 30UJGM Southfield E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005266 30UJGN Vivary Bridge E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005267 30UJGP Walverden E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005268 30UJGQ Waterside E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005269 30UJGR Whitefield E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05005270 30UKFW Ashton E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005271 30UKFX Brookfield E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005272 30UKFY Cadley E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005273 30UKFZ College E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005274 30UKGA Deepdale E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005275 30UKGB Fishwick E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005276 30UKGC Garrison E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005277 30UKGD Greyfriars E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005278 30UKGE Ingol E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005279 30UKGF Larches E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005280 30UKGG Lea E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005281 30UKGH Moor Park E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005282 30UKGJ Preston Rural East E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005283 30UKGK Preston Rural North E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005284 30UKGL Ribbleton E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005285 30UKGM Riversway E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005286 30UKGN St George’s E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005287 30UKGP St Matthew’s E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005288 30UKGQ Sharoe Green E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005289 30UKGR Town Centre E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005290 30UKGS Tulketh E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005291 30UKGT University E07000123 30UK Preston
E05005292 30ULGB Aighton, Bailey and Chaigley E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005293 30ULGC Alston and Hothersall E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005294 30ULGD Billington and Old Langho E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005295 30ULGE Bowland, Newton and Slaidburn E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005296 30ULGF Chatburn E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005297 30ULGG Chipping E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005298 30ULGH Clayton-le-Dale with Ramsgreave E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005299 30ULGJ Derby and Thornley E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005300 30ULGK Dilworth E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005301 30ULGL Edisford and Low Moor E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005302 30ULGM Gisburn, Rimington E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005303 30ULGN Langho E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005304 30ULGP Littlemoor E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005305 30ULGQ Mellor E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005306 30ULGR Primrose E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005307 30ULGS Read and Simonstone E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005308 30ULGT Ribchester E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005309 30ULGU Sabden E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005310 30ULGW St Mary’s E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005311 30ULGX Salthill E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005312 30ULGY Waddington and West Bradford E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005313 30ULGZ Whalley E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005314 30ULHA Wilpshire E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005315 30ULHB Wiswell and Pendleton E07000124 30UL Ribble Valley
E05005316 30UMFP Cribden E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005317 30UMFQ Eden E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005318 30UMFR Facit and Shawforth E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005319 30UMFS Goodshaw E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005320 30UMFT Greenfield E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005321 30UMFU Greensclough E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005322 30UMFW Hareholme E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005323 30UMFX Healey and Whitworth E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005324 30UMFY Helmshore E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005325 30UMFZ Irwell E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005326 30UMGA Longholme E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005327 30UMGB Stacksteads E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005328 30UMGC Whitewell E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005329 30UMGD Worsley E07000125 30UM Rossendale
E05005330 30UNFZ Bamber Bridge East E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005331 30UNGA Bamber Bridge North E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005332 30UNGB Bamber Bridge West E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005333 30UNGC Broad Oak E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005334 30UNGD Charnock E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005335 30UNGE Coupe Green and Gregson Lane E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005336 30UNGF Earnshaw Bridge E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005337 30UNGG Farington East E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005338 30UNGH Farington West E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005339 30UNGJ Golden Hill E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005340 30UNGK Howick and Priory E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005341 30UNGL Kingsfold E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005342 30UNGM Leyland Central E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005343 30UNGN Leyland St. Ambrose E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005344 30UNGP Leyland St. Mary’s E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005345 30UNGQ Little Hoole and Much Hoole E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005346 30UNGR Longton and Hutton West E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005347 30UNGS Lostock Hall E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005348 30UNGT Lowerhouse E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005349 30UNGU Middleforth E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005350 30UNGW Moss Side E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005351 30UNGX New Longton and Hutton East E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005352 30UNGY Samlesbury and Walton E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005353 30UNGZ Seven Stars E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005354 30UNHA Tardy Gate E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005355 30UNHB Walton-le-Dale E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005356 30UNHC Whitefield E07000126 30UN South Ribble
E05005357 30UPGD Ashurst E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005358 30UPGE Aughton and Downholland E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005359 30UPGF Aughton Park E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005360 30UPGH Birch Green E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005361 30UPGJ Burscough East E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005362 30UPGK Burscough West E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005363 30UPGL Derby E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005364 30UPGM Digmoor E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005365 30UPGN Halsall E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005366 30UPGP Hesketh-with-Becconsall E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005367 30UPGQ Knowsley E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005368 30UPGR Moorside E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005369 30UPGT North Meols E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005370 30UPGU Parbold E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005371 30UPGW Rufford E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005372 30UPGX Scarisbrick E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005373 30UPGY Scott E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005374 30UPGZ Skelmersdale North E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005375 30UPHA Skelmersdale South E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005376 30UPHB Tanhouse E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005377 30UPHC Tarleton E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005378 30UPHD Up Holland E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005379 30UPHE Wrightington E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005380 30UPHF Bickerstaffe E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005381 30UPHG Newburgh E07000127 30UP West Lancashire
E05005382 30UQGE Bourne E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005383 30UQGF Breck E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005384 30UQGG Brock E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005385 30UQGH Cabus E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005386 30UQGJ Calder E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005387 30UQGK Carleton E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005388 30UQGL Catterall E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005389 30UQGM Cleveleys Park E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005390 30UQGN Garstang E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005391 30UQGP Great Eccleston E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005392 30UQGQ Hambleton and Stalmine-with-Staynall E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005393 30UQGR Hardhorn E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005394 30UQGS High Cross E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005395 30UQGT Jubilee E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005396 30UQGU Mount E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005397 30UQGW Norcross E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005398 30UQGX Park E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005399 30UQGY Pharos E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005400 30UQGZ Pilling E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005401 30UQHA Preesall E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005402 30UQHB Rossall E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005403 30UQHC Staina E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005404 30UQHD Tithebarn E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005405 30UQHE Victoria E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005406 30UQHF Warren E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005407 30UQHG Wyresdale E07000128 30UQ Wyre
E05005408 31UBFY Blaby South E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005409 31UBFZ Cosby with South Whetstone E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005410 31UBGA Countesthorpe E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005411 31UBGB Croft Hill E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005412 31UBGC Ellis E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005413 31UBGD Enderby and St John’s E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005414 31UBGE Fairestone E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005415 31UBGF Forest E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005416 31UBGG Millfield E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005417 31UBGH Muxloe E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005418 31UBGJ Narborough and Littlethorpe E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005419 31UBGK Normanton E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005420 31UBGL North Whetstone E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005421 31UBGM Pastures E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005422 31UBGN Ravenhurst and Fosse E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005423 31UBGP Saxondale E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005424 31UBGQ Stanton and Flamville E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005425 31UBGR Winstanley E07000129 31UB Blaby
E05005426 31UCGG Anstey E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005427 31UCGH Barrow and Sileby West E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005428 31UCGJ Birstall Wanlip E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005429 31UCGK Birstall Watermead E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005430 31UCGL East Goscote E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005431 31UCGM Forest Bradgate E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005432 31UCGN Loughborough Ashby E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005433 31UCGP Loughborough Dishley and Hathern E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005434 31UCGQ Loughborough Garendon E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005435 31UCGR Loughborough Hastings E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005436 31UCGS Loughborough Lemyngton E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005437 31UCGT Loughborough Nanpantan E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005438 31UCGU Loughborough Outwoods E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005439 31UCGW Loughborough Shelthorpe E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005440 31UCGX Loughborough Southfields E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005441 31UCGY Loughborough Storer E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005442 31UCGZ Mountsorrel E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005443 31UCHA Queniborough E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005444 31UCHB Quorn and Mountsorrel Castle E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005445 31UCHC Rothley and Thurcaston E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005446 31UCHD Shepshed East E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005447 31UCHE Shepshed West E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005448 31UCHF Sileby E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005449 31UCHG Syston East E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005450 31UCHH Syston West E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005451 31UCHJ The Wolds E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005452 31UCHK Thurmaston E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005453 31UCHL Wreake Villages E07000130 31UC Charnwood
E05005454 31UDGD Billesdon E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005455 31UDGE Bosworth E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005456 31UDGF Broughton Astley-Astley E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005457 31UDGG Broughton Astley-Broughton E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005458 31UDGH Broughton Astley-Primethorpe E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005459 31UDGJ Broughton Astley-Sutton E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005460 31UDGK Dunton E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005461 31UDGL Fleckney E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005462 31UDGM Glen E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005463 31UDGN Kibworth E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005464 31UDGP Lubenham E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005465 31UDGQ Lutterworth Brookfield E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005466 31UDGR Lutterworth Orchard E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005467 31UDGS Lutterworth Springs E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005468 31UDGT Lutterworth Swift E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005469 31UDGU Market Harborough-Great Bowden and Arden E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005470 31UDGW Market Harborough-Little Bowden E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005471 31UDGX Market Harborough-Logan E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005472 31UDGY Market Harborough-Welland E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005473 31UDGZ Misterton E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005474 31UDHA Nevill E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005475 31UDHB Peatling E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005476 31UDHC Thurnby and Houghton E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005477 31UDHD Tilton E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005478 31UDHE Ullesthorpe E07000131 31UD Harborough
E05005479 31UEFU Ambien E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005480 31UEFW Barlestone, Nailstone and Osbaston E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005481 31UEFX Barwell E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005482 31UEFY Burbage St Catherines and Lash Hill E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005483 31UEFZ Burbage Sketchley and Stretton E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005484 31UEGA Cadeby, Carlton and Market Bosworth with Shackerstone E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005485 31UEGB Earl Shilton E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005486 31UEGC Groby E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005487 31UEGD Hinckley Castle E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005488 31UEGE Hinckley Clarendon E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005489 31UEGF Hinckley De Montfort E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005490 31UEGG Hinckley Trinity E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005491 31UEGH Markfield, Stanton and Fieldhead E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005492 31UEGJ Newbold Verdon with Desford and Peckleton E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005493 31UEGK Ratby, Bagworth and Thornton E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005494 31UEGL Twycross and Witherley with Sheepy E07000132 31UE Hinckley and Bosworth
E05005495 31UGFT Asfordby E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005496 31UGFU Bottesford E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005497 31UGFW Croxton Kerrial E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005498 31UGFX Frisby-on-the-Wreake E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005499 31UGFY Gaddesby E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005500 31UGFZ Long Clawson and Stathern E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005501 31UGGA Melton Craven E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005502 31UGGB Melton Dorian E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005503 31UGGC Melton Egerton E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005504 31UGGD Melton Newport E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005505 31UGGE Melton Sysonby E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005506 31UGGF Melton Warwick E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005507 31UGGG Old Dalby E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005508 31UGGH Somerby E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005509 31UGGJ Waltham-on-the-Wolds E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005510 31UGGK Wymondham E07000133 31UG Melton
E05005511 31UHFZ Appleby E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005512 31UHGA Ashby Castle E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005513 31UHGB Ashby Holywell E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005514 31UHGC Ashby Ivanhoe E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005515 31UHGD Bardon E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005516 31UHGE Breedon E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005517 31UHGF Castle Donington E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005518 31UHGG Coalville E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005519 31UHGH Greenhill E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005520 31UHGJ Hugglescote E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005521 31UHGK Ibstock and Heather E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005522 31UHGL Kegworth and Whatton E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005523 31UHGM Measham E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005524 31UHGN Moira E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005525 31UHGP Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005526 31UHGQ Ravenstone and Packington E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005527 31UHGR Snibston E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005528 31UHGS Thringstone E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005529 31UHGT Valley E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005530 31UHGU Whitwick E07000134 31UH North West Leicestershire
E05005531 31UJFL Oadby Brocks Hill E07000135 31UJ Oadby and Wigston
E05005532 31UJFM Oadby Grange E07000135 31UJ Oadby and Wigston
E05005533 31UJFN Oadby St Peter’s E07000135 31UJ Oadby and Wigston
E05005534 31UJFP Oadby Uplands E07000135 31UJ Oadby and Wigston
E05005535 31UJFQ Oadby Woodlands E07000135 31UJ Oadby and Wigston
E05005536 31UJFR South Wigston E07000135 31UJ Oadby and Wigston
E05005537 31UJFS Wigston All Saints E07000135 31UJ Oadby and Wigston
E05005538 31UJFT Wigston Fields E07000135 31UJ Oadby and Wigston
E05005539 31UJFU Wigston Meadowcourt E07000135 31UJ Oadby and Wigston
E05005540 31UJFW Wigston St Wolstan’s E07000135 31UJ Oadby and Wigston
E05005541 32UBFT Central E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005542 32UBFU Coastal E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005543 32UBFW Fenside E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005544 32UBFX Fishtoft E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005545 32UBFY Five Village E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005546 32UBFZ Frampton and Holme E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005547 32UBGA Kirton E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005548 32UBGB North E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005549 32UBGC Old Leake and Wrangle E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005550 32UBGD Pilgrim E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005551 32UBGE Skirbeck E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005552 32UBGF South E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005553 32UBGG Staniland South E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005554 32UBGH Staniland North E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005555 32UBGJ Swineshead and Holland Fen E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005556 32UBGK West E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005557 32UBGL Witham E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005558 32UBGM Wyberton E07000136 32UB Boston
E05005559 32UCHC Alford E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005560 32UCHD Binbrook E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005561 32UCHE Burgh le Marsh E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005562 32UCHF Chapel St Leonards E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005563 32UCHG Coningsby and Tattershall E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005564 32UCHH Croft E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005565 32UCHJ Frithville E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005566 32UCHK Grimoldby E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005567 32UCHL Halton Holegate E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005568 32UCHM Holton le Clay E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005569 32UCHN Horncastle E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005570 32UCHP Hundleby E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005571 32UCHQ Ingoldmells E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005572 32UCHR Legbourne E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005573 32UCHS Ludford E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005574 32UCHT Mablethorpe Central E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005575 32UCHU Mablethorpe East E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005576 32UCHW Mablethorpe North E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005577 32UCHX Mareham le Fen E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005578 32UCHY Marshchapel E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005579 32UCHZ North Holme E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005580 32UCJA North Somercotes E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005581 32UCJB North Thoresby E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005582 32UCJC Priory E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005583 32UCJD Roughton E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005584 32UCJE St Clement’s E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005585 32UCJF St James’ E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005586 32UCJG St Margaret’s E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005587 32UCJH St Mary’s E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005588 32UCJJ St Michael’s E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005589 32UCJK Scarbrough E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005590 32UCJL Seacroft E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005591 32UCJM Sibsey E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005592 32UCJN Skidbrooke with Saltfleet Haven E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005593 32UCJP Spilsby E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005594 32UCJQ Stickney E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005595 32UCJR Sutton on Sea North E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005596 32UCJS Sutton on Sea South E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005597 32UCJT Tetford E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005598 32UCJU Tetney E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005599 32UCJW Trinity E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005600 32UCJX Trusthorpe and Mablethorpe South E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005601 32UCJY Wainfleet and Friskney E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005602 32UCJZ Willoughby with Sloothby E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005603 32UCKA Winthorpe E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005604 32UCKB Withern with Stain E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005605 32UCKC Woodhall Spa E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005606 32UCKD Wragby E07000137 32UC East Lindsey
E05005607 32UDFZ Abbey E07000138 32UD Lincoln
E05005608 32UDGA Birchwood E07000138 32UD Lincoln
E05005609 32UDGB Boultham E07000138 32UD Lincoln
E05005610 32UDGC Bracebridge E07000138 32UD Lincoln
E05005611 32UDGD Carholme E07000138 32UD Lincoln
E05005612 32UDGE Castle E07000138 32UD Lincoln
E05005613 32UDGF Glebe E07000138 32UD Lincoln
E05005614 32UDGG Hartsholme E07000138 32UD Lincoln
E05005615 32UDGH Minster E07000138 32UD Lincoln
E05005616 32UDGJ Moorland E07000138 32UD Lincoln
E05005617 32UDGK Park E07000138 32UD Lincoln
E05005618 32UEHQ Ashby de la Launde and Cranwell E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005619 32UEHR Bassingham and Brant Broughton E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005620 32UEHS Billinghay, Martin and North Kyme E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005621 32UEHT Bracebridge Heath and Waddington East E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005622 32UEHU Branston E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005623 32UEHW Cliff Villages E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005624 32UEHX Eagle, Swinderby and Witham St Hughs E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005625 32UEHY Heckington Rural E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005626 32UEHZ Heighington and Washingborough E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005627 32UEJA Kirkby la Thorpe and South Kyme E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005628 32UEJB Leasingham and Rauceby E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005629 32UEJC Metheringham E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005630 32UEJD North Hykeham Forum E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005631 32UEJE North Hykeham Memorial E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005632 32UEJF North Hykeham Mill E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005633 32UEJG North Hykeham Moor E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005634 32UEJH North Hykeham Witham E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005635 32UEJJ Osbournby E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005636 32UEJK Ruskington E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005637 32UEJL Skellingthorpe E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005638 32UEJM Sleaford Castle E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005639 32UEJN Sleaford Holdingham E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005640 32UEJP Sleaford Navigation E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005641 32UEJQ Sleaford Quarrington and Mareham E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005642 32UEJR Sleaford Westholme E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005643 32UEJS Waddington West E07000139 32UE North Kesteven
E05005644 32UFGZ Crowland and Deeping St Nicholas E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005645 32UFHA Donington, Quadring and Gosberton E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005646 32UFHB Fleet E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005647 32UFHC Gedney E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005648 32UFHD Holbeach Hurn E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005649 32UFHE Holbeach Town E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005650 32UFHF Long Sutton E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005651 32UFHG Moulton, Weston and Cowbit E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005652 32UFHH Pinchbeck and Surfleet E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005653 32UFHJ Spalding Castle E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005654 32UFHK Spalding Monks House E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005655 32UFHL Spalding St John’s E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005656 32UFHM Spalding St Mary’s E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005657 32UFHN Spalding St Paul’s E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005658 32UFHP Spalding Wygate E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005659 32UFHQ Sutton Bridge E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005660 32UFHR The Saints E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005661 32UFHS Whaplode and Holbeach St John’s E07000140 32UF South Holland
