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[UK] Full Postcodes

Created by Craig Bloodworth
Company The Information Lab
Created on 19th March 2014
Source Data
Source Date Feb 2014
Type Postcode/Zip Code


CSV Full UK Postcode Feb 2014

TDE Full UK Postcode Feb 2014


Full UK Postcode

Full UK Postcode


Postcode Level Example
Units (Full) B23 3JB


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  2. Neil says:

    This is the mapping vis I couldn’t get to work. Is there a .tde example of this one or is this simply a list of Postcodes for UK?

    • Hi Neil,

      What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Technically the csv is more versatile in this case than a tde which is why I uploaded the csv.

      Try sending an email to support at and one of our guys will help step you through to get the outcome you require.


  3. […] Then I joined a set of full UK postcodes with latitudes and longitudes (available from our Tableau mapping site) and output to .tde.  If anyone is interested in the mechanics of this, please get in touch. Or […]

  4. Kirsty Younger says:

    When I try to load this into Tableau, I get an error – it says ‘The file … could not be used because it was missing the following levels: [Country]. Level names are case sensitive and must match exactly.’ I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but hopefully you can advise?

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