E05005662 32UGGM All Saints E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005663 32UGGN Aveland E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005664 32UGGP Barrowby E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005665 32UGGQ Belmont E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005666 32UGGR Bourne East E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005667 32UGGS Bourne West E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005668 32UGGT Deeping St James E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005669 32UGGU Earlesfield E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005670 32UGGW Ermine E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005671 32UGGX Forest E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005672 32UGGY Glen Eden E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005673 32UGGZ Grantham St John’s E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005674 32UGHA Green Hill E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005675 32UGHB Greyfriars E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005676 32UGHC Harrowby E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005677 32UGHD Heath E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005678 32UGHE Hillsides E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005679 32UGHF Isaac Newton E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005680 32UGHG Lincrest E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005681 32UGHH Loveden E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005682 32UGHJ Market and West Deeping E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005683 32UGHK Morkery E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005684 32UGHL Peascliffe E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005685 32UGHM Ringstone E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005686 32UGHN St Anne’s E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005687 32UGHP St George’s E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005688 32UGHQ St Mary’s E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005689 32UGHR St Wulfram’s E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005690 32UGHS Saxonwell E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005691 32UGHT Stamford St John’s E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005692 32UGHU Thurlby E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005693 32UGHW Toller E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005694 32UGHX Truesdale E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005695 32UGHY Witham Valley E07000141 32UG South Kesteven
E05005696 32UHGD Bardney E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005697 32UHGE Caistor E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005698 32UHGF Cherry Willingham E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005699 32UHGG Dunholme E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005700 32UHGH Fiskerton E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005701 32UHGJ Gainsborough East E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005702 32UHGK Gainsborough North E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005703 32UHGL Gainsborough South-West E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005704 32UHGM Hemswell E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005705 32UHGN Kelsey E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005706 32UHGP Lea E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005707 32UHGQ Market Rasen E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005708 32UHGR Middle Rasen E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005709 32UHGS Nettleham E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005710 32UHGT Saxilby E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005711 32UHGU Scampton E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005712 32UHGW Scotter E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005713 32UHGX Stow E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005714 32UHGY Sudbrooke E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005715 32UHGZ Thonock E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005716 32UHHA Torksey E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005717 32UHHB Waddingham and Spital E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005718 32UHHC Welton E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005719 32UHHD Wold View E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005720 32UHHE Yarborough E07000142 32UH West Lindsey
E05005721 33UBGU All Saints E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005722 33UBGW Buckenham E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005723 33UBGX Burgh and Haverscroft E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005724 33UBGY Conifer E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005725 33UBGZ Dereham-Central E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005726 33UBHA Dereham-Humbletoft E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005727 33UBHB Dereham-Neatherd E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005728 33UBHC Dereham-Toftwood E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005729 33UBHD East Guiltcross E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005730 33UBHE Eynsford E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005731 33UBHF Haggard de Toni E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005732 33UBHG Harling and Heathlands E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005733 33UBHH Hermitage E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005734 33UBHJ Launditch E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005735 33UBHK Mid Forest E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005736 33UBHL Nar Valley E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005737 33UBHM Necton E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005738 33UBHN Queen’s E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005739 33UBHP Shipdham E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005740 33UBHQ Springvale and Scarning E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005741 33UBHR Swaffham E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005742 33UBHS Swanton Morley E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005743 33UBHT Taverner E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005744 33UBHU Templar E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005745 33UBHW Thetford-Abbey E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005746 33UBHX Thetford-Castle E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005747 33UBHY Thetford-Guildhall E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005748 33UBHZ Thetford-Saxon E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005749 33UBJA Two Rivers E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005750 33UBJB Upper Wensum E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005751 33UBJC Upper Yare E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005752 33UBJD Watton E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005753 33UBJE Wayland E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005754 33UBJF Weeting E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005755 33UBJG West Guiltcross E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005756 33UBJH Wissey E07000143 33UB Breckland
E05005757 33UCGN Acle E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005758 33UCGP Aylsham E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005759 33UCGQ Blofield with South Walsham E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005760 33UCGR Brundall E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005761 33UCGS Burlingham E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005762 33UCGT Buxton E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005763 33UCGU Coltishall E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005764 33UCGW Drayton North E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005765 33UCGX Drayton South E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005766 33UCGY Eynesford E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005767 33UCGZ Great Witchingham E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005768 33UCHA Hellesdon North West E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005769 33UCHB Hellesdon South East E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005770 33UCHC Hevingham E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005771 33UCHD Horsford and Felthorpe E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005772 33UCHE Marshes E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005773 33UCHF Old Catton and Sprowston West E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005774 33UCHG Plumstead E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005775 33UCHH Reepham E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005776 33UCHJ Spixworth with St Faiths E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005777 33UCHK Sprowston Central E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005778 33UCHL Sprowston East E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005779 33UCHM Taverham North E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005780 33UCHN Taverham South E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005781 33UCHP Thorpe St Andrew North West E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005782 33UCHQ Thorpe St Andrew South East E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005783 33UCHR Wroxham E07000144 33UC Broadland
E05005784 33UDFY Bradwell North E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005785 33UDFZ Bradwell South and Hopton E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005786 33UDGA Caister North E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005787 33UDGB Caister South E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005788 33UDGC Central and Northgate E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005789 33UDGD Claydon E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005790 33UDGE East Flegg E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005791 33UDGF Fleggburgh E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005792 33UDGG Gorleston E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005793 33UDGH Lothingland E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005794 33UDGJ Magdalen E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005795 33UDGK Nelson E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005796 33UDGL Ormesby E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005797 33UDGM St Andrews E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005798 33UDGN Southtown and Cobholm E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005799 33UDGP West Flegg E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005800 33UDGQ Yarmouth North E07000145 33UD Great Yarmouth
E05005801 33UEGT Airfield E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005802 33UEGU Brancaster E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005803 33UEGW Burnham E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005804 33UEGX Clenchwarton E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005805 33UEGY Denton E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005806 33UEGZ Dersingham E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005807 33UEHA Docking E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005808 33UEHB Downham Old Town E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005809 33UEHC East Downham E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005810 33UEHD Emneth with Outwell E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005811 33UEHE Fairstead E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005812 33UEHF Gayton E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005813 33UEHG Gaywood Chase E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005814 33UEHH Gaywood North Bank E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005815 33UEHJ Grimston E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005816 33UEHK Heacham E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005817 33UEHL Hilgay with Denver E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005818 33UEHM Hunstanton E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005819 33UEHN Mershe Lande E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005820 33UEHP North Downham E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005821 33UEHQ North Lynn E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005822 33UEHR North Wootton E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005823 33UEHS Old Gaywood E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005824 33UEHT Priory E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005825 33UEHU Rudham E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005826 33UEHW St Lawrence E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005827 33UEHX St Margarets with St Nicholas E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005828 33UEHY Snettisham E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005829 33UEHZ South and West Lynn E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005830 33UEJA South Downham E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005831 33UEJB South Wootton E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005832 33UEJC Spellowfields E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005833 33UEJD Springwood E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005834 33UEJE Upwell and Delph E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005835 33UEJF Valley Hill E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005836 33UEJG Walpole E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005837 33UEJH Walton E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005838 33UEJJ Watlington E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005839 33UEJK West Winch E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005840 33UEJL Wiggenhall E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005841 33UEJM Wimbotsham with Fincham E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005842 33UEJN Wissey E07000146 33UE King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
E05005843 33UFGP Astley E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005844 33UFGQ Briston E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005846 33UFGS Corpusty E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005847 33UFGT Cromer Town E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005848 33UFGU Erpingham E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005849 33UFGW Gaunt E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005850 33UFGX Glaven Valley E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005851 33UFGY Happisburgh E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005852 33UFGZ High Heath E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005853 33UFHA Holt E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005854 33UFHB Hoveton E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005855 33UFHC Lancaster North E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005856 33UFHD Lancaster South E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005857 33UFHE Mundesley E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005858 33UFHF North Walsham East E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005859 33UFHG North Walsham North E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005860 33UFHH North Walsham West E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005861 33UFHJ Poppyland E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005862 33UFHK Priory E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005863 33UFHL Roughton E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005864 33UFHM Scottow E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005865 33UFHN St Benet E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005866 33UFHP Sheringham North E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005867 33UFHQ Sheringham South E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005868 33UFHR Stalham and Sutton E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005869 33UFHS Suffield Park E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005870 33UFHT The Raynhams E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005872 33UFHW Walsingham E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005873 33UFHX Waterside E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005874 33UFHY Waxham E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005875 33UFHZ Wensum E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005876 33UFJA Worstead E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05005877 33UGFS Bowthorpe E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005878 33UGFT Catton Grove E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005879 33UGFU Crome E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005880 33UGFW Eaton E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005881 33UGFX Lakenham E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005882 33UGFY Mancroft E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005883 33UGFZ Mile Cross E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005884 33UGGA Nelson E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005885 33UGGB Sewell E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005886 33UGGC Thorpe Hamlet E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005887 33UGGD Town Close E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005888 33UGGE University E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005889 33UGGF Wensum E07000148 33UG Norwich
E05005890 33UHGU Abbey E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005891 33UHGY Brooke E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005892 33UHGZ Bunwell E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005893 33UHHD Dickleburgh E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005894 33UHHF Ditchingham and Broome E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005895 33UHHH Easton E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005896 33UHHJ Forncett E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005897 33UHHM Hempnall E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005898 33UHHP Hingham and Deopham E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005899 33UHHS New Costessey E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005900 33UHHT Newton Flotman E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005901 33UHHU Northfields E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005902 33UHHW Old Costessey E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005903 33UHHX Poringland with the Framinghams E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005904 33UHHY Rockland E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005905 33UHJA Rustens E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005906 33UHJB Scole E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005907 33UHJC Stoke Holy Cross E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005908 33UHJD Stratton E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005909 33UHJE Tasburgh E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005910 33UHJF Thurlton E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005911 33UHJG Town E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005912 33UHJH Wicklewood E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005913 33UHJJ Beck Vale E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005914 33UHJK Bressingham and Burston E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005915 33UHJL Chedgrave and Thurton E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005916 33UHJM Cringleford E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005917 33UHJN Cromwells E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005918 33UHJP Diss E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005919 33UHJQ Earsham E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005920 33UHJR Gillingham E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005921 33UHJS Harleston E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005922 33UHJT Hethersett E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005923 33UHJU Loddon E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005924 33UHJW Mulbarton E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005925 33UHJX Roydon E07000149 33UH South Norfolk
E05005926 34UBGC Beanfield E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005927 34UBGD Central E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005928 34UBGE Danesholme E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005929 34UBGF East E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005930 34UBGG Exeter E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005931 34UBGH Great Oakley E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005932 34UBGJ Kingswood E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005933 34UBGK Lodge Park E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005934 34UBGL Oakley Vale E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005935 34UBGM Rowlett E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005936 34UBGN Rural West E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005937 34UBGP Shire Lodge E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005938 34UBGQ Stanion and Corby Village E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005939 34UBGR Tower Hill E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005940 34UBGS Weldon and Gretton E07000150 34UB Corby
E05005965 34UDGT Barnwell E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005966 34UDGU Fineshade E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005967 34UDGW Higham Ferrers Chichele E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005968 34UDGX Higham Ferrers Lancaster E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005969 34UDGY Irthlingborough John Pyel E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005970 34UDGZ Irthlingborough Waterloo E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005971 34UDHA King’s Forest E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005972 34UDHB Lower Nene E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005973 34UDHC Lyveden E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005974 34UDHD Oundle E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005975 34UDHE Prebendal E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005976 34UDHF Raunds Saxon E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005977 34UDHG Raunds Windmill E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005978 34UDHH Rushden Bates E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005979 34UDHJ Rushden Hayden E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005980 34UDHK Rushden Pemberton E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005981 34UDHL Rushden Sartoris E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005982 34UDHM Rushden Spencer E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005983 34UDHN Stanwick E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005984 34UDHP Thrapston Lakes E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005985 34UDHQ Thrapston Market E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005986 34UDHR Woodford E07000152 34UD East Northamptonshire
E05005987 34UEGZ All Saints E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05005988 34UEHA Avondale Grange E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05005989 34UEHB Barton E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05005991 34UEHD Burton Latimer E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05005992 34UEHE Desborough Loatland E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05005993 34UEHF Desborough St Giles E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05005994 34UEHG Ise Lodge E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05005995 34UEHH Northfield E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05005996 34UEHJ Pipers Hill E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05005998 34UEHL Rothwell E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05005999 34UEHM St Michael’s and Wicksteed E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05006000 34UEHN St Peter’s E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05006001 34UEHP Slade E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05006002 34UEHQ Welland E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05006003 34UEHR William Knibb E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05006027 34UGHT Astwell E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006028 34UGHU Blakesley and Cote E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006029 34UGHW Blisworth and Roade E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006030 34UGHX Brackley East E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006031 34UGHY Brackley South E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006032 34UGHZ Brackley West E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006033 34UGJA Brafield and Yardley E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006034 34UGJB Cosgrove and Grafton E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006035 34UGJC Danvers and Wardoun E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006036 34UGJD Deanshanger E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006037 34UGJE Grange Park E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006038 34UGJF Hackleton E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006039 34UGJG Harpole and Grange E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006040 34UGJH Heyfords and Bugbrooke E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006041 34UGJJ Kings Sutton E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006042 34UGJK Kingthorn E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006043 34UGJL Little Brook E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006044 34UGJM Middleton Cheney E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006045 34UGJN Old Stratford E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006046 34UGJP Salcey E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006047 34UGJQ Silverstone E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006048 34UGJR Steane E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006049 34UGJS Tove E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006050 34UGJT Towcester Brook E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006051 34UGJU Towcester Mill E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006052 34UGJW Washington E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006053 34UGJX Whittlewood E07000155 34UG South Northamptonshire
E05006055 34UHFS Castle E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05006056 34UHFT Croyland E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05006057 34UHFU Earls Barton E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05006058 34UHFW Finedon E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05006060 34UHFY Hemmingwell E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05006061 34UHFZ Irchester E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05006062 34UHGA North E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05006064 34UHGC Redwell East E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05006065 34UHGD Redwell West E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05006066 34UHGE South E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05006068 34UHGG West E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05006069 34UHGH Wollaston E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05006189 36UBGB Aire Valley with Lothersdale E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006190 36UBGC Barden Fell E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006191 36UBGD Bentham E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006192 36UBGE Cowling E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006193 36UBGF Embsay-with-Eastby E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006194 36UBGG Gargrave and Malhamdale E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006195 36UBGH Glusburn E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006196 36UBGJ Grassington E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006197 36UBGK Hellifield and Long Preston E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006198 36UBGL Ingleton and Clapham E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006199 36UBGM Penyghent E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006200 36UBGN Settle and Ribblebanks E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006201 36UBGP Skipton East E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006202 36UBGQ Skipton North E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006203 36UBGR Skipton South E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006204 36UBGS Skipton West E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006205 36UBGT Sutton-in-Craven E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006206 36UBGU Upper Wharfedale E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006207 36UBGW West Craven E07000163 36UB Craven
E05006208 36UCGM Bedale E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006209 36UCGN Brompton E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006210 36UCGP Broughton and Greenhow E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006211 36UCGQ Cowtons E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006212 36UCGR Crakehall E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006213 36UCGS Easingwold E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006214 36UCGT Great Ayton E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006215 36UCGU Helperby E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006216 36UCGW Huby and Sutton E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006217 36UCGX Leeming E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006218 36UCGY Leeming Bar E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006219 36UCGZ Morton-on-Swale E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006220 36UCHA Northallerton Broomfield E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006221 36UCHB Northallerton Central E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006222 36UCHC Northallerton North E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006223 36UCHD Osmotherley E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006224 36UCHE Romanby E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006225 36UCHF Rudby E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006226 36UCHG Shipton E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006227 36UCHH Sowerby E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006228 36UCHJ Stillington E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006229 36UCHK Stokesley E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006230 36UCHL Swainby E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006231 36UCHM Tanfield E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006232 36UCHN Thirsk E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006233 36UCHP Thorntons E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006234 36UCHQ Tollerton E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006235 36UCHR Topcliffe E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006236 36UCHS White Horse E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006237 36UCHT Whitestonecliffe E07000164 36UC Hambleton
E05006238 36UDGL Bilton E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006239 36UDGM Bishop Monkton E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006240 36UDGN Boroughbridge E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006241 36UDGP Claro E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006242 36UDGQ Granby E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006243 36UDGR Harlow Moor E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006244 36UDGS High Harrogate E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006245 36UDGT Hookstone E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006246 36UDGU Killinghall E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006247 36UDGW Kirkby Malzeard E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006248 36UDGX Knaresborough East E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006249 36UDGY Knaresborough King James E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006250 36UDGZ Knaresborough Scriven Park E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006251 36UDHA Low Harrogate E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006252 36UDHB Lower Nidderdale E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006253 36UDHC Marston Moor E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006254 36UDHD Mashamshire E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006255 36UDHE Newby E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006256 36UDHF New Park E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006257 36UDHG Nidd Valley E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006258 36UDHH Ouseburn E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006259 36UDHJ Pannal E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006260 36UDHK Pateley Bridge E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006261 36UDHL Ribston E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006262 36UDHM Ripon Minster E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006263 36UDHN Ripon Moorside E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006264 36UDHP Ripon Spa E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006265 36UDHQ Rossett E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006266 36UDHR Saltergate E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006267 36UDHS Spofforth with Lower Wharfedale E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006268 36UDHT Starbeck E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006269 36UDHU Stray E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006270 36UDHW Washburn E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006271 36UDHX Wathvale E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006272 36UDHY Woodfield E07000165 36UD Harrogate
E05006273 36UEGD Addlebrough E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006274 36UEGE Barton E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006275 36UEGF Bolton Castle E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006276 36UEGG Brompton-on-Swale and Scorton E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006277 36UEGH Catterick E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006278 36UEGJ Colburn E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006279 36UEGK Croft E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006280 36UEGL Gilling West E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006281 36UEGM Hawes and High Abbotside E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006282 36UEGN Hipswell E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006283 36UEGP Hornby Castle E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006284 36UEGQ Leyburn E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006285 36UEGR Lower Wensleydale E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006286 36UEGS Melsonby E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006287 36UEGT Middleham E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006288 36UEGU Middleton Tyas E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006289 36UEGW Newsham with Eppleby E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006290 36UEGX Penhill E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006291 36UEGY Reeth and Arkengarthdale E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006292 36UEGZ Richmond Central E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006293 36UEHA Richmond East E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006294 36UEHB Richmond West E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006295 36UEHC Scotton E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006296 36UEHD Swaledale E07000166 36UE Richmondshire
E05006297 36UFGF Amotherby E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006298 36UFGG Ampleforth E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006299 36UFGH Cropton E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006300 36UFGJ Dales E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006301 36UFGK Derwent E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006302 36UFGL Helmsley E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006303 36UFGM Hovingham E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006304 36UFGN Kirkbymoorside E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006305 36UFGP Malton E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006306 36UFGQ Norton East E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006307 36UFGR Norton West E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006308 36UFGS Pickering East E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006309 36UFGT Pickering West E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006310 36UFGU Rillington E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006311 36UFGW Ryedale South West E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006312 36UFGX Sherburn E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006313 36UFGY Sheriff Hutton E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006314 36UFGZ Sinnington E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006315 36UFHA Thornton Dale E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006316 36UFHB Wolds E07000167 36UF Ryedale
E05006317 36UGFZ Castle E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006318 36UGGA Cayton E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006319 36UGGB Central E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006320 36UGGC Danby E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006321 36UGGD Derwent Valley E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006322 36UGGE Eastfield E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006323 36UGGF Esk Valley E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006324 36UGGG Falsgrave Park E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006325 36UGGH Filey E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006326 36UGGJ Fylingdales E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006327 36UGGK Hertford E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006328 36UGGL Lindhead E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006329 36UGGM Mayfield E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006330 36UGGN Mulgrave E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006331 36UGGP Newby E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006332 36UGGQ North Bay E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006333 36UGGR Northstead E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006334 36UGGS Ramshill E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006335 36UGGT Scalby, Hackness and Staintondale E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006336 36UGGU Seamer E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006337 36UGGW Stepney E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006338 36UGGX Streonshalh E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006339 36UGGY Weaponness E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006340 36UGGZ Whitby West Cliff E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006341 36UGHA Woodlands E07000168 36UG Scarborough
E05006342 36UHGN Appleton Roebuck E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006343 36UHGP Barlby E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006344 36UHGQ Brayton E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006345 36UHGR Camblesforth E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006346 36UHGS Cawood with Wistow E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006347 36UHGT Eggborough E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006348 36UHGU Fairburn with Brotherton E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006349 36UHGW Hambleton E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006350 36UHGX Hemingbrough E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006351 36UHGY Monk Fryston and South Milford E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006352 36UHGZ North Duffield E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006353 36UHHA Riccall with Escrick E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006354 36UHHB Saxton and Ulleskelf E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006355 36UHHC Selby North E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006356 36UHHD Selby South E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006357 36UHHE Selby West E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006358 36UHHF Sherburn in Elmet E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006359 36UHHG Tadcaster East E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006360 36UHHH Tadcaster West E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006361 36UHHJ Whitley E07000169 36UH Selby
E05006362 37UBFR Hucknall Central E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006363 37UBFS Hucknall East E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006364 37UBFT Hucknall North E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006365 37UBFU Hucknall West E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006366 37UBFW Jacksdale E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006367 37UBFX Kirkby in Ashfield Central E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006368 37UBFY Kirkby in Ashfield East E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006369 37UBFZ Kirkby in Ashfield West E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006370 37UBGA Selston E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006371 37UBGB Sutton in Ashfield Central E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006372 37UBGC Sutton in Ashfield East E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006373 37UBGD Sutton in Ashfield North E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006374 37UBGE Sutton in Ashfield West E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006375 37UBGF Underwood E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006376 37UBGG Woodhouse E07000170 37UB Ashfield
E05006377 37UCGE Beckingham E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006378 37UCGF Blyth E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006379 37UCGG Carlton E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006380 37UCGH Clayworth E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006381 37UCGJ East Markham E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006382 37UCGK East Retford East E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006383 37UCGL East Retford North E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006384 37UCGM East Retford South E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006385 37UCGN East Retford West E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006386 37UCGP Everton E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006387 37UCGQ Harworth E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006388 37UCGR Langold E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006389 37UCGS Misterton E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006390 37UCGT Rampton E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006391 37UCGU Ranskill E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006392 37UCGW Sturton E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006393 37UCGX Sutton E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006394 37UCGY Tuxford and Trent E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006395 37UCGZ Welbeck E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006396 37UCHA Worksop East E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006397 37UCHB Worksop North E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006398 37UCHC Worksop North East E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006399 37UCHD Worksop North West E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006400 37UCHE Worksop South E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006401 37UCHF Worksop South East E07000171 37UC Bassetlaw
E05006402 37UDFY Attenborough E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006403 37UDFZ Awsworth E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006404 37UDGA Beeston Central E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006405 37UDGB Beeston North E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006406 37UDGC Beeston Rylands E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006407 37UDGD Beeston West E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006408 37UDGE Bramcote E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006409 37UDGF Brinsley E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006410 37UDGG Chilwell East E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006411 37UDGH Chilwell West E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006412 37UDGJ Cossall and Kimberley E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006413 37UDGK Eastwood North and Greasley (Beauvale) E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006414 37UDGL Eastwood South E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006415 37UDGM Greasley (Giltbrook and Newthorpe) E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006416 37UDGN Nuthall East and Strelley E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006417 37UDGP Nuthall West and Greasley (Watnall) E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006418 37UDGQ Stapleford North E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006419 37UDGR Stapleford South East E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006420 37UDGS Stapleford South West E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006421 37UDGT Toton and Chilwell Meadows E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006422 37UDGU Trowell E07000172 37UD Broxtowe
E05006423 37UEGB Bestwood Village E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006424 37UEGC Bonington E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006425 37UEGD Burton Joyce and Stoke Bardolph E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006426 37UEGE Calverton E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006427 37UEGF Carlton E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006428 37UEGG Carlton Hill E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006429 37UEGH Daybrook E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006430 37UEGJ Gedling E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006431 37UEGK Killisick E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006432 37UEGL Kingswell E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006433 37UEGM Lambley E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006434 37UEGN Mapperley Plains E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006435 37UEGP Netherfield and Colwick E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006436 37UEGQ Newstead E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006437 37UEGR Phoenix E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006438 37UEGS Porchester E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006439 37UEGT Ravenshead E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006440 37UEGU St James E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006441 37UEGW St Marys E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006442 37UEGX Valley E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006443 37UEGY Woodborough E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006444 37UEGZ Woodthorpe E07000173 37UE Gedling
E05006464 37UGHL Balderton North E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006465 37UGHM Balderton West E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006466 37UGHN Beacon E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006467 37UGHP Blidworth E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006468 37UGHQ Boughton E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006469 37UGHR Bridge E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006470 37UGHS Castle E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006471 37UGHT Caunton E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006472 37UGHU Clipstone E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006473 37UGHW Collingham and Meering E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006474 37UGHX Devon E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006475 37UGHY Edwinstowe E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006476 37UGHZ Farndon E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006477 37UGJA Farnsfield and Bilsthorpe E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006478 37UGJB Lowdham E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006479 37UGJC Magnus E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006480 37UGJD Muskham E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006481 37UGJE Ollerton E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006482 37UGJF Rainworth E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006483 37UGJG Southwell East E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006484 37UGJH Southwell North E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006485 37UGJJ Southwell West E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006486 37UGJK Sutton-on-Trent E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006487 37UGJL Trent E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006488 37UGJM Winthorpe E07000175 37UG Newark and Sherwood
E05006489 37UJGG Abbey E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006490 37UJGH Bingham East E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006491 37UJGJ Bingham West E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006492 37UJGK Compton Acres E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006493 37UJGL Cotgrave E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006494 37UJGM Cranmer E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006495 37UJGN Edwalton Village E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006496 37UJGP Gamston E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006497 37UJGQ Gotham E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006498 37UJGR Keyworth North E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006499 37UJGS Keyworth South E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006500 37UJGT Lady Bay E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006501 37UJGU Leake E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006502 37UJGW Lutterell E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006503 37UJGX Manvers E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006504 37UJGY Melton E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006505 37UJGZ Musters E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006506 37UJHA Nevile E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006507 37UJHB Oak E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006508 37UJHC Ruddington E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006509 37UJHD Soar Valley E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006510 37UJHE Stanford E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006511 37UJHF Thoroton E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006512 37UJHG Tollerton E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006513 37UJHH Trent E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006514 37UJHJ Trent Bridge E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006515 37UJHK Wiverton E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006516 37UJHL Wolds E07000176 37UJ Rushcliffe
E05006517 38UBGJ Adderbury E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006518 38UBGK Ambrosden and Chesterton E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006519 38UBGL Banbury Calthorpe E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006520 38UBGM Banbury Easington E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006521 38UBGN Banbury Grimsbury and Castle E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006522 38UBGP Banbury Hardwick E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006523 38UBGQ Banbury Neithrop E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006524 38UBGR Banbury Ruscote E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006525 38UBGS Bicester East E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006526 38UBGT Bicester North E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006527 38UBGU Bicester South E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006528 38UBGW Bicester Town E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006529 38UBGX Bicester West E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006530 38UBGY Bloxham and Bodicote E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006531 38UBGZ Caversfield E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006532 38UBHA Cropredy E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006533 38UBHB Deddington E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006534 38UBHC Fringford E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006535 38UBHD Hook Norton E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006536 38UBHE Kidlington North E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006537 38UBHF Kidlington South E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006538 38UBHG Kirtlington E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006539 38UBHH Launton E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006540 38UBHJ Otmoor E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006541 38UBHK Sibford E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006542 38UBHL The Astons and Heyfords E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006543 38UBHM Wroxton E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006544 38UBHN Yarnton, Gosford and Water Eaton E07000177 38UB Cherwell
E05006545 38UCFT Barton and Sandhills E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006546 38UCFU Blackbird Leys E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006547 38UCFW Carfax E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006548 38UCFX Churchill E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006549 38UCFY Cowley E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006550 38UCFZ Cowley Marsh E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006551 38UCGA Headington E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006552 38UCGB Headington Hill and Northway E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006553 38UCGC Hinksey Park E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006554 38UCGD Holywell E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006555 38UCGE Iffley Fields E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006556 38UCGF Jericho and Osney E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006557 38UCGG Littlemore E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006558 38UCGH Lye Valley E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006559 38UCGJ Marston E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006560 38UCGK North E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006561 38UCGL Northfield Brook E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006562 38UCGM Quarry and Risinghurst E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006563 38UCGN Rose Hill and Iffley E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006564 38UCGP St Clement’s E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006565 38UCGQ St Margaret’s E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006566 38UCGR St Mary’s E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006567 38UCGS Summertown E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006568 38UCGT Wolvercote E07000178 38UC Oxford
E05006569 38UDGK Aston Rowant E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006570 38UDGL Benson E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006571 38UDGM Berinsfield E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006572 38UDGN Brightwell E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006573 38UDGP Chalgrove E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006574 38UDGQ Chiltern Woods E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006575 38UDGR Chinnor E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006576 38UDGS Cholsey and Wallingford South E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006577 38UDGT Crowmarsh E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006578 38UDGU Didcot All Saints E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006579 38UDGW Didcot Ladygrove E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006580 38UDGX Didcot Northbourne E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006581 38UDGY Didcot Park E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006582 38UDGZ Forest Hill and Holton E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006583 38UDHA Garsington E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006584 38UDHB Goring E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006585 38UDHC Great Milton E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006586 38UDHD Hagbourne E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006587 38UDHE Henley North E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006588 38UDHF Henley South E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006589 38UDHG Sandford E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006590 38UDHH Shiplake E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006591 38UDHJ Sonning Common E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006592 38UDHK Thame North E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006593 38UDHL Thame South E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006594 38UDHM Wallingford North E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006595 38UDHN Watlington E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006596 38UDHP Wheatley E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006597 38UDHQ Woodcote E07000179 38UD South Oxfordshire
E05006598 38UEGJ Abingdon Abbey and Barton E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006599 38UEGK Abingdon Caldecott E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006600 38UEGL Abingdon Dunmore E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006601 38UEGM Abingdon Fitzharris E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006602 38UEGN Abingdon Northcourt E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006603 38UEGP Abingdon Ock Meadow E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006604 38UEGQ Abingdon Peachcroft E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006605 38UEGR Appleton and Cumnor E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006606 38UEGS Blewbury and Upton E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006607 38UEGT Craven E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006608 38UEGU Drayton E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006609 38UEGW Faringdon and The Coxwells E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006610 38UEGX Greendown E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006611 38UEGY Grove E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006612 38UEGZ Hanneys E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006613 38UEHA Harwell E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006614 38UEHB Hendreds E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006615 38UEHC Kennington and South Hinksey E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006616 38UEHD Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006617 38UEHE Longworth E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006618 38UEHF Marcham and Shippon E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006619 38UEHG North Hinksey and Wytham E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006620 38UEHH Radley E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006621 38UEHJ Shrivenham E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006622 38UEHK Stanford E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006623 38UEHL Sunningwell and Wootton E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006624 38UEHM Sutton Courtenay and Appleford E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006625 38UEHN Wantage Charlton E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006626 38UEHP Wantage Segsbury E07000180 38UE Vale of White Horse
E05006627 38UFGL Alvescot and Filkins E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006628 38UFGM Ascott and Shipton E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006629 38UFGN Bampton and Clanfield E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006630 38UFGP Brize Norton and Shilton E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006631 38UFGQ Burford E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006632 38UFGR Carterton North East E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006633 38UFGS Carterton North West E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006634 38UFGT Carterton South E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006635 38UFGU Chadlington and Churchill E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006636 38UFGW Charlbury and Finstock E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006637 38UFGX Chipping Norton E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006638 38UFGY Ducklington E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006639 38UFGZ Eynsham and Cassington E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006640 38UFHA Freeland and Hanborough E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006641 38UFHB Hailey, Minster Lovell and Leafield E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006642 38UFHC Kingham, Rollright and Enstone E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006643 38UFHD Milton-under-Wychwood E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006644 38UFHE North Leigh E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006645 38UFHF Standlake, Aston and Stanton Harcourt E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006646 38UFHG Stonesfield and Tackley E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006647 38UFHH The Bartons E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006648 38UFHJ Witney Central E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006649 38UFHK Witney East E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006650 38UFHL Witney North E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006651 38UFHM Witney South E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006652 38UFHN Witney West E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006653 38UFHP Woodstock and Bladon E07000181 38UF West Oxfordshire
E05006760 40UBHY Ammerdown E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006761 40UBHZ Ashwick, Chilcompton and Stratton E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006762 40UBJA Beckington and Selwood E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006763 40UBJB Butleigh and Baltonsborough E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006764 40UBJC Chewton Mendip and Ston Easton E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006765 40UBJD Coleford and Holcombe E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006766 40UBJE Cranmore, Doulting and Nunney E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006767 40UBJF Creech E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006768 40UBJG Croscombe and Pilton E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006769 40UBJH Frome Berkley Down E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006770 40UBJJ Frome College E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006771 40UBJK Frome Keyford E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006772 40UBJL Frome Market E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006773 40UBJM Frome Oakfield E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006774 40UBJN Frome Park E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006775 40UBJP Glastonbury St Benedict’s E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006776 40UBJQ Glastonbury St Edmund’s E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006777 40UBJR Glastonbury St John’s E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006778 40UBJS Glastonbury St Mary’s E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006779 40UBJT Moor E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006780 40UBJU Postlebury E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006781 40UBJW Rode and Norton St Philip E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006782 40UBJX Rodney and Westbury E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006783 40UBJY St Cuthbert Out North E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006784 40UBJZ Shepton East E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006785 40UBKA Shepton West E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006786 40UBKB Street North E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006787 40UBKC Street South E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006788 40UBKD Street West E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006789 40UBKE The Pennards and Ditcheat E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006790 40UBKF Wells Central E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006791 40UBKG Wells St Cuthbert’s E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006792 40UBKH Wells St Thomas’ E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006793 40UBKJ Wookey and St Cuthbert Out West E07000187 40UB Mendip
E05006819 40UDJP Blackdown E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006820 40UDJQ Blackmoor Vale E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006821 40UDJR Bruton E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006822 40UDJS Brympton E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006823 40UDJT Burrow Hill E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006824 40UDJU Camelot E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006825 40UDJW Cary E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006826 40UDJX Chard Avishayes E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006827 40UDJY Chard Combe E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006828 40UDJZ Chard Crimchard E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006829 40UDKA Chard Holyrood E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006830 40UDKB Chard Jocelyn E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006831 40UDKC Coker E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006832 40UDKD Crewkerne E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006833 40UDKE Curry Rivel E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006834 40UDKF Eggwood E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006835 40UDKG Hamdon E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006836 40UDKH Ilminster E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006837 40UDKJ Islemoor E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006838 40UDKK Ivelchester E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006839 40UDKL Langport and Huish E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006840 40UDKM Martock E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006841 40UDKN Milborne Port E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006842 40UDKP Neroche E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006843 40UDKQ Northstone E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006844 40UDKR Parrett E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006845 40UDKS St Michael’s E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006846 40UDKT South Petherton E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006847 40UDKU Tatworth and Forton E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006848 40UDKW Tower E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006849 40UDKX Turn Hill E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006850 40UDKY Wessex E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006851 40UDKZ Wincanton E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006852 40UDLA Windwhistle E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006853 40UDLB Yeovil Central E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006854 40UDLC Yeovil East E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006855 40UDLD Yeovil South E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006856 40UDLE Yeovil West E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006857 40UDLF Yeovil Without E07000189 40UD South Somerset
E05006858 40UEHM Bishop’s Hull E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006859 40UEHN Bishop’s Lydeard E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006860 40UEHP Blackdown E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006861 40UEHQ Bradford-on-Tone E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006862 40UEHR Comeytrowe E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006863 40UEHS Milverton and North Deane E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006864 40UEHT Monument E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006865 40UEHU Neroche E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006866 40UEHW North Curry and Stoke St Gregory E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006867 40UEHX Norton Fitzwarren E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006868 40UEHY Ruishton and Creech E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006869 40UEHZ Staplegrove E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006870 40UEJA Taunton Blackbrook and Holway E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006871 40UEJB Taunton Eastgate E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006872 40UEJC Taunton Fairwater E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006873 40UEJD Taunton Halcon E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006874 40UEJE Taunton Killams and Mountfield E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006875 40UEJF Taunton Lyngford E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006876 40UEJG Taunton Manor and Wilton E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006877 40UEJH Taunton Pyrland and Rowbarton E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006878 40UEJJ Trull E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006879 40UEJK Wellington East E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006880 40UEJL Wellington North E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006881 40UEJM Wellington Rockwell Green and West E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006882 40UEJN West Monkton E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006883 40UEJP Wiveliscombe and West Deane E07000190 40UE Taunton Deane
E05006902 41UBFR Brereton and Ravenhill E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006903 41UBFS Cannock East E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006904 41UBFT Cannock North E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006905 41UBFU Cannock South E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006906 41UBFW Cannock West E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006907 41UBFX Etching Hill and The Heath E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006908 41UBFY Hagley E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006909 41UBFZ Hawks Green E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006910 41UBGA Heath Hayes East and Wimblebury E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006911 41UBGB Hednesford Green Heath E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006912 41UBGC Hednesford North E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006913 41UBGD Hednesford South E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006914 41UBGE Norton Canes E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006915 41UBGF Rawnsley E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006916 41UBGG Western Springs E07000192 41UB Cannock Chase
E05006917 41UCGC Abbey E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006918 41UCGD Anglesey E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006919 41UCGE Bagots E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006920 41UCGF Branston E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006921 41UCGG Brizlincote E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006922 41UCGH Burton E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006923 41UCGJ Churnet E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006924 41UCGK Crown E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006925 41UCGL Eton Park E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006926 41UCGM Heath E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006927 41UCGN Horninglow E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006928 41UCGP Needwood E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006929 41UCGQ Rolleston on Dove E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006930 41UCGR Shobnall E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006931 41UCGS Stapenhill E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006932 41UCGT Stretton E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006933 41UCGU Town E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006934 41UCGW Tutbury and Outwoods E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006935 41UCGX Weaver E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006936 41UCGY Winshill E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006937 41UCGZ Yoxall E07000193 41UC East Staffordshire
E05006938 41UDGE All Saints E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006939 41UDGF Alrewas and Fradley E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006940 41UDGG Armitage with Handsacre E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006941 41UDGH Boley Park E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006942 41UDGJ Boney Hay E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006943 41UDGK Bourne Vale E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006944 41UDGL Burntwood Central E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006945 41UDGM Chadsmead E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006946 41UDGN Chase Terrace E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006947 41UDGP Chasetown E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006948 41UDGQ Colton and Mavesyn Ridware E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006949 41UDGR Curborough E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006950 41UDGS Fazeley E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006951 41UDGT Hammerwich E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006952 41UDGU Highfield E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006953 41UDGW King’s Bromley E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006954 41UDGX Leomansley E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006955 41UDGY Little Aston E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006956 41UDGZ Longdon E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006957 41UDHA Mease and Tame E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006958 41UDHB St John’s E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006959 41UDHC Shenstone E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006960 41UDHD Stonnall E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006961 41UDHE Stowe E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006962 41UDHF Summerfield E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006963 41UDHG Whittington E07000194 41UD Lichfield
E05006964 41UEGA Audley and Bignall End E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006965 41UEGB Bradwell E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006966 41UEGC Butt Lane E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006967 41UEGD Chesterton E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006968 41UEGE Clayton E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006969 41UEGF Cross Heath E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006970 41UEGG Halmerend E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006971 41UEGH Holditch E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006972 41UEGJ Keele E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006973 41UEGK Kidsgrove E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006974 41UEGL Knutton and Silverdale E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006975 41UEGM Loggerheads and Whitmore E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006976 41UEGN Madeley E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006977 41UEGP May Bank E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006978 41UEGQ Newchapel E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006979 41UEGR Porthill E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006980 41UEGS Ravenscliffe E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006981 41UEGT Seabridge E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006982 41UEGU Silverdale and Parksite E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006983 41UEGW Talke E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006984 41UEGX Thistleberry E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006985 41UEGY Town E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006986 41UEGZ Westlands E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006987 41UEHA Wolstanton E07000195 41UE Newcastle-under-Lyme
E05006988 41UFHM Bilbrook E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05006989 41UFHN Brewood and Coven E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05006990 41UFHP Cheslyn Hay North and Saredon E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05006991 41UFHQ Cheslyn Hay South E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05006992 41UFHR Codsall North E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05006993 41UFHS Codsall South E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05006994 41UFHT Essington E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05006995 41UFHU Featherstone and Shareshill E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05006996 41UFHW Great Wyrley Landywood E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05006997 41UFHX Great Wyrley Town E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05006998 41UFHY Himley and Swindon E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05006999 41UFHZ Huntington and Hatherton E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007000 41UFJA Kinver E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007001 41UFJB Pattingham and Patshull E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007002 41UFJC Penkridge North East and Acton Trussell E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007003 41UFJD Penkridge South East E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007004 41UFJE Penkridge West E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007005 41UFJF Perton Dippons E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007006 41UFJG Perton East E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007007 41UFJH Perton Lakeside E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007008 41UFJJ Trysull and Seisdon E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007009 41UFJK Wheaton Aston, Bishopswood and Lapley E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007010 41UFJL Wombourne North and Lower Penn E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007011 41UFJM Wombourne South East E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007012 41UFJN Wombourne South West E07000196 41UF South Staffordshire
E05007013 41UGGH Barlaston and Oulton E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007014 41UGGJ Baswich E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007015 41UGGK Chartley E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007016 41UGGL Church Eaton E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007017 41UGGM Common E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007018 41UGGN Coton E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007019 41UGGP Eccleshall E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007020 41UGGQ Forebridge E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007021 41UGGR Fulford E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007022 41UGGS Gnosall and Woodseaves E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007023 41UGGT Haywood and Hixon E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007024 41UGGU Highfields and Western Downs E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007025 41UGGW Holmcroft E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007026 41UGGX Littleworth E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007027 41UGGY Manor E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007028 41UGGZ Milford E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007029 41UGHA Milwich E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007030 41UGHB Penkside E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007031 41UGHC Rowley E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007032 41UGHD St. Michael’s E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007033 41UGHE Seighford E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007034 41UGHF Stonefield and Christchurch E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007035 41UGHG Swynnerton E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007036 41UGHH Tillington E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007037 41UGHJ Walton E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007038 41UGHK Weeping Cross E07000197 41UG Stafford
E05007039 41UHGF Alton E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007040 41UHGG Bagnall and Stanley E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007041 41UHGH Biddulph East E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007042 41UHGJ Biddulph Moor E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007043 41UHGK Biddulph North E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007044 41UHGL Biddulph South E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007045 41UHGM Biddulph West E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007046 41UHGN Brown Edge and Endon E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007047 41UHGP Caverswall E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007048 41UHGQ Cellarhead E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007049 41UHGR Cheadle North East E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007050 41UHGS Cheadle South East E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007051 41UHGT Cheadle West E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007052 41UHGU Checkley E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007053 41UHGW Cheddleton E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007054 41UHGX Churnet E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007055 41UHGY Dane E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007056 41UHGZ Forsbrook E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007057 41UHHA Hamps Valley E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007058 41UHHB Horton E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007059 41UHHC Ipstones E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007060 41UHHD Leek East E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007061 41UHHE Leek North E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007062 41UHHF Leek South E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007063 41UHHG Leek West E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007064 41UHHH Manifold E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007065 41UHHJ Werrington E07000198 41UH Staffordshire Moorlands
E05007066 41UKFL Amington E07000199 41UK Tamworth
E05007067 41UKFM Belgrave E07000199 41UK Tamworth
E05007068 41UKFN Bolehall E07000199 41UK Tamworth
E05007069 41UKFP Castle E07000199 41UK Tamworth
E05007070 41UKFQ Glascote E07000199 41UK Tamworth
E05007071 41UKFR Mercian E07000199 41UK Tamworth
E05007072 41UKFS Spital E07000199 41UK Tamworth
E05007073 41UKFT Stonydelph E07000199 41UK Tamworth
E05007074 41UKFU Trinity E07000199 41UK Tamworth
E05007075 41UKFW Wilnecote E07000199 41UK Tamworth
E05007076 42UBGH Alton E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007077 42UBGJ Berners E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007078 42UBGK Boxford E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007079 42UBGL Brett Vale E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007080 42UBGM Brook E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007081 42UBGN Bures St Mary E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007082 42UBGP Chadacre E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007083 42UBGQ Dodnash E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007084 42UBGR Glemsford and Stanstead E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007085 42UBGS Great Cornard North E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007086 42UBGT Great Cornard South E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007087 42UBGU Hadleigh North E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007088 42UBGW Hadleigh South E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007089 42UBGX Holbrook E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007090 42UBGY Lavenham E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007091 42UBGZ Leavenheath E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007092 42UBHA Long Melford E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007093 42UBHB Lower Brett E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007094 42UBHC Mid Samford E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007095 42UBHD Nayland E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007096 42UBHE North Cosford E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007097 42UBHF Pinewood E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007098 42UBHG South Cosford E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007099 42UBHH Sudbury East E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007100 42UBHJ Sudbury North E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007101 42UBHK Sudbury South E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007102 42UBHL Waldingfield E07000200 42UB Babergh
E05007103 42UCFR All Saints E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007104 42UCFS Brandon East E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007105 42UCFT Brandon West E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007106 42UCFU Eriswell and The Rows E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007107 42UCFW Exning E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007108 42UCFX Great Heath E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007109 42UCFY Iceni E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007110 42UCFZ Lakenheath E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007111 42UCGA Manor E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007112 42UCGB Market E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007113 42UCGC Red Lodge E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007114 42UCGD St Mary’s E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007115 42UCGE Severals E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007116 42UCGF South E07000201 42UC Forest Heath
E05007117 42UDFS Alexandra E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007118 42UDFT Bixley E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007119 42UDFU Bridge E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007120 42UDFW Castle Hill E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007121 42UDFX Gainsborough E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007122 42UDFY Gipping E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007123 42UDFZ Holywells E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007124 42UDGA Priory Heath E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007125 42UDGB Rushmere E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007126 42UDGC St John’s E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007127 42UDGD St Margaret’s E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007128 42UDGE Sprites E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007129 42UDGF Stoke Park E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007130 42UDGG Westgate E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007131 42UDGH Whitehouse E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007132 42UDGJ Whitton E07000202 42UD Ipswich
E05007133 42UEGM Bacton and Old Newton E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007134 42UEGN Badwell Ash E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007135 42UEGP Barking and Somersham E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007136 42UEGQ Bramford and Blakenham E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007137 42UEGR Claydon and Barham E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007138 42UEGS Debenham E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007139 42UEGT Elmswell and Norton E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007140 42UEGU Eye E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007141 42UEGW Fressingfield E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007142 42UEGX Gislingham E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007143 42UEGY Haughley and Wetherden E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007144 42UEGZ Helmingham and Coddenham E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007145 42UEHA Hoxne E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007146 42UEHB Mendlesham E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007147 42UEHC Needham Market E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007148 42UEHD Onehouse E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007149 42UEHE Palgrave E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007150 42UEHF Rattlesden E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007151 42UEHG Rickinghall and Walsham E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007152 42UEHH Ringshall E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007153 42UEHJ Stowmarket Central E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007154 42UEHK Stowmarket North E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007155 42UEHL Stowmarket South E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007156 42UEHM Stowupland E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007157 42UEHN Stradbroke and Laxfield E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007158 42UEHP The Stonhams E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007159 42UEHQ Thurston and Hessett E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007160 42UEHR Wetheringsett E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007161 42UEHS Woolpit E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007162 42UEHT Worlingworth E07000203 42UE Mid Suffolk
E05007163 42UFGL Abbeygate E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007164 42UFGM Bardwell E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007165 42UFGN Barningham E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007166 42UFGP Barrow E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007167 42UFGQ Cavendish E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007168 42UFGR Chedburgh E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007169 42UFGS Clare E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007170 42UFGT Eastgate E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007171 42UFGU Fornham E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007172 42UFGW Great Barton E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007173 42UFGX Haverhill East E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007174 42UFGY Haverhill North E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007175 42UFGZ Haverhill South E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007176 42UFHA Haverhill West E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007177 42UFHB Horringer and Whelnetham E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007178 42UFHC Hundon E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007179 42UFHD Ixworth E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007180 42UFHE Kedington E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007181 42UFHF Minden E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007182 42UFHG Moreton Hall E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007183 42UFHH Northgate E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007184 42UFHJ Pakenham E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007185 42UFHK Risby E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007186 42UFHL Risbygate E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007187 42UFHM Rougham E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007188 42UFHN St Olaves E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007189 42UFHP Southgate E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007190 42UFHQ Stanton E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007191 42UFHR Westgate E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007192 42UFHS Wickhambrook E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007193 42UFHT Withersfield E07000204 42UF St Edmundsbury
E05007194 42UGGW Aldeburgh E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007195 42UGGX Earl Soham E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007196 42UGGY Farlingaye E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007197 42UGGZ Felixstowe East E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007198 42UGHA Felixstowe North E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007199 42UGHB Felixstowe South E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007200 42UGHC Felixstowe South East E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007201 42UGHD Felixstowe West E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007202 42UGHE Framlingham E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007203 42UGHF Grundisburgh E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007204 42UGHG Hacheston E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007205 42UGHH Hollesley with Eyke E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007206 42UGHJ Kesgrave East E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007207 42UGHK Kesgrave West E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007208 42UGHL Kyson E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007209 42UGHM Leiston E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007210 42UGHN Martlesham E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007211 42UGHP Melton and Ufford E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007212 42UGHQ Nacton E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007213 42UGHR Orford and Tunstall E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007214 42UGHS Otley E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007215 42UGHT Peasenhall E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007216 42UGHU Rendlesham E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007217 42UGHW Riverside E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007218 42UGHX Rushmere St Andrew E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007219 42UGHY Saxmundham E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007220 42UGHZ Seckford E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007221 42UGJA Snape E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007222 42UGJB Sutton E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007223 42UGJC Trimleys with Kirton E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007224 42UGJD Walberswick and Wenhaston E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007225 42UGJE Wickham Market E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007226 42UGJF Witnesham E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007227 42UGJG Yoxford E07000205 42UG Suffolk Coastal
E05007228 42UHFY Beccles North E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007229 42UHFZ Beccles South E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007230 42UHGA Blything E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007231 42UHGB Bungay E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007232 42UHGC Carlton E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007233 42UHGD Carlton Colville E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007234 42UHGE Gunton and Corton E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007235 42UHGF Halesworth E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007236 42UHGG Harbour E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007237 42UHGH Kessingland E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007238 42UHGJ Kirkley E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007239 42UHGK Lothingland E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007240 42UHGL Normanston E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007241 42UHGM Oulton E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007242 42UHGN Oulton Broad E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007243 42UHGP Pakefield E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007244 42UHGQ St Margaret’s E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007245 42UHGR Southwold and Reydon E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007246 42UHGS The Saints E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007247 42UHGT Wainford E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007248 42UHGU Whitton E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007249 42UHGW Worlingham E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007250 42UHGX Wrentham E07000206 42UH Waveney
E05007251 43UBFZ Claygate E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007252 43UBGA Cobham and Downside E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007253 43UBGB Cobham Fairmile E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007254 43UBGC Esher E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007255 43UBGD Hersham North E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007256 43UBGE Hersham South E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007257 43UBGF Hinchley Wood E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007258 43UBGG Long Ditton E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007259 43UBGH Molesey East E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007260 43UBGJ Molesey North E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007261 43UBGK Molesey South E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007262 43UBGL Oatlands Park E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007263 43UBGM Oxshott and Stoke D’Abernon E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007264 43UBGN St George’s Hill E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007265 43UBGP Thames Ditton E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007266 43UBGQ Walton Ambleside E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007267 43UBGR Walton Central E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007268 43UBGS Walton North E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007269 43UBGT Walton South E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007270 43UBGU Weston Green E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007271 43UBGW Weybridge North E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007272 43UBGX Weybridge South E07000207 43UB Elmbridge
E05007273 43UCFP Auriol E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007274 43UCFQ College E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007275 43UCFR Court E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007276 43UCFS Cuddington E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007277 43UCFT Ewell E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007278 43UCFU Ewell Court E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007279 43UCFW Nonsuch E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007280 43UCFX Ruxley E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007281 43UCFY Stamford E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007282 43UCFZ Stoneleigh E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007283 43UCGA Town E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007284 43UCGB West Ewell E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007285 43UCGC Woodcote E07000208 43UC Epsom and Ewell
E05007286 43UDFY Ash South and Tongham E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007287 43UDFZ Ash Vale E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007288 43UDGA Ash Wharf E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007289 43UDGB Burpham E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007290 43UDGC Christchurch E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007291 43UDGD Clandon and Horsley E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007292 43UDGE Effingham E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007293 43UDGF Friary and St Nicolas E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007294 43UDGG Holy Trinity E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007295 43UDGH Lovelace E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007296 43UDGJ Merrow E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007297 43UDGK Normandy E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007298 43UDGL Onslow E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007299 43UDGM Pilgrims E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007300 43UDGN Pirbright E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007301 43UDGP Send E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007302 43UDGQ Shalford E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007303 43UDGR Stoke E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007304 43UDGS Stoughton E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007305 43UDGT Tillingbourne E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007306 43UDGU Westborough E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007307 43UDGW Worplesdon E07000209 43UD Guildford
E05007308 43UEGA Ashtead Common E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007309 43UEGB Ashtead Park E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007310 43UEGC Ashtead Village E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007311 43UEGD Beare Green E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007312 43UEGE Bookham North E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007313 43UEGF Bookham South E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007314 43UEGG Box Hill and Headley E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007315 43UEGH Brockham, Betchworth and Buckland E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007316 43UEGJ Capel, Leigh and Newdigate E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007317 43UEGK Charlwood E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007318 43UEGL Dorking North E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007319 43UEGM Dorking South E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007320 43UEGN Fetcham East E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007321 43UEGP Fetcham West E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007322 43UEGQ Holmwoods E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007323 43UEGR Leatherhead North E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007324 43UEGS Leatherhead South E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007325 43UEGT Leith Hill E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007326 43UEGU Mickleham, Westhumble and Pixham E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007327 43UEGW Okewood E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007328 43UEGX Westcott E07000210 43UE Mole Valley
E05007329 43UFFU Banstead Village E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007330 43UFFW Chipstead, Hooley and Woodmansterne E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007331 43UFFX Earlswood and Whitebushes E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007332 43UFFY Horley Central E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007333 43UFFZ Horley East E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007334 43UFGA Horley West E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007335 43UFGB Kingswood with Burgh Heath E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007336 43UFGC Meadvale and St John’s E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007337 43UFGD Merstham E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007338 43UFGE Nork E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007339 43UFGF Preston E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007340 43UFGG Redhill East E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007341 43UFGH Redhill West E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007342 43UFGJ Reigate Central E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007343 43UFGK Reigate Hill E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007344 43UFGL Salfords and Sidlow E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007345 43UFGM South Park and Woodhatch E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007346 43UFGN Tadworth and Walton E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007347 43UFGP Tattenhams E07000211 43UF Reigate and Banstead
E05007348 43UGFQ Addlestone Bourneside E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007349 43UGFR Addlestone North E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007350 43UGFS Chertsey Meads E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007351 43UGFT Chertsey St Ann’s E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007352 43UGFU Chertsey South and Row Town E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007353 43UGFW Egham Hythe E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007354 43UGFX Egham Town E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007355 43UGFY Englefield Green East E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007356 43UGFZ Englefield Green West E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007357 43UGGA Foxhills E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007358 43UGGB New Haw E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007359 43UGGC Thorpe E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007360 43UGGD Virginia Water E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007361 43UGGE Woodham E07000212 43UG Runnymede
E05007362 43UHFS Ashford Common E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007363 43UHFT Ashford East E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007364 43UHFU Ashford North and Stanwell South E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007365 43UHFW Ashford Town E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007366 43UHFX Halliford and Sunbury West E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007367 43UHFY Laleham and Shepperton Green E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007368 43UHFZ Riverside and Laleham E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007369 43UHGA Shepperton Town E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007370 43UHGB Staines E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007371 43UHGC Staines South E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007372 43UHGD Stanwell North E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007373 43UHGE Sunbury Common E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007374 43UHGF Sunbury East E07000213 43UH Spelthorne
E05007375 43UJFS Bagshot E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007376 43UJFT Bisley E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007377 43UJFU Chobham E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007378 43UJFW Frimley E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007379 43UJFX Frimley Green E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007380 43UJFY Heatherside E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007381 43UJFZ Lightwater E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007382 43UJGA Mytchett and Deepcut E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007383 43UJGB Old Dean E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007384 43UJGC Parkside E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007385 43UJGD St Michaels E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007386 43UJGE St Pauls E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007387 43UJGF Town E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007388 43UJGG Watchetts E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007389 43UJGH West End E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007390 43UJGJ Windlesham E07000214 43UJ Surrey Heath
E05007391 43UKGA Chaldon E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007392 43UKGB Dormansland and Felcourt E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007393 43UKGC Felbridge E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007394 43UKGD Godstone E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007395 43UKGE Harestone E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007396 43UKGF Limpsfield E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007397 43UKGG Lingfield and Crowhurst E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007398 43UKGH Oxted North and Tandridge E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007399 43UKGJ Oxted South E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007400 43UKGK Portley E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007401 43UKGL Queens Park E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007402 43UKGM Tatsfield and Titsey E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007403 43UKGN Valley E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007404 43UKGP Warlingham East and Chelsham and Farleigh E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007405 43UKGQ Warlingham West E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007406 43UKGR Westway E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007407 43UKGS Whyteleafe E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007408 43UKGT Woldingham E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007409 43UKGU Bletchingley and Nutfield E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007410 43UKGW Burstow, Horne and Outwood E07000215 43UK Tandridge
E05007411 43ULGF Alfold, Cranleigh Rural and Ellens Green E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007412 43ULGG Blackheath and Wonersh E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007413 43ULGH Bramley, Busbridge and Hascombe E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007414 43ULGJ Chiddingfold and Dunsfold E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007415 43ULGK Cranleigh East E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007416 43ULGL Cranleigh West E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007417 43ULGM Elstead and Thursley E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007418 43ULGN Ewhurst E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007419 43ULGP Farnham Bourne E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007420 43ULGQ Farnham Castle E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007421 43ULGR Farnham Firgrove E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007422 43ULGS Farnham Hale and Heath End E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007423 43ULGT Farnham Moor Park E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007424 43ULGU Farnham Shortheath and Boundstone E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007425 43ULGW Farnham Upper Hale E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007426 43ULGX Farnham Weybourne and Badshot Lea E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007427 43ULGY Farnham Wrecclesham and Rowledge E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007428 43ULGZ Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007429 43ULHA Godalming Binscombe E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007430 43ULHB Godalming Central and Ockford E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007431 43ULHC Godalming Charterhouse E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007432 43ULHD Godalming Farncombe and Catteshall E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007433 43ULHE Godalming Holloway E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007434 43ULHF Haslemere Critchmere and Shottermill E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007435 43ULHG Haslemere East and Grayswood E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007436 43ULHH Hindhead E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007437 43ULHJ Milford E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007438 43ULHK Shamley Green and Cranleigh North E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007439 43ULHL Witley and Hambledon E07000216 43UL Waverley
E05007440 43UMFS Brookwood E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007441 43UMFT Byfleet E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007442 43UMFU Goldsworth East E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007443 43UMFW Goldsworth West E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007444 43UMFX Hermitage and Knaphill South E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007445 43UMFY Horsell East and Woodham E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007446 43UMFZ Horsell West E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007447 43UMGA Kingfield and Westfield E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007448 43UMGB Knaphill E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007449 43UMGC Maybury and Sheerwater E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007450 43UMGD Mayford and Sutton Green E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007451 43UMGE Mount Hermon East E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007452 43UMGF Mount Hermon West E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007453 43UMGG Old Woking E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007454 43UMGH Pyrford E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007455 43UMGJ St John’s and Hook Heath E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007456 43UMGK West Byfleet E07000217 43UM Woking
E05007457 44UBFW Arley and Whitacre E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007458 44UBFX Atherstone Central E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007459 44UBFY Atherstone North E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007460 44UBFZ Atherstone South and Mancetter E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007461 44UBGA Baddesley and Grendon E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007462 44UBGB Coleshill North E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007463 44UBGC Coleshill South E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007464 44UBGD Curdworth E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007465 44UBGE Dordon E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007466 44UBGF Fillongley E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007467 44UBGG Hartshill E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007468 44UBGH Hurley and Wood End E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007469 44UBGJ Kingsbury E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007470 44UBGK Newton Regis and Warton E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007471 44UBGL Polesworth East E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007472 44UBGM Polesworth West E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007473 44UBGN Water Orton E07000218 44UB North Warwickshire
E05007474 44UCFR Abbey E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007475 44UCFS Arbury E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007476 44UCFT Attleborough E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007477 44UCFU Bar Pool E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007478 44UCFW Bede E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007479 44UCFX Bulkington E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007480 44UCFY Camp Hill E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007481 44UCFZ Exhall E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007482 44UCGA Galley Common E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007483 44UCGB Heath E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007484 44UCGC Kingswood E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007485 44UCGD Poplar E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007486 44UCGE St Nicolas E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007487 44UCGF Slough E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007488 44UCGG Weddington E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007489 44UCGH Wem Brook E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007490 44UCGJ Whitestone E07000219 44UC Nuneaton and Bedworth
E05007512 44UEGP Aston Cantlow E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007515 44UEGS Brailes E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007517 44UEGU Claverdon E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007519 44UEGX Fenny Compton E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007520 44UEGY Harbury E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007524 44UEHC Long Compton E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007525 44UEHD Long Itchington E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007526 44UEHE Quinton E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007527 44UEHF Sambourne E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007528 44UEHG Shipston E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007530 44UEHJ Southam E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007531 44UEHK Stockton and Napton E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007532 44UEHL Stratford Alveston E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007534 44UEHN Stratford Guild and Hathaway E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007535 44UEHP Stratford Mount Pleasant E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007536 44UEHQ Studley E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007542 44UFFX Abbey E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007543 44UFFY Bishop’s Tachbrook E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007544 44UFFZ Brunswick E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007545 44UFGA Budbrooke E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007546 44UFGB Clarendon E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007547 44UFGC Crown E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007548 44UFGD Cubbington E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007549 44UFGE Lapworth E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007550 44UFGF Leek Wootton E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007551 44UFGG Manor E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007552 44UFGH Milverton E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007553 44UFGJ Park Hill E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007554 44UFGK Radford Semele E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007555 44UFGL St John’s E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007556 44UFGM Stoneleigh E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007557 44UFGN Warwick North E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007558 44UFGP Warwick South E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007559 44UFGQ Warwick West E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007560 44UFGR Whitnash E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007561 44UFGS Willes E07000222 44UF Warwick
E05007562 45UBFQ Buckingham E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007563 45UBFR Churchill E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007564 45UBFS Cokeham E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007565 45UBFT Eastbrook E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007566 45UBFU Hillside E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007567 45UBFW Manor E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007568 45UBFX Marine E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007569 45UBFY Mash Barn E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007570 45UBFZ Peverel E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007571 45UBGA St Mary’s E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007572 45UBGB St Nicolas E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007573 45UBGC Southlands E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007574 45UBGD Southwick Green E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007575 45UBGE Widewater E07000223 45UB Adur
E05007576 45UCGE Aldwick East E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007577 45UCGF Aldwick West E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007578 45UCGG Angmering E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007579 45UCGH Arundel E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007580 45UCGJ Barnham E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007581 45UCGK Beach E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007582 45UCGL Bersted E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007583 45UCGM Brookfield E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007584 45UCGN East Preston with Kingston E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007585 45UCGP Felpham East E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007586 45UCGQ Felpham West E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007587 45UCGR Ferring E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007588 45UCGS Findon E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007589 45UCGT Ham E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007590 45UCGU Hotham E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007591 45UCGW Marine E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007592 45UCGX Middleton-on-Sea E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007593 45UCGY Orchard E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007594 45UCGZ Pagham and Rose Green E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007595 45UCHA Pevensey E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007596 45UCHB River E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007597 45UCHC Rustington East E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007598 45UCHD Rustington West E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007599 45UCHE Walberton E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007600 45UCHF Wick with Toddington E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007601 45UCHG Yapton E07000224 45UC Arun
E05007602 45UDGM Bosham E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007603 45UDGN Boxgrove E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007604 45UDGP Bury E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007605 45UDGQ Chichester East E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007606 45UDGR Chichester North E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007607 45UDGS Chichester South E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007608 45UDGT Chichester West E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007609 45UDGU Donnington E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007610 45UDGW Easebourne E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007611 45UDGX East Wittering E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007612 45UDGY Fernhurst E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007613 45UDGZ Fishbourne E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007614 45UDHA Funtington E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007615 45UDHB Harting E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007616 45UDHC Lavant E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007617 45UDHD Midhurst E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007618 45UDHE North Mundham E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007619 45UDHF Petworth E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007620 45UDHG Plaistow E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007621 45UDHH Rogate E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007622 45UDHJ Selsey North E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007623 45UDHK Selsey South E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007624 45UDHL Sidlesham E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007625 45UDHM Southbourne E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007626 45UDHN Stedham E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007627 45UDHP Tangmere E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007628 45UDHQ West Wittering E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007629 45UDHR Westbourne E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007630 45UDHS Wisborough Green E07000225 45UD Chichester
E05007631 45UEFP Bewbush E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007632 45UEFQ Broadfield North E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007633 45UEFR Broadfield South E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007634 45UEFS Furnace Green E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007635 45UEFT Gossops Green E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007636 45UEFU Ifield E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007637 45UEFW Langley Green E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007638 45UEFX Maidenbower E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007639 45UEFY Northgate E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007640 45UEFZ Pound Hill North E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007641 45UEGA Pound Hill South and Worth E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007642 45UEGB Southgate E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007643 45UEGC Three Bridges E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007644 45UEGD Tilgate E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007645 45UEGE West Green E07000226 45UE Crawley
E05007646 45UFGC Billingshurst and Shipley E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007647 45UFGD Bramber, Upper Beeding and Woodmancote E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007648 45UFGE Broadbridge Heath E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007649 45UFGF Chanctonbury E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007650 45UFGG Chantry E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007651 45UFGH Cowfold, Shermanbury and West Grinstead E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007652 45UFGJ Denne E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007653 45UFGK Forest E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007654 45UFGL Henfield E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007655 45UFGM Holbrook East E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007656 45UFGN Holbrook West E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007657 45UFGP Horsham Park E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007658 45UFGQ Itchingfield, Slinfold and Warnham E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007659 45UFGR Nuthurst E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007660 45UFGS Pulborough and Coldwatham E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007661 45UFGT Roffey North E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007662 45UFGU Roffey South E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007663 45UFGW Rudgwick E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007664 45UFGX Rusper and Colgate E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007665 45UFGY Southwater E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007666 45UFGZ Steyning E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007667 45UFHA Trafalgar E07000227 45UF Horsham
E05007668 45UGGH Ardingly and Balcombe E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007669 45UGGJ Ashurst Wood E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007670 45UGGK Bolney E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007671 45UGGL Burgess Hill Dunstall E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007672 45UGGM Burgess Hill Franklands E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007673 45UGGN Burgess Hill Leylands E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007674 45UGGP Burgess Hill Meeds E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007675 45UGGQ Burgess Hill St Andrews E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007676 45UGGR Burgess Hill Victoria E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007677 45UGGS Copthorne and Worth E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007678 45UGGT Crawley Down and Turners Hill E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007679 45UGGU Cuckfield E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007680 45UGGW East Grinstead Ashplats E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007681 45UGGX East Grinstead Baldwins E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007682 45UGGY East Grinstead Herontye E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007683 45UGGZ East Grinstead Imberhorne E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007684 45UGHA East Grinstead Town E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007685 45UGHB Hassocks E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007686 45UGHC Haywards Heath Ashenground E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007687 45UGHD Haywards Heath Bentswood E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007688 45UGHE Haywards Heath Franklands E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007689 45UGHF Haywards Heath Heath E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007690 45UGHG Haywards Heath Lucastes E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007691 45UGHH High Weald E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007692 45UGHJ Hurstpierpoint and Downs E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007693 45UGHK Lindfield E07000228 45UG Mid Sussex
E05007694 45UHFN Broadwater E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007695 45UHFP Castle E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007696 45UHFQ Central E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007697 45UHFR Durrington E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007698 45UHFS Gaisford E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007699 45UHFT Goring E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007700 45UHFU Heene E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007701 45UHFW Marine E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007702 45UHFX Northbrook E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007703 45UHFY Offington E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007704 45UHFZ Salvington E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007705 45UHGA Selden E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007706 45UHGB Tarring E07000229 45UH Worthing
E05007823 47UBFY Alvechurch E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007824 47UBFZ Beacon E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007825 47UBGA Catshill E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007826 47UBGB Charford E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007827 47UBGC Drakes Cross and Walkers Heath E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007828 47UBGD Furlongs E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007829 47UBGE Hagley E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007830 47UBGF Hillside E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007831 47UBGG Hollywood and Majors Green E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007832 47UBGH Linthurst E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007833 47UBGJ Marlbrook E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007834 47UBGK Norton E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007835 47UBGL St Johns E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007836 47UBGM Sidemoor E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007837 47UBGN Slideslow E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007838 47UBGP Stoke Heath E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007839 47UBGQ Stoke Prior E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007840 47UBGR Tardebigge E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007841 47UBGS Uffdown E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007842 47UBGT Waseley E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007843 47UBGU Whitford E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007844 47UBGW Woodvale E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007845 47UBGX Wythall South E07000234 47UB Bromsgrove
E05007846 47UCHQ Alfrick and Leigh E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007847 47UCHR Baldwin E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007848 47UCHS Broadheath E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007849 47UCHT Chase E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007850 47UCHU Dyson Perrins E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007851 47UCHW Hallow E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007852 47UCHX Kempsey E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007853 47UCHY Lindridge E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007854 47UCHZ Link E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007855 47UCJA Longdon E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007856 47UCJB Martley E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007857 47UCJC Morton E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007858 47UCJD Pickersleigh E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007859 47UCJE Powick E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007860 47UCJF Priory E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007861 47UCJG Ripple E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007862 47UCJH Teme Valley E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007863 47UCJJ Tenbury E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007864 47UCJK Upton and Hanley E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007865 47UCJL Wells E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007866 47UCJM West E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007867 47UCJN Woodbury E07000235 47UC Malvern Hills
E05007868 47UDFM Abbey E07000236 47UD Redditch
E05007869 47UDFN Astwood Bank and Feckenham E07000236 47UD Redditch
E05007870 47UDFP Batchley & Brockhill E07000236 47UD Redditch
E05007871 47UDFQ Central E07000236 47UD Redditch
E05007872 47UDFR Church Hill E07000236 47UD Redditch
E05007873 47UDFS Crabbs Cross E07000236 47UD Redditch
E05007874 47UDFT Greenlands E07000236 47UD Redditch
E05007875 47UDFU Headless Cross and Oakenshaw E07000236 47UD Redditch
E05007876 47UDFW Lodge Park E07000236 47UD Redditch
E05007877 47UDFX Matchborough E07000236 47UD Redditch
E05007878 47UDFY West E07000236 47UD Redditch
E05007879 47UDFZ Winyates E07000236 47UD Redditch
E05007880 47UEFN Arboretum E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007881 47UEFP Battenhall E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007882 47UEFQ Bedwardine E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007883 47UEFR Cathedral E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007884 47UEFS Claines E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007885 47UEFT Gorse Hill E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007886 47UEFU Nunnery E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007887 47UEFW Rainbow Hill E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007888 47UEFX St Clement E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007889 47UEFY St John E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007890 47UEFZ St Peter’s Parish E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007891 47UEGA St Stephen E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007892 47UEGB Warndon E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007893 47UEGC Warndon Parish North E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007894 47UEGD Warndon Parish South E07000237 47UE Worcester
E05007895 47UFGP Badsey E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007896 47UFGQ Bengeworth E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007897 47UFGR Bowbrook E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007898 47UFGS Bredon E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007899 47UFGT Bretforton and Offenham E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007900 47UFGU Broadway and Wickhamford E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007901 47UFGW Dodderhill E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007902 47UFGX Drakes Broughton E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007903 47UFGY Droitwich Central E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007904 47UFGZ Droitwich East E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007905 47UFHA Droitwich South East E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007906 47UFHB Droitwich South West E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007907 47UFHC Droitwich West E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007908 47UFHD Eckington E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007909 47UFHE Elmley Castle and Somerville E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007910 47UFHF Evesham North E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007911 47UFHG Evesham South E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007912 47UFHH Fladbury E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007913 47UFHJ Great Hampton E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007914 47UFHK Hartlebury E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007915 47UFHL Harvington and Norton E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007916 47UFHM Honeybourne and Pebworth E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007917 47UFHN Inkberrow E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007918 47UFHP Little Hampton E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007919 47UFHQ Lovett and North Claines E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007920 47UFHR Norton and Whittington E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007921 47UFHS Ombersley E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007922 47UFHT Pershore E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007923 47UFHU Pinvin E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007924 47UFHW South Bredon Hill E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007925 47UFHX The Littletons E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007926 47UFHY Upton Snodsbury E07000238 47UF Wychavon
E05007927 47UGFU Aggborough and Spennells E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007928 47UGFW Areley Kings E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007929 47UGFX Bewdley and Arley E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007930 47UGFY Blakedown and Chaddesley E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007931 47UGFZ Broadwaters E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007932 47UGGA Cookley E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007933 47UGGB Franche E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007934 47UGGC Greenhill E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007935 47UGGD Habberley and Blakebrook E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007936 47UGGE Lickhill E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007937 47UGGF Mitton E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007938 47UGGG Offmore and Comberton E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007939 47UGGH Oldington and Foley Park E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007940 47UGGJ Rock E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007941 47UGGK Sutton Park E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007942 47UGGL Wolverley E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007943 47UGGM Wribbenhall E07000239 47UG Wyre Forest
E05007944 44UEGQ Bardon E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007945 44UEGT Burton Dassett E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007947 44UEGZ Henley E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007949 44UEHB Kinwarton E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007951 44UEHR Tanworth E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05007955 00EJMA Annfield Plain E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007956 00EJMB Aycliffe East E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007957 00EJMC Aycliffe North E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007958 00EJMD Aycliffe West E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007959 00EJME Barnard Castle East E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007960 00EJMF Barnard Castle West E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007961 00EJMG Belmont E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007962 00EJMH Benfieldside E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007963 00EJMJ Bishop Auckland Town E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007964 00EJMK Blackhalls E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007965 00EJML Brandon E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007966 00EJMM Burnopfield and Dipton E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007967 00EJMN Chester-le-Street North and East E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007968 00EJMP Chester-le-Street South E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007969 00EJMQ Chester-le-Street West Central E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007970 00EJMR Chilton E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007971 00EJMS Consett North E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007972 00EJMT Coundon E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007973 00EJMU Coxhoe E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007974 00EJMW Craghead and South Moor E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007975 00EJMX Crook North and Tow Law E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007976 00EJMY Crook South E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007977 00EJMZ Dawdon E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007978 00EJNA Deerness Valley E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007979 00EJNB Delves Lane and Consett South E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007980 00EJNC Deneside E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007981 00EJND Durham South E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007982 00EJNE Easington E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007983 00EJNF Elvet E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007984 00EJNG Esh E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007985 00EJNH Evenwood E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007986 00EJNJ Ferryhill E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007987 00EJNK Framwellgate Moor E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007988 00EJNL Gilesgate E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007989 00EJNM Horden E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007990 00EJNN Lanchester E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007991 00EJNP Leadgate and Medomsley E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007992 00EJNQ Lumley E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007993 00EJNR Murton E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007994 00EJNS Neville’s Cross E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007995 00EJNT Newton Hall E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007996 00EJNU Ouston and Urpeth E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007997 00EJNW Pelton E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007998 00EJNX Peterlee East E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05007999 00EJNY Peterlee West E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008000 00EJNZ Sacriston E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008001 00EJPA Seaham E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008002 00EJPB Sedgefield E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008003 00EJPC Sherburn E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008004 00EJPD Shildon East E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008005 00EJPE Shildon West E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008006 00EJPF Shotton E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008007 00EJPG Spennymoor and Middlestone E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008008 00EJPH Stanley E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008009 00EJPJ Tanfield E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008010 00EJPK Thornley E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008011 00EJPL Trimdon E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008012 00EJPM Tudhoe E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008013 00EJPN Weardale E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008014 00EJPP West Auckland E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008015 00EJPQ Willington E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008016 00EJPR Wingate E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008017 00EJPS Woodhouse Close E06000047 00EJ County Durham
E05008018 00EMMA Alnwick E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008019 00EMMB Amble E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008020 00EMMC Amble West with Warkworth E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008021 00EMMD Ashington Central E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008022 00EMME Bamburgh E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008023 00EMMF Bedlington Central E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008024 00EMMG Bedlington East E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008025 00EMMH Bedlington West E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008026 00EMMJ Bellingham E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008027 00EMMK Berwick East E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008028 00EMML Berwick North E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008029 00EMMM Berwick West with Ord E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008030 00EMMN Bothal E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008031 00EMMP Bywell E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008032 00EMMQ Chevington with Longhorseley E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008033 00EMMR Choppington E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008034 00EMMS College E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008035 00EMMT Corbridge E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008036 00EMMU Cowpen E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008037 00EMMW Cramlington East E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008038 00EMMX Cramlington Eastfield E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008039 00EMMY Cramlington North E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008040 00EMMZ Cramlington South East E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008041 00EMNA Cramlington Village E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008042 00EMNB Cramlington West E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008043 00EMNC Croft E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008044 00EMND Haltwhistle E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008045 00EMNE Hartley E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008046 00EMNF Haydon E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008047 00EMNG Haydon and Hadrian E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008048 00EMNH Hexham Central with Acomb E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008049 00EMNJ Hexham East E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008050 00EMNK Hexham West E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008051 00EMNL Hirst E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008052 00EMNM Holywell E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008053 00EMNN Humshaugh E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008054 00EMNP Isabella E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008055 00EMNQ Kitty Brewster E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008056 00EMNR Lesbury E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008057 00EMNS Longhoughton E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008058 00EMNT Lynemouth E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008059 00EMNU Morpeth Kirkhill E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008060 00EMNW Morpeth North E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008061 00EMNX Morpeth Stobhill E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008062 00EMNY Newbiggin Central and East E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008063 00EMNZ Newsham E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008064 00EMPA Norham and Islandshires E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008065 00EMPB Pegswood E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008066 00EMPC Plessey E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008067 00EMPD Ponteland East E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008068 00EMPE Ponteland North E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008069 00EMPF Ponteland South with Heddon E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008070 00EMPG Ponteland West E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008071 00EMPH Prudhoe East E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008072 00EMPJ Prudhoe West E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008073 00EMPK Rothbury E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008074 00EMPL Seaton with Newbiggin West E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008075 00EMPM Seghill with Seaton Delaval E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008076 00EMPN Shilbottle E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008077 00EMPP Sleekburn E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008078 00EMPQ South Blyth E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008079 00EMPR South Tynedale E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008080 00EMPS Stakeford E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008081 00EMPT Stocksfield and Broomhaugh E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008082 00EMPU Ulgham E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008083 00EMPW Wensleydale E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008084 00EMPX Wooler E06000048 00EM Northumberland
E05008136 00GGMA Abbey E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008137 00GGMB Albrighton E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008138 00GGMC Alveley and Claverley E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008139 00GGMD Bagley E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008140 00GGME Battlefield E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008141 00GGMF Bayston Hill, Column and Sutton E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008142 00GGMG Belle Vue E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008143 00GGMH Bishop’s Castle E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008144 00GGMJ Bowbrook E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008145 00GGMK Bridgnorth East and Astley Abbotts E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008146 00GGML Bridgnorth West and Tasley E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008147 00GGMM Broseley E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008148 00GGMN Brown Clee E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008149 00GGMP Burnell E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008150 00GGMQ Castlefields and Ditherington E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008151 00GGMR Cheswardine E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008152 00GGMS Chirbury and Worthen E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008153 00GGMT Church Stretton and Craven Arms E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008154 00GGMU Clee E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008155 00GGMW Cleobury Mortimer E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008156 00GGMX Clun E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008157 00GGMY Copthorne E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008158 00GGMZ Corvedale E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008159 00GGNA Ellesmere Urban E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008160 00GGNB Harlescott E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008161 00GGNC Highley E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008162 00GGND Hodnet E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008163 00GGNE Llanymynech E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008164 00GGNF Longden E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008165 00GGNG Loton E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008166 00GGNH Ludlow East E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008167 00GGNJ Ludlow North E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008168 00GGNK Ludlow South E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008169 00GGNL Market Drayton East E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008170 00GGNM Market Drayton West E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008171 00GGNN Meole E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008172 00GGNP Rea Valley E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008173 00GGNQ Monkmoor E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008174 00GGNR Much Wenlock E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008175 00GGNS Oswestry East E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008176 00GGNT Oswestry South E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008177 00GGNU Oswestry West E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008178 00GGNW Porthill E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008179 00GGNX Prees E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008180 00GGNY Quarry and Coton Hill E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008181 00GGNZ Radbrook E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008182 00GGPA Ruyton and Baschurch E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008183 00GGPB St Martin’s E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008184 00GGPC St Oswald E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008185 00GGPD Gobowen, Selattyn and Weston Rhyn E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008186 00GGPE Severn Valley E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008187 00GGPF Shawbury E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008188 00GGPG Shifnal North E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008189 00GGPH Shifnal South and Cosford E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008190 00GGPJ Sundorne E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008191 00GGPK Tern E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008192 00GGPL The Meres E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008193 00GGPM Underdale E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008194 00GGPN Wem E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008195 00GGPP Whitchurch North E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008196 00GGPQ Whitchurch South E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008197 00GGPR Whittington E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008198 00GGPS Worfield E06000051 00GG Shropshire
E05008199 00HEMA Altarnun E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008200 00HEMB Bodmin Central E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008201 00HEMC Bodmin East E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008202 00HEMD Bodmin West E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008203 00HEME Breage E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008204 00HEMF Bude North and Stratton E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008205 00HEMG Bude South E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008206 00HEMH Bugle E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008207 00HEMJ Callington E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008208 00HEMK Camborne Central E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008209 00HEML Camborne North E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008210 00HEMM Camborne South E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008211 00HEMN Camborne West E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008212 00HEMP Camelford E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008213 00HEMQ Carn Brea North E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008214 00HEMR Carn Brea South E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008215 00HEMS Chacewater and Kenwyn E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008216 00HEMT Colan and Mawgan E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008217 00HEMU Constantine E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008218 00HEMW Falmouth Arwenack E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008219 00HEMX Falmouth Boslowick E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008220 00HEMY Falmouth Gyllyngvase E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008221 00HEMZ Falmouth Penwerris E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008222 00HENA Falmouth Trescobeas E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008223 00HENB Feock and Kea E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008224 00HENC Flexbury and Poughill E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008225 00HEND Fowey E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008226 00HENE Gulval and Heamoor E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008227 00HENF Gunnislake E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008228 00HENG Gwinear-Gwithian and St Erth E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008229 00HENH Hayle North E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008230 00HENJ Hayle South E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008231 00HENK Helston Central E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008232 00HENL Helston North E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008233 00HENM Illogan E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008234 00HENN Kelly Bray E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008235 00HENP Ladock, St Clement and St Erme E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008236 00HENQ Lanivet E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008237 00HENR Launceston Central E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008238 00HENS Launceston North E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008239 00HENT Launceston South E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008240 00HENU Lelant and Carbis Bay E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008241 00HENW Liskeard Central E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008242 00HENX Liskeard North E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008243 00HENY Liskeard South and Dobwalls E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008244 00HENZ Looe East E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008245 00HEPA Looe West and Lansallos E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008246 00HEPB Lostwithiel E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008247 00HEPC Ludgvan E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008248 00HEPD Mabe E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008249 00HEPE Marazion E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008250 00HEPF Menheniot E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008251 00HEPG Mevagissey E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008252 00HEPH Mount Charles E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008253 00HEPJ Mount Hawke and Portreath E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008254 00HEPK Mullion E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008255 00HEPL Newlyn and Goonhavern E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008256 00HEPM Newlyn and Mousehole E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008257 00HEPN Newquay Central E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008258 00HEPP Newquay Pentire E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008259 00HEPQ Newquay Treloggan E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008260 00HEPR Newquay Tretherras E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008261 00HEPS Newquay Treviglas E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008262 00HEPT Padstow E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008263 00HEPU Pelynt E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008264 00HEPW Penryn East and Mylor E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008265 00HEPX Penryn West E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008266 00HEPY Penwithick E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008267 00HEPZ Penzance Central E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008268 00HEQA Penzance East E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008269 00HEQB Penzance Promenade E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008270 00HEQC Perranporth E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008271 00HEQD Porthleven and Helston South E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008272 00HEQE Poundstock E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008273 00HEQF Probus E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008274 00HEQG Rame E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008275 00HEQH Redruth Central E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008276 00HEQJ Redruth North E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008277 00HEQK Redruth South E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008278 00HEQL Roche E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008279 00HEQM Roseland E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008280 00HEQN St Agnes E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008281 00HEQP St Austell Bay E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008282 00HEQQ St Austell Bethel E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008283 00HEQR St Austell Gover E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008284 00HEQS St Austell Poltair E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008285 00HEQT St Blaise E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008286 00HEQU St Buryan E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008287 00HEQW St Cleer E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008288 00HEQX St Columb E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008289 00HEQY St Day and Lanner E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008290 00HEQZ St Dennis E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008291 00HERA St Endellion E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008292 00HERB St Enoder E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008293 00HERC St Germans E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008294 00HERD St Issey E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008295 00HERE St Ive E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008296 00HERF St Ives North E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008297 00HERG St Ives South E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008298 00HERH St Just in Penwith E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008299 00HERJ St Keverne and Meneage E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008300 00HERK St Mewan E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008301 00HERL St Stephen E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008302 00HERM St Teath E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008303 00HERN Saltash Burraton E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008304 00HERP Saltash Essa E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008305 00HERQ Saltash Pill E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008306 00HERR Saltash St Stephens E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008307 00HERS Stithians E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008308 00HERT Stokeclimsland E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008309 00HERU Threemilestone and Gloweth E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008310 00HERW Tintagel E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008311 00HERX Torpoint East E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008312 00HERY Torpoint West E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008313 00HERZ Troon and Beacon E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008314 00HESA Truro Boscawen E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008315 00HESB Truro Moresk E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008316 00HESC Truro Tregolls E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008317 00HESD Truro Trehaverne E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008318 00HESE Tywardreath E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008319 00HESF Wadebridge East E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008320 00HESG Wadebridge West E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008321 00HESH Wendron E06000052 00HE Cornwall
E05008322 00HFMA Bryher E06000053 00HF Isles of Scilly
E05008323 00HFMB St. Agnes E06000053 00HF Isles of Scilly
E05008324 00HFMC St. Martin’s E06000053 00HF Isles of Scilly
E05008325 00HFMD St. Mary’s E06000053 00HF Isles of Scilly
E05008326 00HFME Tresco E06000053 00HF Isles of Scilly
E05008327 00HYMA Aldbourne and Ramsbury E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008328 00HYMB Alderbury and Whiteparish E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008329 00HYMC Amesbury East E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008330 00HYMD Amesbury West E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008331 00HYME Bourne and Woodford Valley E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008332 00HYMF Box and Colerne E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008333 00HYMG Bradford-on-Avon North E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008334 00HYMH Bradford-on-Avon South E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008335 00HYMJ Brinkworth E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008336 00HYMK Bromham, Rowde and Potterne E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008337 00HYML Bulford, Allington and Figheldean E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008338 00HYMM Burbage and the Bedwyns E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008339 00HYMN By Brook E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008340 00HYMP Calne Central E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008341 00HYMQ Calne Chilvester and Abberd E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008342 00HYMR Calne North E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008343 00HYMS Calne Rural E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008344 00HYMT Calne South and Cherhill E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008345 00HYMU Chippenham Cepen Park and Derriads E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008346 00HYMW Chippenham Cepen Park and Redlands E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008347 00HYMX Chippenham Hardenhuish E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008348 00HYMY Chippenham Hardens and England E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008349 00HYMZ Chippenham Lowden and Rowden E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008350 00HYNA Chippenham Monkton E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008351 00HYNB Chippenham Pewsham E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008352 00HYNC Chippenham Queens and Sheldon E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008353 00HYND Corsham Pickwick E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008354 00HYNE Corsham Town E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008355 00HYNF Corsham Without and Box Hill E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008356 00HYNG Cricklade and Latton E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008357 00HYNH Devizes and Roundway South E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008358 00HYNJ Devizes East E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008359 00HYNK Devizes North E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008360 00HYNL Downton and Ebble Valley E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008361 00HYNM Durrington and Larkhill E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008362 00HYNN Ethandune E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008363 00HYNP Fovant and Chalke Valley E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008364 00HYNQ Hilperton E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008365 00HYNR Holt and Staverton E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008366 00HYNS Kington E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008367 00HYNT Laverstock, Ford and Old Sarum E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008368 00HYNU Ludgershall and Perham Down E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008369 00HYNW Lyneham E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008370 00HYNX Malmesbury E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008371 00HYNY Marlborough East E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008372 00HYNZ Marlborough West E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008373 00HYPA Melksham Central E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008374 00HYPB Melksham North E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008375 00HYPC Melksham South E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008376 00HYPD Melksham Without North E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008377 00HYPE Melksham Without South E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008378 00HYPF Mere E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008379 00HYPG Minety E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008380 00HYPH Nadder and East Knoyle E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008381 00HYPJ Pewsey E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008382 00HYPK Pewsey Vale E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008383 00HYPL Purton E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008384 00HYPM Redlynch and Landford E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008385 00HYPN Roundway E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008386 00HYPP Salisbury Bemerton E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008387 00HYPQ Salisbury Fisherton and Bemerton Village E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008388 00HYPR Salisbury Harnham E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008389 00HYPS Salisbury St Edmund and Milford E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008390 00HYPT Salisbury St Francis and Stratford E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008391 00HYPU Salisbury St Mark’s and Bishopdown E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008392 00HYPW Salisbury St Martin’s and Cathedral E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008393 00HYPX Salisbury St Paul’s E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008394 00HYPY Sherston E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008395 00HYPZ Southwick E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008396 00HYQA Summerham and Seend E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008397 00HYQB The Collingbournes and Netheravon E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008398 00HYQC The Lavingtons and Erlestoke E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008399 00HYQD Tidworth E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008400 00HYQE Till and Wylye Valley E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008401 00HYQF Tisbury E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008402 00HYQG Trowbridge Adcroft E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008403 00HYQH Trowbridge Central E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008404 00HYQJ Trowbridge Drynham E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008405 00HYQK Trowbridge Grove E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008406 00HYQL Trowbridge Lambrok E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008407 00HYQM Trowbridge Park E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008408 00HYQN Trowbridge Paxcroft E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008409 00HYQP Urchfont and The Cannings E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008410 00HYQQ Warminster Broadway E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008411 00HYQR Warminster Copheap and Wylye E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008412 00HYQS Warminster East E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008413 00HYQT Warminster West E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008414 00HYQU Warminster Without E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008415 00HYQW West Selkley E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008416 00HYQX Westbury East E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008417 00HYQY Westbury North E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008418 00HYQZ Westbury West E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008419 00HYRA Wilton and Lower Wylye Valley E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008420 00HYRB Winsley and Westwood E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008421 00HYRC Winterslow E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008422 00HYRD Wootton Bassett East E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008423 00HYRE Wootton Bassett North E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008424 00HYRF Wootton Bassett South E06000054 00HY Wiltshire
E05008479 00MWRE Arreton and Newchurch E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008480 00MWRF Binstead and Fishbourne E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008481 00MWRG Brading, St Helens and Bembridge E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008482 00MWRH Carisbrooke E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008483 00MWRJ Central Wight E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008484 00MWRK Chale, Niton and Whitwell E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008485 00MWRL Cowes Medina E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008486 00MWRM Cowes North E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008487 00MWRN Cowes South and Northwood E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008488 00MWRP Cowes West and Gurnard E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008489 00MWRQ East Cowes E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008490 00MWRR Freshwater North E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008491 00MWRS Freshwater South E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008492 00MWRT Godshill and Wroxall E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008493 00MWRU Havenstreet, Ashey and Haylands E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008494 00MWRW Lake North E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008495 00MWRX Lake South E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008496 00MWRY Nettlestone and Seaview E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008497 00MWRZ Newport Central E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008498 00MWSA Newport East E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008499 00MWSB Newport North E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008500 00MWSC Newport South E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008501 00MWSD Newport West E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008502 00MWSE Parkhurst E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008503 00MWSF Ryde East E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008504 00MWSG Ryde North East E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008505 00MWSH Ryde North West E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008506 00MWSJ Ryde South E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008507 00MWSK Ryde West E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008508 00MWSL Sandown North E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008509 00MWSM Sandown South E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008510 00MWSN Shanklin Central E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008511 00MWSP Shanklin South E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008512 00MWSQ Totland E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008513 00MWSR Ventnor East E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008514 00MWSS Ventnor West E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008515 00MWST West Wight E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008516 00MWSU Whippingham and Osborne E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008517 00MWSW Wootton Bridge E06000046 00MW Isle of Wight
E05008520 17UBGH Belper South E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05008521 17UBGL Duffield E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05008522 17UBGP Heanor East E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05008523 17UBGS Kilburn, Denby and Holbrook E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05008524 17UBGX Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse E07000032 17UB Amber Valley
E05008525 12UEGM Alconbury and The Stukeleys E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008526 12UEGP Buckden E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008527 12UEGQ Earith E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008528 12UEGW Gransden and The Offords E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008529 12UEGZ Huntingdon West E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008531 12UEHC Ramsey E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008533 12UEHJ St Neots Eynesbury E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008535 12UEHP The Hemingfords E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008540 29UPHQ Ditton E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05008541 29UPJB Larkfield North E07000115 29UP Tonbridge and Malling
E05008542 18UBHD Feniton and Buckerell E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05008543 18UBHE Honiton St Michael’s E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05008544 18UBHK Ottery St Mary Rural E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05008545 18UBHU Whimple E07000040 18UB East Devon
E05008546 18UDGF Boniface E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05008547 18UDGW Newbrooke E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05008548 18UDHF Yeo E07000042 18UD Mid Devon
E05008549 34UEHC Brambleside E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05008550 34UEHK Queen Eleanor and Buccleuch E07000153 34UE Kettering
E05008551 30UJGE Earby E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05008552 30UJGF Foulridge E07000122 30UJ Pendle
E05008553 29UHGM Coxheath and Hunton E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05008554 29UHGY Loose E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05008555 29UHHF South E07000110 29UH Maidstone
E05008556 33UFGR Chaucer E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05008557 33UFHU The Runtons E07000147 33UF North Norfolk
E05008558 00CZGB Almondbury E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05008559 00CZGH Colne Valley E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05008560 00CZGJ Crosland Moor and Netherton E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05008561 00CZGT Holme Valley North E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05008562 00CZGW Kirkburton E08000034 00CZ Kirklees
E05008563 23UGGF Badgeworth E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008564 23UGGG Brockworth E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008565 23UGGH Churchdown Brookfield E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008566 23UGGK Cleeve Grange E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008567 23UGGL Cleeve Hill E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008568 23UGGM Cleeve St Michael’s E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008569 23UGGP Coombe Hill E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008570 23UGGR Hucclecote E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008571 23UGGT Isbourne E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008572 23UGGW Oxenton Hill E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008573 23UGGX Shurdington E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008574 23UGGZ Tewkesbury Prior’s Park E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008575 23UGHC Winchcombe E07000083 23UG Tewkesbury
E05008576 12UEGR Ellington E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008577 12UEGT Fenstanton E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008578 12UEHA Kimbolton and Staughton E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008579 12UEHB Little Paxton E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008580 12UEHE St Ives South E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008581 12UEHG St Neots Eaton Ford E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008582 12UEHK St Neots Priory Park E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008584 12UEHQ Upwood and The Raveleys E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008585 44UEGN Alcester E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05008586 44UEGR Bidford and Salford E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05008587 44UEGW Ettington E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05008588 44UEHA Kineton E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05008589 44UEHH Snitterfield E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05008590 44UEHM Stratford Avenue and New Town E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05008591 44UEHS Tredington E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05008592 44UEHT Vale of the Red Horse E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05008593 44UEHU Welford E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05008594 44UEHW Wellesbourne E07000221 44UE Stratford-on-Avon
E05008595 34UHFR Brickhill E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05008596 34UHFX Great Doddington and Wilby E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05008597 34UHGB Queensway E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05008598 34UHGF Swanspool E07000156 34UH Wellingborough
E05008599 18UHGL Ambrook E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05008600 18UHGU College E07000045 18UH Teignbridge
E05008601 00HCNP Backwell E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05008602 00HCNQ Banwell and Winscombe E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05008603 00HCPD Hutton and Locking E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05008604 00HCPE Kewstoke E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05008605 00HCPR Weston-super-Mare Clarence and Uphill E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05008606 00HCPS Weston-super-Mare East E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05008607 00HCPU Weston-super-Mare North Worle E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05008608 00HCPZ Winford E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05008609 00HCQB Wrington E06000024 00HC North Somerset
E05008610 00EQNE Alderley Edge E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008611 00EQNF Alsager E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008612 00EQNG Audlem E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008613 00EQNH Bollington E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008614 00EQNJ Brereton Rural E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008615 00EQNK Broken Cross and Upton E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008616 00EQNL Bunbury E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008617 00EQNM Chelford E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008618 00EQNN Congleton East E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008619 00EQNP Congleton West E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008620 00EQNQ Crewe Central E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008621 00EQNR Crewe East E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008622 00EQNS Crewe North E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008623 00EQNT Crewe St Barnabas E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008624 00EQNU Crewe South E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008625 00EQNW Crewe West E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008626 00EQNX Dane Valley E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008627 00EQNY Disley E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008628 00EQNZ Gawsworth E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008629 00EQPA Handforth E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008630 00EQPB Haslington E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008631 00EQPC High Legh E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008632 00EQPD Knutsford E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008633 00EQPE Leighton E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008634 00EQPF Macclesfield Central E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008635 00EQPG Macclesfield East E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008636 00EQPH Macclesfield Hurdsfield E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008637 00EQPJ Macclesfield South E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008638 00EQPK Macclesfield Tytherington E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008639 00EQPL Macclesfield West and Ivy E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008640 00EQPM Middlewich E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008641 00EQPN Mobberley E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008642 00EQPP Nantwich North and West E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008643 00EQPQ Nantwich South and Stapeley E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008644 00EQPR Odd Rode E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008645 00EQPS Poynton East and Pott Shrigley E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008646 00EQPT Poynton West and Adlington E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008647 00EQPU Prestbury E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008648 00EQPW Sandbach Elworth E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008649 00EQPX Sandbach Ettiley Heath and Wheelock E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008650 00EQPY Sandbach Heath and East E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008651 00EQPZ Sandbach Town E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008652 00EQQA Shavington E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008653 00EQQB Sutton E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008654 00EQQC Willaston and Rope E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008655 00EQQD Wilmslow Dean Row E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008656 00EQQE Wilmslow East E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008657 00EQQF Wilmslow Lacey Green E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008658 00EQQG Wilmslow West and Chorley E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008659 00EQQH Wistaston E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008660 00EQQJ Wrenbury E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008661 00EQQK Wybunbury E06000049 00EQ Cheshire East
E05008662 00EWNB Blacon E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008663 00EWNC Boughton E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008664 00EWND Chester City E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008665 00EWNE Chester Villages E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008666 00EWNF Davenham and Moulton E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008667 00EWNG Dodleston and Huntington E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008668 00EWNH Ellesmere Port Town E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008669 00EWNJ Elton E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008670 00EWNK Farndon E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008671 00EWNL Frodsham E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008672 00EWNM Garden Quarter E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008673 00EWNN Gowy E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008674 00EWNP Grange E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008675 00EWNQ Great Boughton E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008676 00EWNR Handbridge Park E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008677 00EWNS Hartford and Greenbank E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008678 00EWNT Helsby E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008679 00EWNU Hoole E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008680 00EWNW Kingsley E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008681 00EWNX Lache E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008682 00EWNY Ledsham and Manor E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008683 00EWNZ Little Neston and Burton E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008684 00EWPA Malpas E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008685 00EWPB Marbury E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008686 00EWPC Neston E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008687 00EWPD Netherpool E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008688 00EWPE Newton E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008689 00EWPF Parkgate E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008690 00EWPG Rossmore E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008691 00EWPH St Paul’s E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008692 00EWPJ Saughall and Mollington E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008693 00EWPK Shakerley E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008694 00EWPL Strawberry E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008695 00EWPM Sutton E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008696 00EWPN Tarporley E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008697 00EWPP Tarvin and Kelsall E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008698 00EWPQ Tattenhall E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008699 00EWPR Upton E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008700 00EWPS Weaver and Cuddington E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008701 00EWPT Whitby E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008702 00EWPU Willaston and Thornton E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008703 00EWPW Winnington and Castle E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008704 00EWPX Winsford Over and Verdin E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008705 00EWPY Winsford Swanlow and Dene E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008706 00EWPZ Winsford Wharton E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008707 00EWQA Witton and Rudheath E06000050 00EW Cheshire West and Chester
E05008708 22UQGL Birchanger E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05008709 22UQGM Broad Oak and the Hallingburys E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05008710 22UQGY Saffron Walden Castle E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05008711 22UQHB Stansted South E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05008712 22UQHE Takeley and the Canfields E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05008713 22UQHG The Chesterfords E07000077 22UQ Uttlesford
E05008714 00GLNT Abbey Hulton and Townsend E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008715 00GLNU Baddeley, Milton and Norton E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008716 00GLNW Bentilee and Ubberley E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008717 00GLNX Birches Head and Central Forest Park E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008718 00GLNY Blurton East E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008719 00GLNZ Blurton West and Newstead E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008720 00GLPA Boothen and Oak Hill E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008721 00GLPB Bradeley and Chell Heath E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008722 00GLPC Broadway and Longton East E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008723 00GLPD Burslem Central E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008724 00GLPE Burslem Park E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008725 00GLPF Dresden and Florence E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008726 00GLPG Eaton Park E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008727 00GLPH Etruria and Hanley E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008728 00GLPJ Fenton East E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008729 00GLPK Fenton West and Mount Pleasant E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008730 00GLPL Ford Green and Smallthorne E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008731 00GLPM Goldenhill and Sandyford E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008732 00GLPN Great Chell and Packmoor E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008733 00GLPP Hanford and Trentham E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008734 00GLPQ Hanley Park and Shelton E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008735 00GLPR Hartshill and Basford E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008736 00GLPS Hollybush and Longton West E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008737 00GLPT Joiner’s Square E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008738 00GLPU Lightwood North and Normacot E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008739 00GLPW Little Chell and Stanfield E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008740 00GLPX Meir Hay E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008741 00GLPY Meir North E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008742 00GLPZ Meir Park E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008743 00GLQA Meir South E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008744 00GLQB Moorcroft E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008745 00GLQC Penkhull and Stoke E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008746 00GLQD Sandford Hill E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008747 00GLQE Sneyd Green E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008748 00GLQF Springfields and Trent Vale E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008749 00GLQG Tunstall E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008750 00GLQH Weston Coyney E06000021 00GL Stoke-on-Trent
E05008751 00KBND Brickhill E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008752 00KBNE Bromham and Biddenham E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008753 00KBNF Castle E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008754 00KBNG Cauldwell E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008755 00KBNH Clapham E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008756 00KBNJ De Parys E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008757 00KBNK Eastcotts E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008758 00KBNL Elstow E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008759 00KBNM Goldington E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008760 00KBNN Great Barford E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008761 00KBNP Harpur E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008762 00KBNQ Harrold E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008763 00KBNR Kempston Central and East E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008764 00KBNS Kempston North E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008765 00KBNT Kempston Rural E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008766 00KBNU Kempston South E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008767 00KBNW Kempston West E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008768 00KBNX Kingsbrook E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008769 00KBNY Newnham E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008770 00KBNZ Oakley E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008771 00KBPA Putnoe E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008772 00KBPB Queens Park E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008773 00KBPC Riseley E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008774 00KBPD Sharnbrook E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008775 00KBPE Wilshamstead E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008776 00KBPF Wootton E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008777 00KBPG Wyboston E06000055 00KB Bedford
E05008778 00KCNF Ampthill E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008779 00KCNG Arlesey E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008780 00KCNH Aspley and Woburn E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008781 00KCNJ Barton-le-Clay E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008782 00KCNK Biggleswade North E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008783 00KCNL Biggleswade South E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008784 00KCNM Caddington E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008785 00KCNN Cranfield and Marston Moretaine E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008786 00KCNP Dunstable-Central E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008787 00KCNQ Dunstable-Icknield E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008788 00KCNR Dunstable-Manshead E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008789 00KCNS Dunstable-Northfields E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008790 00KCNT Dunstable-Watling E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008791 00KCNU Eaton Bray E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008792 00KCNW Flitwick E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008793 00KCNX Heath and Reach E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008794 00KCNY Houghton Conquest and Haynes E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008795 00KCNZ Houghton Hall E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008796 00KCPA Leighton Buzzard North E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008797 00KCPB Leighton Buzzard South E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008798 00KCPC Linslade E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008799 00KCPD Northill E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008800 00KCPE Parkside E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008801 00KCPF Potton E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008802 00KCPG Sandy E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008803 00KCPH Shefford E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008804 00KCPJ Silsoe and Shillington E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008805 00KCPK Stotfold and Langford E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008806 00KCPL Tithe Farm E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008807 00KCPM Toddington E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008808 00KCPN Westoning, Flitton and Greenfield E06000056 00KC Central Bedfordshire
E05008809 17UKGP Aston E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008810 17UKGQ Church Gresley E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008811 17UKGR Etwall E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008812 17UKGS Hatton E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008813 17UKGT Hilton E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008814 17UKGU Linton E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008815 17UKGW Melbourne E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008816 17UKGX Midway E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008817 17UKGY Newhall and Stanton E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008818 17UKGZ Repton E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008819 17UKHA Seales E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008820 17UKHB Stenson E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008821 17UKHC Swadlincote E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008822 17UKHD Willington and Findern E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008823 17UKHE Woodville E07000039 17UK South Derbyshire
E05008824 34UFGY Abington E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008825 34UFGZ Billing E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008826 34UFHA Boothville E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008827 34UFHB Brookside E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008828 34UFHC Castle E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008829 34UFHD Delapre and Briar Hill E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008830 34UFHE East Hunsbury E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008831 34UFHF Eastfield E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008832 34UFHG Headlands E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008833 34UFHH Kings Heath E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008834 34UFHJ Kingsley E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008835 34UFHK Kingsthorpe E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008836 34UFHL Nene Valley E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008837 34UFHM New Duston E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008838 34UFHN Obelisk E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008839 34UFHP Old Duston E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008840 34UFHQ Park E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008841 34UFHR Parklands E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008842 34UFHS Phippsville E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008843 34UFHT Rectory Farm E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008844 34UFHU Riverside E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008845 34UFHW Rushmills E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008846 34UFHX St David’s E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008847 34UFHY St James E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008848 34UFHZ Semilong E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008849 34UFJA Spencer E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008850 34UFJB Spring Park E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008851 34UFJC Sunnyside E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008852 34UFJD Talavera E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008853 34UFJE Trinity E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008854 34UFJF Upton E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008855 34UFJG West Hunsbury E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008856 34UFJH Westone E07000154 34UF Northampton
E05008857 37UFGQ Abbott E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008858 37UFGR Berry Hill E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008859 37UFGS Brick Kiln E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008860 37UFGT Broomhill E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008861 37UFGU Bull Farm and Pleasley Hill E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008862 37UFGW Carr Bank E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008863 37UFGX Eakring E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008864 37UFGY Grange Farm E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008865 37UFGZ Holly E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008866 37UFHA Hornby E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008867 37UFHB Kings Walk E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008868 37UFHC Kingsway E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008869 37UFHD Ladybrook E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008870 37UFHE Lindhurst E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008871 37UFHF Ling Forest E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008872 37UFHG Manor E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008873 37UFHH Market Warsop E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008874 37UFHJ Maun Valley E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008875 37UFHK Meden E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008876 37UFHL Netherfield E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008877 37UFHM Newgate E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008878 37UFHN Newlands E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008879 37UFHP Oak Tree E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008880 37UFHQ Oakham E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008881 37UFHR Park Hall E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008882 37UFHS Peafields E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008883 37UFHT Penniment E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008884 37UFHU Portland E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008885 37UFHW Racecourse E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008886 37UFHX Ransom Wood E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008887 37UFHY Sandhurst E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008888 37UFHZ Sherwood E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008889 37UFJA Warsop Carrs E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008890 37UFJB Woodhouse E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008891 37UFJC Woodlands E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008892 37UFJD Yeoman Hill E07000174 37UF Mansfield
E05008893 40UCHL Axevale E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008894 40UCHM Berrow E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008895 40UCHN Bridgwater Dunwear E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008896 40UCHP Bridgwater Eastover E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008897 40UCHQ Bridgwater Fairfax E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008898 40UCHR Bridgwater Hamp E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008899 40UCHS Bridgwater Victoria E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008900 40UCHT Bridgwater Westover E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008901 40UCHU Bridgwater Wyndham E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008902 40UCHW Burnham Central E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008903 40UCHX Burnham North E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008904 40UCHY Cannington and Wembdon E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008905 40UCHZ Cheddar and Shipham E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008906 40UCJA East Polden E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008907 40UCJB Highbridge and Burnham Marine E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008908 40UCJC Huntspill and Pawlett E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008909 40UCJD King’s Isle E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008910 40UCJE Knoll E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008911 40UCJF North Petherton E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008912 40UCJG Puriton and Woolavington E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008913 40UCJH Quantocks E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008914 40UCJJ Wedmore and Mark E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008915 40UCJK West Polden E07000188 40UC Sedgemoor
E05008916 40UFGQ Alcombe E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008917 40UFGR Brendon Hills E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008918 40UFGS Carhampton and Withycombe E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008919 40UFGT Crowcombe and Stogumber E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008920 40UFGU Dulverton and District E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008921 40UFGW Dunster and Timberscombe E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008922 40UFGX Greater Exmoor E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008923 40UFGY Minehead Central E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008924 40UFGZ Minehead North E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008925 40UFHA Minehead South E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008926 40UFHB Old Cleeve E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008927 40UFHC Porlock and District E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008928 40UFHD Quantock Vale E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008929 40UFHE Watchet E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008930 40UFHF West Quantock E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008931 40UFHG Williton E07000191 40UF West Somerset
E05008932 24UJGY Downlands and Forest E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05008933 24UJHB Fordingbridge E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05008934 24UJHC Forest North West E07000091 24UJ New Forest
E05008935 00CFFZ Anston and Woodsetts E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05008936 00CFGC Dinnington E08000018 00CF Rotherham
E05008937 12UEHD St Ives East E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008938 12UEHM Somersham E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008939 12UEHR Warboys and Bury E07000011 12UE Huntingdonshire
E05008940 22UHGS Hastingwood, Matching and Sheering Village E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05008941 22UHHF Moreton and Fyfield E07000072 22UH Epping Forest
E05008942 00EBNM Burn Valley E06000001 00EB Hartlepool
E05008943 00EBNN De Bruce E06000001 00EB Hartlepool
E05008944 00EBNP Fens and Rossmere E06000001 00EB Hartlepool
E05008945 00EBNQ Foggy Furze E06000001 00EB Hartlepool
E05008946 00EBNR Hart E06000001 00EB Hartlepool
E05008947 00EBNS Headland and Harbour E06000001 00EB Hartlepool
E05008948 00EBNT Jesmond E06000001 00EB Hartlepool
E05008949 00EBNU Manor House E06000001 00EB Hartlepool
E05008950 00EBNW Rural West E06000001 00EB Hartlepool
E05008951 00EBNX Seaton E06000001 00EB Hartlepool
E05008952 00EBNY Victoria E06000001 00EB Hartlepool
E05008953 00HXNX Blunsdon and Highworth E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008954 00HXNY Central E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008955 00HXNZ Chiseldon and Lawn E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008956 00HXPA Covingham and Dorcan E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008957 00HXPB Eastcott E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008958 00HXPC Gorse Hill and Pinehurst E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008959 00HXPD Haydon Wick E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008960 00HXPE Liden, Eldene and Park South E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008961 00HXPF Lydiard and Freshbrook E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008962 00HXPG Mannington and Western E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008963 00HXPH Old Town E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008964 00HXPJ Penhill and Upper Stratton E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008965 00HXPK Priory Vale E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008966 00HXPL Ridgeway E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008967 00HXPM Rodbourne Cheney E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008968 00HXPN St Andrews E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008969 00HXPP St Margaret and South Marston E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008970 00HXPQ Shaw E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008971 00HXPR Walcot and Park North E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008972 00HXPS Wroughton and Wichelstowe E06000030 00HX Swindon
E05008973 44UDGW Admirals and Cawston E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008974 44UDGX Benn E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008975 44UDGY Bilton E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008976 44UDGZ Clifton, Newton and Churchover E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008977 44UDHA Coton and Boughton E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008978 44UDHB Dunsmore E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008979 44UDHC Hillmorton E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008980 44UDHD Leam Valley E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008981 44UDHE New Bilton E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008982 44UDHF Newbold and Brownsover E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008983 44UDHG Paddox E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008984 44UDHH Revel and Binley Woods E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008985 44UDHJ Rokeby and Overslade E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008986 44UDHK Eastlands E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008987 44UDHL Wolston and the Lawfords E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008988 44UDHM Wolvey and Shilton E07000220 44UD Rugby
E05008989 24ULGG Aldershot Park E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05008990 24ULGH Cherrywood E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05008991 24ULGJ Cove and Southwood E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05008992 24ULGK Empress E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05008993 24ULGL Fernhill E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05008994 24ULGM Knellwood E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05008995 24ULGN Manor Park E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05008996 24ULGP North Town E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05008997 24ULGQ Rowhill E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05008998 24ULGR St John’s E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05008999 24ULGS St Mark’s E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05009000 24ULGT Wellington E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05009001 24ULGU West Heath E07000092 24UL Rushmoor
E05009002 26UBGE Broxbourne and Hoddesdon South E07000095 26UB Broxbourne
E05009003 26UBGF Cheshunt North E07000095 26UB Broxbourne
E05009004 26UBGG Cheshunt South and Theobalds E07000095 26UB Broxbourne
E05009005 26UBGH Flamstead End E07000095 26UB Broxbourne
E05009006 26UBGJ Goffs Oak E07000095 26UB Broxbourne
E05009007 26UBGK Hoddesdon North E07000095 26UB Broxbourne
E05009008 26UBGL Hoddesdon Town and Rye Park E07000095 26UB Broxbourne
E05009009 26UBGM Rosedale and Bury Green E07000095 26UB Broxbourne
E05009010 26UBGN Waltham Cross E07000095 26UB Broxbourne
E05009011 26UBGP Wormley and Turnford E07000095 26UB Broxbourne
E05009012 34UCHE Abbey North E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009013 34UCHF Abbey South E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009014 34UCHG Barby and Kilsby E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009015 34UCHH Braunston and Welton E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009016 34UCHJ Brixworth E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009017 34UCHK Drayton E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009018 34UCHL Hill E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009019 34UCHM Long Buckby E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009020 34UCHN Moulton E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009021 34UCHP Ravensthorpe E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009022 34UCHQ Spratton E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009023 34UCHR Walgrave E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009024 34UCHS Weedon E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009025 34UCHT Welford E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009026 34UCHU Woodford E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009027 34UCHW Yelvertoft E07000151 34UC Daventry
E05009028 26UGGA Colney Heath E07000240 26UG St Albans
E05009029 26ULHS Welham Green E07000241 26UL Welwyn Hatfield
S13002476 00QAMA Dyce/Bucksburn/Danestone S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002477 00QAMB Bridge of Don S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002478 00QAMC Kingswells/Sheddocksley S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002479 00QAMD Northfield S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002480 00QAME Hilton/Stockethill S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002481 00QAMF Tillydrone/Seaton/Old Aberdeen S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002482 00QAMG Midstocket/Rosemount S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002483 00QAMH George St/Harbour S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002484 00QAMJ Lower Deeside S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002485 00QAMK Hazlehead/Ashley/Queens Cross S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002486 00QAML Airyhall/Broomhill/Garthdee S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002487 00QAMM Torry/Ferryhill S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002488 00QAMN Kincorth/Loirston S12000033 00QA Aberdeen City
S13002489 00QBMA Banff and District S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002490 00QBMB Troup S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002491 00QBMC Fraserburgh and District S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002492 00QBMD Central Buchan S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002493 00QBME Peterhead North and Rattray S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002494 00QBMF Peterhead South and Cruden S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002495 00QBMG Turriff and District S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002496 00QBMH Mid Formartine S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002497 00QBMJ Ellon and District S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002498 00QBMK West Garioch S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002499 00QBML Inverurie and District S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002500 00QBMM East Garioch S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002501 00QBMN Westhill and District S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002502 00QBMP Huntly, Strathbogie and Howe of Alford S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002503 00QBMQ Aboyne, Upper Deeside and Donside S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002504 00QBMR Banchory and Mid Deeside S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002505 00QBMS North Kincardine S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002506 00QBMT Stonehaven and Lower Deeside S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002507 00QBMU Mearns S12000034 00QB Aberdeenshire
S13002508 00QCMA Kirriemuir and Dean S12000041 00QC Angus
S13002509 00QCMB Brechin and Edzell S12000041 00QC Angus